LevelUp Causes: Use Your Mobile Wallet and Still Manage to Be a Decent Person


Posted on Sun Sep 2, 2012

LevelUp, the mobile payments company, announced a new feature on Thursday, and it might actually do some good. It’s called Causes, and it allows LevelUp users to donate rewards money to charity when they pay with LevelUp.

LevelUp uses scannable display codes so that users can link their cards to their phones in a safe and secure way. Participating businesses allow for LevelUp users to earn loyalty credits, and save more the more they shop or dine at certain establishments. LevelUp Causes taps into the loyalty credits to allow users to continue to save while they give a little, too:

Imagine that instead of saving the full $10 loyalty credit you might have unlocked at a local business, maybe you choose to take $1 of that $10 and give it to a cause you care about. Some for you, some for them. You still get to save and donate to your favorite cause all at once.

We think it’s the best way to make giving easy and rewarding.

As we launch this new feature, we’re excited to team with Feeding America, Jumpstart and the Massachusetts Democratic Party as our first Causes partners. And we’re excited to bring more great Causes on board over the next weeks and months.

The press release goes on, from here, to quote LevelUp’s “Chief Ninja”, and use the words “woot!” and “awesomesauce.” Clearly they’re very excited about Causes. While we doubt this will revolutionize the way people give money to charity, it’s certainly interesting. At least you can feel like you’re doing a good deed when you insist on paying with your phone when cash or a card would get the job done just as well.


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