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Semmick Photo / Flickr | 3 Tips for Getting a Co-Signed Loan Anna Michelson/flickr| Free ATMs: Maybe Not Artisanal, But You’ll Only Find ’em in Brooklyn CAVE CANEM/flickr| What’s the Matter With Kansas? Could Be Their Credit Score Steven Depolo/flickr| What Determines the Interest Rate on a 401(k) Loan? Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 11.19.10 AM Finovate Wrap-Up: What Can FinTech Do for You? Really? Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 5.31.14 PM mShift’s AnyWhereMobile Wallet Actually Adds Value photo (6) PreCash Announces FlipMoney at Finovate: Mobile Money for the Underbanked SONY DSC Google Wallet Expands Its Mission, Discontinues Its Prepaid Card Dan Moyle/flickr| Will Millennials Ever Get the Alternative Credit Scoring They Might Need? DeclanTM/flickr| Pew Report: Prepaid Cards Are a Bum Deal For Most Steven Depolo/flickr| Labor Day Bank Hours 2012 Walmart/flickr| Walmart’s Layaway Plan is Back: Is it a Ripoff? Chris Miller/flickr| Can You Put a Price on Good? Goldman Sachs is Trying dolla Dwolla Launches Reddit Donate The Consumerist/flickr| Finally Someone Properly Identifies Mobile Payments’ Real Foe: Plastic colledge_grads Sorry Grads! Americans Are Deleveraging Across the Board, Except for Student Debt Kevin Dooley/flickr| FinTech’s Shortcomings: Data Can’t Teach You the Basics cards Debit Transactions Growing in Volume, Shrinking in Size Rolando Pujol/flickr| Bank of America Ends Credit Protection Products register-hero Square Rolls Out Monthly Pricing Robert Banh/flickr| Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Mobile Payment App Walmart/flickr| Coalition of Merchants Announce New Mobile Payments Solution mint Which Are the Best Personal Financial Management (PFM) Tools? The 3 Best Prepaid Debit Cards Available Choosing a Prepaid Debit Card Retail vs. Web vs. Bank Prepaid Debit Cards 101 John Lester/flickr| CFPB to Hire Financial Sleuths Alan Cleaver/flickr| Bank-Issued Prepaid Cards: Good for You, Great for Your Bank Robert Banh/flickr| Put That Lobster Down! (Maybe) Coletive Mamabembe/flickr| The Klout-Influenced Credit Score Would Give Credit Where It Isn’t Due MoneyBlogNewz/flickr| Bank of America Rolls Out BankAmeriDeals Nationwide Nicola/flickr| Starbucks and Square Announce Partnership: But Will Mobile Wallets Work Outside Coffee Shops? Yvette Keohuloa/flickr| Virtual Piggy Creates a Safer Platform for Online Child Authentication Michael Bentley/flickr| Is Apple Planning a Mobile Wallet With Fingerprint-based Security? Twiiter Cashtag Twitter Enables ‘Cashtags’: Your Next Go-To Investing Tool? instore_walgreens Green Dot Struggles Due to Increased Prepaid Competition Polycart/flickr| Grocers, Payments Coalition Weigh in on Ongoing Swipe Fee Battle SunTrust Bank branch SunTrust to Roll Out NFC-Enabled ATMs Walmart Supercenter Walmart Dislikes Swipe Fee Settlement David Shankbone/flickr| Man Who “Shattered” Glass-Steagall Calls for Its Return Mark Holloway/flickr| Bank of America Cuts its ATM Network Down to Size Ken Hodge/flickr| World’s Super Wealthy Hiding $21 Trillion Offshore Hattiesburg Mary/flickr| Dollar General to Carry Western Union Prepaid Cards KOMU News/flickr| 5 Goods that Will Get More Expensive Soon Because of the Drought Eric Golub/flickr| Boom Financial: An M-Pesa for the Latin American Diaspora? openbucks Openbucks Gift Card Pay Platform Closes $4.8 Million Round of Funding PayPal Acquires to Develop Digital Wallet PNC Bank SmartAccess Prepaid Visa card PNC Bank Launches Prepaid Card, Similar to Chase Liquid Kmart Prepaid Halogen Card Kmart Launches Halogen Prepaid Card: It’s a Bad Deal facebook_bank_of_america Facebook Would Like to Be Your Bank; Does That Make You a Little Nervous? Carissa Rogers/flickr| An Argument for a Cashless Economy: Canada’s New Plastic Money Melts! Jesse Millan/flickr| Teens Hate Wall Street: Why It’s a Good Thing THOR / Flickr | (UPDATE) Visa and MasterCard to Settle Swipe Fee Suit for Billions Levelup featured LevelUp Does Away With Interchange — Sort Of! Wells Fargo (UPDATE) Wells Fargo Agrees to Settle Suit Alleging Mortgage Discrimination Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card Will Prepaid Accounts Soon Replace Basic Checking? Ryan McFarland/flickr| FDIC to Banks: Stop Blaming Us for Fees You Charge to Customers Office Portrait How to Get Ahead on Wall Street: Lie, Cheat, Steal Chase Liquid Card Chase Launches Liquid Nationwide, the First Prepaid Card of Its Kind Prepaid cards at CVS Study: Prepaid on Track to Grow by 22 Percent This Year ING Direct Bag ING Direct Canada Launches an App That Might Help You Save Sergio Uceda/flickr| KC Fed Economist: Mobile Payments? Not Quite Yet Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 2.24.27 PM P2P Payments Study: Splitting the Dinner Bill Is Not the Way Forward Anthony Cramp/flickr| Independence Day Bank Hours 2012 Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 6.06.02 PM Seriously? Please Stop Posting Pictures of Your Debit Card on Twitter Alex Liivet/flickr| Royal Bank of Scotland’s IT Disaster Points to Perils of a Cashless Economy SqueakyMarmot/flickr| Should You Consolidate Your Debt Using Peer-to-Peer Lending? Jason Empey/flickr| PayPal Prepaid to Be Sold at 7-Elevens Nationwide Thirty30 Photography/flickr| Grad School Looking Even Worse Than It Used To REV MAGIC Card Art- 6.25 Magic Johnson and OneWest Bank Launch Prepaid Card PNC Bank Branch NYC PNC Settles Overdraft Class-Action Suit for $90 Million credit card image Why You Should Probably Raise Your Credit Limit, Especially When You Don’t Want the Money Chelsea Oakes/flickr| Most Millenials Do Not Know Their Credit Score TCF Bank logo TCF Bank Eliminates Fees, Brings Back Free Checking Beatrice Murch/flickr| Will CFPB Get Mandate Treatment? Opponents Challenge Constitutionality Sakeeb Sabakka/flickr| Taibbi: No Difference Between Banks and the Mafia Michael Premo / Flickr | Moody’s Downgrades Five American Banks: Should You Care? Dan Deluca/flickr| What Do I Need to Live There? Housing Affordability (and Unaffordability) in 10 U.S. Cities KAL RTM User Interaction Cash-Free ATMs Make Slightly More Sense Than You Might Think Johannes Fuchs - GOIABA / Flickr | Facebook to Phase Out Credits, Replace It with Real Money Derek Markham/flickr| Why Was Bank Transfer Day a Bust? Convenience Trumps Fees, Anger Bob Familiar/flickr| Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Comes With Built-in Mobile Wallet aaron13251 / Flickr | Could Obama’s Immigration Move Affect the Underbanked? karlmarxcard Debtors of the World Unite! Finally: A Karl Marx Credit Card dwolla-iphone Dwolla’s FiSync Goes Live at Veridian Credit Union, Liberating Users from Slow ACH Transfers kid in jail featured image In-Ventured Servitude: A Potentially Horrifying Way to Pay for College Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 6.17.36 PM The Least Helpful Finance Infographic in the World Mike Licht/flickr| Banking Lobbyists and India’s Radix Vie to Control .Bank Domain Kevin Timothy/flickr| Mountain of Student Debt? Move to Niagara Falls Jonah Ohrling/flickr| Serious Question: Can Congress or Jamie Dimon Even Understand What They’re Talking About? Edmund Garman/flickr| Got $2.1 Million on a Prepaid Card? Don’t Lose It apple passbook Apple Unveils Passbook: A Precursor to a Mobile Wallet? Credit_cards_stack Washington Reconsiders CARD Act’s Negative Side-Effects Orin Zebest/flickr| Refinancing Your Mortgage Lines the Pockets of the Biggest Banks Bank of America debit card and checkbook Overdraft Fees Are Rising; Banks Won’t Speak Clearly about Them Isis Mobile Wallet Who Pays for Mobile Wallets? And Why Does it Matter? Hakan Dahlstrom/flickr| Turn Your Compulsions into Savings with SaveUp Intuit GoPayment Mobile Swipe Dongles Grow Up, Settle Down with Traditional POS Systems BB&T Bank Branch BB&T Launches LEAP: A Prepaid Account for Teenagers