Starbucks Rolls Out Prestigious $450 Gift Card


Updated on Thu Dec 6, 2012

In a move that mimics the credit-card industry, Starbucks unveiled a gift card that was meant to be for the top “one percent” of caffeine aficionados. The Starbucks Metal Card, which is made of steel, comes with gold-level Starbucks card membership benefits, including gifts and free refills on brewed coffee and tea. (Think about status-symbol cards such as the American Express Platinum Card.)

To stress the exclusivity of this card, Starbucks will only make 5,000. Customers can’t buy this card in-store — they are only sold through luxury good website

The card costs $450: $50 for the card and $400 as loaded funds — only suggested for the avid Starbucks fan (which may be many of you).

Now expect every other retailer to follow suit.


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