SunTrust Bank Repossess Car of Celebrity Named for Dog Sound


Updated on Fri Oct 12, 2012

Apparently there’s a young man out there who goes by the name Bow Wow. He is, according to the young people in the office, a celebrity of some renown. He is also, apparently, not very good with money.

According to a website called HipHopDX, which the young people in the office say is popular, another website called TMZ, which obese, television-addicted people of all ages know from its soul-crushing celebration of paparazzi behavior, has reported that young Mr. Wow has incurred the wrath of SunTrust Bank, which the FDIC says is the ninth-largest bank in the United States.

Bow Wow is being sued by SunTrust Bank. The suit claims Bow fell behind on a business loan of over $300,000 last year. As a result, TMZ has found documents that indicate the bank repossessed his Lamborghini Murcielago.The bank added another $25,000 to his tab for repossessing the vehicle.

While the Murcielago and other payments helped pay off some of the debt, SunTrust’s lawsuit also claims that Bow continues to owe over $20,000 to the bank.

It’s fashionable, no doubt, to revel in the difficulties of people like Mr. Wow. Certainly the comments on the articles seem to be of the mean-spirited sort (although truth be told we find the jargon in which they are written rather difficult to comprehend.) But let us take the higher ground. Who among us would not have made similarly bad decisions about money if we had been burdened since birth with a name like Bow Wow?

No, let us be kind to Mr. Wow. His parents are to blame for this difficulty.

Wesley Snipes, on the other hand, deserves less sympathy. His parents had the good sense not to name him “Gutter.”




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