Mobile Wallet Fans in Tears: iPhone 5 Won’t be NFC-enabled


Updated on Wed Sep 12, 2012

NFC geeks and aficionados will have to start dreaming about the iPhone 6, because it turns out that the long-awaited iPhone 5 will not have the long-hoped-for NFC capability that fans believed would be a game-changer in mobile wallets.

Despite Apple’s massive market reach, with more than 250 million iPhones residing in American pockets and 400 million active credit cards on file, the Cupertino company appears to have adopted a wait-and-see approach, deferring to its competitors to shoulder the risks inherent to NFC’s early implementation. Just like it has for the past three years.

The decision means that Apple’s Passbook systems will be based on QR codes, Gizmodo says.

That’s a disappointment to people who had hoped Apple would launch an NFC-enabled mobile wallet, but it positions Apple’s Passbook to be the depository for a world of QR-code based apps.




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