Consumers Prefer Visa, PayPal and Telecoms for Mobile Wallets


Updated on Thu Sep 13, 2012

A new report suggests that it’s credit, online giants and phone companies that are most likely to win over the hearts of mobile-wallet users. Javelin Strategy & Research asked consumers to rank mobile wallet services on three factors – innovation, trust and privacy. Those three factors, in theory, are how consumers will decide whether or not to use the new technology.

The biggest winner in the survey was Visa. Paypal, Verizon and AT&T rounded out the Top Four.  Banks did not fare as well.

The study also unveiled some interesting statistics on which platforms had users who were interested in mobile wallets.

50 percent of iPhone users said that they would be likely to use the technology if it became available in the next 12 months. Forty-eight percent of Windows Phone 7 and 45 percent of Android users responded that they were likely to use the technology if it became available as well.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire ranked as the top tablet with 47 percent of owners likely to use a mobile wallet in the next year.

Mobile Commerce Daily has all the details.


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