Dashlane: Finally Something that Might Actually Make Online Shopping Easier


Posted on Wed Sep 12, 2012

Sitting at a conference that focuses on financial technology can really highlight the pain points in the industry. Over and over again, you see solutions to the same set of problems, many of which only seem to add more stuff to an ever-growing heap of solutions. In this regard, Dashlane, which seeks to make it easier to use credit and debit cards online, stands out. Unlike so many other solutions, as the presenters were happy to point out, Dashlane doesn’t require special integration with merchants’ websites nor does it require that consumers jump through hoops by loading up certain prepaid accounts — it actually appears to make things easier.

Here’s how it works: consumers must do their shopping online through Dashlane’s app. Once they go to checkout, Dashlane helps you make an account in a painless fashion by entering your email address for you, and creating a secure password for you. All this information pops up when users mouse over the releveant fields.

Once the account has been created, Dashlane fills in your information for you — much like Google and other browsers already do — and lets you choose from your credit/debit cards you’ve loaded into your account.

On top of all this, Dashlane makes its own receipt and takes screenshots of each step of the transaction for your records, all of which is easily accessible on your dash. This is the way Dashlane “sees” the site — from the consumer end, not the back-end.

According to CEO Emmanuel Schalit, this is its strong suit. Because of this, “It works on any website on the planet.”


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    Thanks for the write-up and the great review, guys! Just an FYI: You don’t actually have to be “in” Dashlane’s app in order to use Dashlane’s tech if you’re on desktop. This is only on mobile, where you have to use our integrated browser. On desktop, you can just have the plug-in on your browser of choice (Chrome, Safari, FF, IE).