Doxo, the Paperless Bill Organizer, Puts QR Codes on Paper Bills


Updated on Thu Sep 6, 2012

Doxo, which bills itself as a digital file cabinet, has launched a new effort to help people pay their bills paperlessly, which, hold on to your hats, requires that you receive paper bills. It uses QR codes, and it has picked up some notable partners, like AT&T and Sprint, reports TechCrunch:

To bridge this gap between paper bills and mobile payments, doxo today launched its new Connect QR Code feature that enables businesses that use the service to add QR codes to their bills. This, says doxo, means users can just scan the code to view their bill and make a payment right from their mobile phones. This feature is now available to all doxo users.

Doxo allows you to scan what would be paper clutter — invoices, receipts, bills, etc — into a cloud-based file cabinet. It’s a neat idea, both figuratively and — ugh — literally. And, Doxo partners with certain businesses to allow users to receive and pay their bills through Doxo. In fact, the list of businesses that allow this are virtually identical to those that signed up for the QR code program. So, Doxo has rolled out a QR code mobile payments program that was already obviated by its original product.

The mobile space is strange like this. Obviously, Doxo would love to have more users and its partners would like to cut back on costs and provide conveniences for its customers, and so they have to take steps backwards to market their product — by using QR codes, which we all know no one likes to use.

Intuit, we should mention, has a similar product to Doxo’s new offering. It’s called EasyBill, and it also uses your smartphone camera — but instead of requiring QR codes, it simply ‘reads’ the bill and puts together a payment and links to your checking account.

Checks, needless to say, are becoming less and less an important part of your checking account. This is a good thing for the environment, without a doubt, and it’s certain to save consumers time and money.


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