PNC to Drop Flash, Use HTML5 for Virtual Wallet Online


Updated on Thu Dec 13, 2012

PNC, which has been using Adobe Flash for its Virtual Wallet Online, will switch the system over to HTML5, reports American Banker.

The move could mean faster transactions for consumers.

PNC’s Peter Bird said that using Virtual Wallet with HTML5 will increase the application’s responsiveness as well as speed up management of daily financial tasks. The current program tracks checking and savings accounts as well as credit cards through a Flash-based calendar.

“When we first started prototyping and building Virtual Wallet back in 2007, Flash was really the only viable web platform that could do the complex interactions we needed to do to give you a great online experience,” Bird wrote. “Since then, however, its dominance of rich interactive experiences has decreased as other web technologies, particularly HTML5 and JavaScript, have grown and matured. As we continued to add more features to Virtual Wallet, development in Flash became much more challenging.”

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