PayPal Trials Mobile Check-in, QR Code Window Shopping


By , Staff Writer
Posted on Thu Nov 15, 2012, Last Updated on Thu Nov 15, 2012

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PayPal is testing new ways for consumers to shop and make purchases in two overseas markets.

With four major retailers in Australia, the company is testing a cardless and cashless payment option. PayPal users simply “check in” with the mobile app and the store will already have their names and photos for identification purposes — payment is made through the PayPal account.

At 30 boutiques in Amsterdam, PayPal customers can shop 24 hours a day by scanning QR codes that are displayed on the windows. These QR codes will take shoppers to a mobile website, through which customers can use PayPal to purchase the items displayed.

There’s no indication when, or if, these tests will come to the United States.


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