ATMs of the Future May Look Like Beer Cans

Simon Zhen

Updated on Fri Jul 27, 2012

A company called Custom ATM is out to give marketers a new advertising platform. One custom ATM model that the company has worked on is the Bevcan, an ATM in a beverage-can-shaped enclosure, which it designed for MillerCoors — featuring the beer company’s “Miller Lite” logo all around the ATM’s casing. Currently, there is one at a beer distributorship, two at bars and one that travels to outdoor fairs.

“The customer reaction has been the same everywhere we go,” said Dennis Baker, founder and president of Customer ATM. “The three most common responses are: ‘I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this a long time ago'; ‘It makes me thirsty'; and ‘Are you looking for investors?'”

Any other beverage company would be able to put their logos on these ATMs and have the ATMs placed in appropriate locations such as restaurants, food courts, malls, delis, stadiums, theaters and more.

Are boring, grey-colored ATMs heading toward extinction?


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