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4522319228_bf1959e085_b 6 Easy Ways to Avoid ATM Fees Here is the list of places with the most expensive ATM operator surcharge fees and 6 ways on how you can avoid ATM fees. Dec 19th, 2015 - Theresa Kim 51853459_61de887f37_o How the Zero-Sum Budget Can Save Your Finances If Your Income Varies Jan 13th, 2015 - David Rodeck Deborah in her natural habitat Tax Changes That You Need to Know About Feb 12th, 2016 - Shirley Pulawski 11705392445_89448dafcc_h Wealth Building Home Loan to Help Low-Income and First-Time Home Buyers Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 2455162927_a158d2e3c1_b MyBankTracker’s Ranking of the Absolute Worst and Best Debts to Have Feb 5th, 2016 - David Rodeck 182069850_b9b9bd5680_b 6 Signs You Still Won’t Be Able to Save Money In the New Year Feb 18th, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski 4206389924_5f389752c5_b What’s the Best Retirement Option for Freelancers? Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake debt 6 Extreme Ways to Get Out of Debt for Good Nov 13th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 6156720323_fac16efc37_b 4 Powerful Banking Tools That Compete With Mint Feb 18th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 6911873994_382127512a_o How to Determine the Investment Value of a New Home Jan 9th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 10216913283_5187938313_o 5 Worst Bank Teller Mistakes of All Time Jan 6th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 6710868859_ef0cc13ace_b How to Protect Yourself From Getting Swindled By Gift Card Scams Dec 31st, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski 4004965529_517f987dcc_b When a Green Mortgage Is Worth the Investment Feb 18th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich Flickr | The Best Ways to Fix Your Holiday Debt Mistakes Feb 19th, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski 3067616_c2f9551d6c_b 10 Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Taxes If You Freelance Feb 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 750538246_7d1b3dbfcd_b Ways to Tap Into Your Retirement Fund Early and What You’ll Owe In Taxes Dec 19th, 2015 - David Rodeck 145444088_1e8d7283b9_b How to Find Freelance Work Without Wasting Your Time or Money Jan 5th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 15235516601_e366fe119a_k Bank Smarter In 2015 With These 4 Financial Resolutions Jan 5th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake Untitled-1 How Do You Know When Debt Settlement Is Worth It? Feb 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 14842396212_56142008c3_k The Top 5 Financial News of 2014 That Will Continue to Save You Money In 2015 Jan 20th, 2016 - David Rodeck 2057913010_bd5fefbd09_b How I Successfully Paid Off $5,000 In Credit Card Debt Dec 25th, 2014 - David Rodeck 5219364058_89897a75d2_b Should You Ditch Your AMEX Bluebird Card for Chime? Dec 3rd, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 9820481505_90fbd15436_b 5 Money-Saving Bank Account Perks You’re Not Taking Advantage Of Dec 20th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 10332827183_2da3dc02f8_o Will Wearable Payment Technology Catch on, or Is It Pure Hype? Aug 24th, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski christmasevebank Are Banks Open on Christmas Eve? Dec 19th, 2015 - Theresa Kim 2946347_309ecbb98f_b 4 Freelancing Tips Every Millennial Needs to Know Dec 22nd, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 5464139515_26ca3bb9fa_b 4 Easy Investments for 20-Somethings Who Want to Grow Their Money Dec 19th, 2015 - David Rodeck 8219823982_059d820506_k 12 Holiday Savings Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas Dec 20th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 5477260614_4cdb18dd8e_b Money Tips to Reduce Travel Costs on Your Trip to Cuba Dec 23rd, 2014 - Shirley Pulawski 6220793976_3ca6eaf46c_b YNAB vs. Mint: Which Is the Better Budgeting Tool? Jan 5th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 7252237250_0b5acb1b85_k 5 Financial Steps to Take Before Becoming a Stay-at-Home Parent Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 272842527_a423b4b3c8_b 6 Private Student Loan Facts Lenders Won’t Tell You About Dec 16th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 5886840126_314b819883_o What to Do When You Get Laid Off: 10 Ways to Bounce Back Dec 16th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 14096445947_a7dd6b4edf_k 5 Smart Moves to Make During Your Student Loan Grace Period Dec 11th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 76317277_c71449b5eb_b The Indicators of a Good Economy You Should Know About Dec 16th, 2014 - Shirley Pulawski 15797236856_816e8fea01_b 7 Apps to Find the Best Deals for Your Holiday Shopping Dec 15th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake reversemortgageexplained 10 Reasons Not to Take Out a Reverse Mortgage Apr 13th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 2209390239_1332852646_b What to Consider Before Buying a New Home and Renting Out Your Old Home Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 333667265_26576bd94e_b 9 Annoying Bank Policies That Make No Sense Jan 5th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 6783112664_35aa293880_b How to Cope With Your Future Spouse’s Overwhelming Student Loan Debt Dec 8th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 4592917787_b2b235ebe5_o 5 Dumb Banking Moves Recent Grads Shouldn’t Be Making Dec 21st, 2015 - Rebecca Lake Mint Mobile App Mint vs. Quicken: Which One Should You Use? Apr 12th, 2016 - Rebecca Lake Brooklyn Bridge My Journey to Working Freelance Wasn’t Easy, But It Was Worth It Dec 7th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 5832049869_e38fd45145_b Top 5 Money-Saving Tax Breaks for Grads Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 14219167351_f6af48bb5d_k How You Can Benefit from the New Repayment Options for Your Student Loans Dec 8th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8424434887_ef438268b4_b 5 Reasons 20-Somethings Should Use Credit Cards Dec 2nd, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 3517592832_37c376f0d2_b 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing as a New Parent Dec 19th, 2015 - David Rodeck 13892273687_7a65dd67fe_b How to Use Mint to Budget for the New Year Dec 2nd, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8734801919_676a50ce5a_k Is Public Service Loan Forgiveness Worth It for Borrowers? Dec 4th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 4712797976_c052a8912c_b 4 Ways Student Loan Debt Can Tank Your Credit Jan 5th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 14437303498_53ab5c2522_k Top 5 Finance Apps for Roommates Who Share Expenses Nov 28th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8534874950_f4163f9b8c_k 5 Student Loan Myths That Are Costing You Money Dec 1st, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 3451555023_ee48674bb2_b A Necessary 10-Step Personal Finance Guide for 20-Somethings Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3381310264_ff77d8d9dc_b Important Decisions to Make When Picking a Bank Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 3374933610_26358cd478_o How to Negotiate Higher Pay If You’re a Freelancer Nov 25th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 3209007686_ede584d86f_b 10 Cyber Monday Mistakes to Avoid Nov 28th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 14540418273_1a1f6def81_o Why Millennial Generation Trends Are Stupid Dec 1st, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 822846800_8015c434b9_o Improve Your Finances With a Year-End Budget Review Nov 21st, 2014 - David Rodeck 9569553194_27772db5c7_h What to Do When You Pay Bills Automatically and Your Bank Goofs Up on a Payment Feb 25th, 2015 - David Rodeck 306710079_a365f5f321_o 4 Reasons I Turned Down a Store Credit Card, Despite Being Offered a Huge Discount Nov 25th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8049800812_a45587642b_k Getting a Loan from Upstart vs. Your Bank: Which is Better for Young Borrowers? Nov 25th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 15548688700_1b63583165_h Smartphone Mobile Apps Connect the Underbanked to Online Banking Dec 20th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich risingdollar 5 Ways to Take Advantage of the Rising Dollar Today Nov 24th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 2094505702_ae90489995_b How to Maximize on Credit Card Benefits for Travel This Thanksgiving Apr 18th, 2016 - David Rodeck millennialroommates 5 Money Rules for Millennials Who Live Together Nov 21st, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 2063328797_711b7f1d91_b 5 Inexpensive Ways to Create the Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner on a Tight Budget Nov 21st, 2014 - Shirley Pulawski 6598839565_5117d3aa74_b 5 Ways to Automate Finances Before a Holiday Vacation Nov 17th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 15065009162_c22282d2a0_k The Best Year-End Financial Advice for Millennials Apr 11th, 2016 - Rebecca Lake 8306546571_0f5a8c4b15_k Get Holiday Gift Cards for Less With These Credit Card Rewards Hacks Nov 17th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 6890140478_0574f334e4_k What Are Your Student Loan Repayment Options Once Deferment Ends? Nov 15th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 3700692803_5710ab79f1_b 8 Essential Things to Know When Estate Planning for Aging Parents Nov 19th, 2014 - Shirley Pulawski 2058492664_22b3335d51_o Holiday Finance Tips for Shoppers Who Plan on Using Credit Cards Nov 13th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 316297104_68abdacab1_o-2 Why Every 20-Something Needs This Investment Management Tool Nov 4th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake Major Retailers Begin Black Friday Sales Thanksgiving Night 10 Things to Avoid Buying on Black Friday Nov 20th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 14928176288_b4370cb722_k 5 Ways You Can Invest $500 Wisely Dec 20th, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski 7007372665_45aaf25f6a_k 12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working for Free Nov 15th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 5636525091_0621505233_b Banks vs. Credit Unions: The Best Place to Get a Mortgage? Jan 26th, 2016 - Peter Bennett 5991759042_c2d5ddf3f1_b The Essential Estate Planning Checklist for 20-Somethings Nov 11th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 5297725768_480261a982_b Brighten the Holidays With Credit Card Benefits for Shopping Nov 11th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 41342710_22ae251995_b 4 Bad Spending Habits to Avoid in Your 20s Feb 24th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 463607020_1ab265ff59_b Among the ‘Unbanked,’ Prepaid Cards More Popular Than Cat Videos Dec 2nd, 2014 - Peter Bennett 4756184196_eaa7e349e1_b 8 Ways to Prepare for Your Quarter-Life Crisis Nov 12th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 2386413155_a01933920a_b Saving More Money Means Creating More Time, Not Cash Nov 12th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 7171308589_95033d3d06_k 6 Best Money Apps for Tackling Financial Problems Nov 11th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 6522794829_a62720f9cd_b Best Method to Save for a Car When You Plan to Pay Cash Dec 21st, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 6536696421_8754c7a158_b-1 6 Inexcuseable Reasons Why You Still Don’t Have an Online Bank Account Dec 21st, 2015 - Peter Bennett 15186683066_a027f6d1e6_k Millennial Student Loan Debt Adds to Social Security Disadvantages Nov 10th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 2563979429_4b7140cdb7_b Why Millennials Aren’t Spending on These 5 Items Feb 24th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake bridesmaids bride How to Graciously Decline Being In a Friend’s Wedding If You’re Broke Feb 24th, 2015 - Marina Shifrin 5258342598_f100d5897d_b 5 Strategies to Finance a Gap Year Before College Nov 5th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8186277865_24291571d4_k 9 Surprise Home Expenses to Consider Before You Buy Nov 5th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 15170517905_c0862a07b3_k 3 Options to Save More on Real Estate Agents Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 14783662888_0bdadaf638_k The 5 Dumbest Credit Card Purchases Everyone Should Avoid Nov 20th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 8169560070_be77fe68fd_k 6 Wasteful Spending Habits That Prevent You from Saving More Each Month Dec 19th, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski 14129566443_191889e3ed_k 5 Steps to Avoid the $362 Uber Ride Heard ‘Round the World Mar 2nd, 2016 - Marina Shifrin 2066995585_0c7f7f7b0f_b How You’re Tricked Into Paying More When Shopping Online Nov 4th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 13133593534_b815528f7e_k Starting Your First Job? Here’s Where to Put Your Savings Feb 23rd, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 160492244_38865cd975_o Why Owning a Car Could Wreck Your Finances Nov 5th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 4327547980_74ebd1e383_o Ways to Spend Windfall Money Wisely Dec 22nd, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski