American Express Puts Prepaid Cards in Walgreens

Simon Zhen

Updated on Thu Aug 9, 2012

American Express plans to place its prepaid card in 7,200 Walgreens stores this week. Currently, the card is available online and at retail partners including Target, Office Depot and Barnes and Noble.

The American Express prepaid card is known for its friendly fee structure. Unlike other prepaid cards, American Express does not impose fees for monthly maintenance, purchases or other miscellaneous services. The only fees that apply include a $2 ATM withdrawal fee (after the first for the month) and reload fees for cash reloads through third-party methods (such as a reload card).

American Express says that roughly 1.6 million customers uses the prepaid card. Customers may be invited to apply for an American Express credit card if they exhibit financial responsibility with the prepaid card.


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