Wells Fargo Mobile Check Deposit Goes Nationwide


Updated on Wed Nov 28, 2012

Wells Fargo has expanded its mobile check deposit service to all customers.

Since June, the bank has been gradually rolling out the service to select markets in the country.

“Mobile deposit is a very popular service among our customer base. Customers love the added convenience of depositing checks while on the go,” said Brian Pearce, senior vice president and head of the retail mobile channel at Wells Fargo, in a press release.

To access the feature, customers must download the latest versions of the Wells Fargo mobile banking application for Apple and Android devices.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/drkemper Dale Kemper

    It’s lame at only $1000.00 daily limit. Can’t even deposit a paycheck. Worthless for me

  • Susan

    The $1000 per day/$3000 per month limit is worthless – I can’t even deposit our paychecks, so I still have to go to the bank. Can’t they look at what is typically deposited into a customer’s account and set limits accordingly?

  • BP

    I have an iPhone 5 and have had four unsuccessful attempts. Support says the iPhone times out and all background apps have to be closed. Waiting on another check so I can try it with no other apps open.

  • karen

    $1000 is TOTALLY worthless.. are they kidding… they need to look at upping that…

  • http://www.facebook.com/elijah.kerry Elijah Kerry

    $1000 limit is way too low. I need to deposit tenant rent checks and I can’t do it. Bah

  • Murray

    The better the customer you are, the more insulting this limit is.

  • Tt

    I agree about the limit. I was so excited to learn about this after recently getting an iPhone. Now I won’t even be able to use it, since the limit is only $1000. Boo.

  • Guest

    Terrible that there is $1000 daily limit and $3000 monthly…..useless service to me.