Top 5 Acquisition Targets Among Payment Startups


Updated on Fri Sep 7, 2012

The market for electronic payment continues to expand. Most recently, new and old companies are competing in the smartphone and tablet fields as consumers grow more accustomed to making payments online. Five notable startups of the past year are iZettle, SumUp, Payleven, WePay and TrialPay. U.S. consumers will likely only be affected by the last two on the list, as the other three focus solely on Europe at the moment.

Merchants would do well to pay attention to these companies, which are spearheading newer and more efficient online payment technology while challenging behemoths such as PayPal. While definitely worth looking into as investments, none of them are publicly traded as of now.

For more information, StrategyEye offers details on the companies and their potential acquirers.


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