MasterCard Releases Futuristic “Display Card”


Updated on Thu Nov 8, 2012

LCD screens like those found on new razor-thin televisions and laptops will soon be found on payment devices — and not just your mobile wallet vis-à-vis cellphone. MasterCard has released a new “Display Card,” which, in addition to featuring an embedded LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons, will allow a cardholder to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) as an authentication security measure.

It functions exactly like a payment card, even if it looks like something from Star Trek. There is no word on where to store it (can you put such a card/device in your wallet?) or what kind of power source it will run on. Assume it will come in a solar powered, rechargable and protective case.

However, in the U.S. where credit card issuers struggle to get up to global speed by providing even a simple EMV chip, this may seem way too many steps ahead. It is — the card is only available in Singapore.


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    The card is pretty tough. Actually it passed through the MasterCard Card Structure and Integrity test. ie: same torsion, bending tests and can even take a spin in the washing machine. It is powered by a flexible li-ion battery that is rated to last until the expiration date of the card ~ 3yrs of regular usage condition