MoneyDesktop Launches Sleek Mobile Apps


Updated on Mon Oct 1, 2012

MoneyDesktop, a provider of a personal financial management (PFM) platform, has released the first versions of its mobile application for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

The company first demonstrated its mobile apps at Finovate, a financial technology conference, during the spring. MoneyDesktop received all-around praises for its beautiful design and user interface.

Called MoneyMobile, the app lets users check account balances of all financial accounts, create budgets and view reports on their financial trends. The apps feature the company’s patent-pending “bubble budgets,” which differ from the typical bar and line graphs one may see with other PFM tools.

MoneyDesktop is currently offered by more than 270 U.S. banks and credit unions to their customers. Customers must sign up for MoneyDesktop before they can use MoneyMobile.



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