Simple Introduces Reports on Spending Data


Posted on Thu Aug 30, 2012

Simple, the financial startup out to revolutionize banking, announced its new Reports feature, which lets customers take a visual approach to understanding their spending. Available through Simple’s web interface, customers can identify trends and ways to address certain spending patterns.

In a blog post, Matt Sacks, front-end engineer at Simple, shared how he used Reports to pinpoint his overspending at Chipotle, on which he began to cut back.

Customers can use various methods to dissect their spending history. For example, customers can identify all transactions that were less than or greater than $100 to see how they spend on small purchases or large purchases.

“This fun, intuitive feedback can inform your decisions and give you the ability to track them. Suddenly, data that had been right here in your account all this time comes to life,” Sacks said.

Simple aims to use customers spending data to generate Reports that accurately reflect trends over time and enable customers to act upon trends that are not necessary beneficial to their financial well-being.

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