Facebook Offers iTunes Gifts with Suggestions


Updated on Tue Nov 27, 2012

Coming soon for most, Facebook Gifts will let you purchase iTunes credits for a friend. Simply purchase either a $10, $15, $25 or $50 giftcard and send it to a friend along with your recommendation on what they should use it for.

While it remains to be seen how useful this process will actually turn out to be, TechCrunch is hopefully optimistic that it will get more users to mindlessly purchase and suggest gifts for friends: “If they Like Taylor Swift, it could make it easy to recommend her new album Red.”

Suggestions for music purchase on iTunes are practically useless because most fans are constantly following their favorite artists to get their new music as it comes out anyway. Does any Taylor Swift fan really need a suggestion to get her new album? Were they going to accidentally buy a Nicki Minaj song instead?

This would actually be much more useful for movies, since people are always wondering what to see next. Maybe Facebook should have set this thing up with Netflix to allow people to gift free DVD rentals or streams.


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