Citigroup’s 2G Card Fails to Come Out of Pilot Testing


Updated on Wed Dec 26, 2012

If you’re still waiting for Citigroup’s 2G card to be introduced to the market, now would be the time to abandon ship. According to American Banker, the card is still being beta tested and doesn’t look like it will be coming off pilot mode any time soon.

Representatives at Citi and Dynamics — the company developing the technology for the 2G card — insist that they are still working on the card, but analysts speculate that two years of pilot testing is “kind of on the long side” and that things don’t look too good for the hi-tech card.

The 2G card would let customers pay for purchases with the rewards points they’ve earned with Citi, allowing them to use a battery-powered card at the point of sale. Customers would be able to toggle between paying with their regular credit line or their rewards points through the push of a button.

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  • askmrlee

    One serious flaw of the 2G card, is that you have to push the button on card for EACH transaction. If you do not select Credit or Rewards before you swipe you cannot complete your purchase. There is no default option and the battery must function on the card in order to work. Even a toll tag system like FasTrak has a backup option to read your license plate if the toll tag runs out of battery.

    We don’t know about costs of the card, but I can only imagine that a battery powered credit card must cost a lot more than a passive, non 2G card. But burying the fact that you must push a button on the card in order to swipe (as simple as it sounds) must be a tough sell to many who just swipe and go.