American Express Cards to Limit Supermarket Cash-Back


Updated on Mon Oct 29, 2012

American Express will place a cap on the amount of bonus cash back earned on supermarket purchases made with the Blue Cash Preferred and Blue Cash Everyday cards. Currently, both cards earn 6 percent and 3 percent cash back, respectively, on supermarket purchases, with no limit.

“We set the cap at $6,000 because it more than covers what the majority of cardmembers are spending on supermarket purchases,” said Leah Gerstner, an American Express spokesperson. “Therefore this change will have no impact on most cardmembers.”

For Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred cardmembers, the change becomes effective when their accounts renew on or after Jan. 15, 2013.

Current cardmembers can see the notice of the changes to their accounts in their October statement.

The change is effective for any new Blue Cash Everyday or Blue Cash Preferred cardmembers who sign up on or after Nov. 1, 2012.

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  • Philip

    Wow, This should be illegal. I signed up with this card with the terms of there being NO LIMIT to my cashback earnings of 6%. That was the contract.

    I can understand if a Credit Card Company (CCC) needs to be able to change interest rates, credit limits, minimum payments, but this type of change should not be allowed legally. It has nothing to do with the user. I signed up just to be able to save some money by using it. Now if I keep it, I won’t save as much, and if I drop it, it hurts my credit. Of course, there are no penalties to the CCC. Why isn’t there any laws preventing this? The government did say that “fixed” rates are permanent for the cardholder unless there is an expiration date. Why not the same policy for NO LIMIT terms?

    • Simon Zhen

      Philip, for cardmembers who do spend more than $6,000 per year on groceries, it does seem unfair. In the card agreement, signed by you and other cardholders, it says that American Express reserves the right to change the terms of the rewards program. That’s the way with most rewards programs and other card programs out there…