Men Hunt While Women Nest; Investment Motivators by Gender

Zachary Ehrlich

By Zachary Ehrlich
Updated on Thu Aug 9, 2012

Men and women have been subject to many studies to understand the different attitudes they have toward … everything. Now RBC has conducted a survey that illustrates the fundamental differences in how the sexes approach investing.

While women are more driven to manage their investments in the case of an important life event such as having a baby (28 per cent), the main driver for men is to know their current assets compared to what they will need in the future (27 per cent). Both sexes have a desire to learn about their investments, but each is influenced differently by how they perceive their respective futures.

It would seem from the limited results that men have a constant need to make money, but they shift investments accordingly depending on the circumstances. Women on the other hand may plan for the future, but only get seriously involved when a large influx of cash is necessary.


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