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1 out of 5 marks

Do Not Use This Bank!

Georgia banking company needs to be boycotted. Because when we made an account it was just a regular checking account, so as long as we had the money in the account we can do banking transactions you know like cashing checks, paying bills, and etc. We started writing checks off the account for withdraws more than usual. So now they are closing my account when none of these checks have bounced and there is still plenty of money in the account and all checks cleared.

We received a letter in the mail just saying they closing the account because there was "abnormal" activity. All that was going on was that checks was being cashed off of the account. They tried to make out like that "they weren't comfortable with it" and that they were going to write me a 'certified bank check"

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TickedoffwithTD reviewed TD Bank

Nov 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No "convenience" In Mobile Banking

There's a 30 day limit on what i can deposit to my td small businesses account using the mobile banking app. It's well below the amount i generally deposit each month. So now i have to go back to in-branch banking; where the convenience in that. Why bother offering a mobile app if there's no real convenience to your customers?

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2findthesafestbank reviewed Arvest Bank

Nov 13th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

This Bank Is A Good Bank

Although no bank is perfect, as nothing that has people running it could be. This bank is in the tops. For one, they did not take government bailout money (as the largest banks did). They didn't need to because they did not make a lot of bad loans. That says a lot! They are not nation wide, i think they are in 4 states now. I read that the are the largest bank in arkansas though. I have moved but have decided to keep my account after all the research i have done on banks. With this economy you want to be sure your money is in a safe bank. I can do online and photo check dept. And i have no problem with anything.

When i bought a house, they serviced my loan too through Arvest Mortgage. That was nice because i've heard horror stories about mortgage loans from friends and clients who had home loans with bank of america. As i already stated, they are not perfect, but i would say compared to many others, they rate very well in all areas of banking.

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1 out of 5 marks

First National Bank Of Rogers - Dixieland Branch

I have banked with first national bank of rogers, formerly bank of rogers, and part of the first national bank of fort smith banks for several years. I was treasurer for a local business and we also did business with them for several years. But..... I have to say they have certainly gone down hill over the last couple. They used to be more of a "hometown" bank. But no more. I recently had a fraudulent charge a my debit card.

They really acted very unconcerned. When i went into the bank to see if they had a new debit card for me, (i was to receive a call 3 days earlier when the machine was fixed, i did not) i felt they didn't have time for me. When i asked what was the point of having a visa backed card when all they told me was i could call the 800# of the business that had the charge, they told me they would turn it over to the fraud dept and i would get a call that day or the following. It's been well over a week and they told me after i called them today that it had been a pre-authorized charge and just today hit my account.

Really?? It was a cleared charge. I caught it on my daily download 3 weeks ago. Today i was also told that the merchant should really give me my money back, but she guessed the bank would have to do it. Needless to say, i'm closing all my accounts with this bank.

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mjsmesa reviewed Bank of America

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

1904 N Lindsay Mesa Az. Poor Cust Ser Mgr Lacks Common Sense

We had 3 minutes worth of simple business to conduct and stephanie (branch manager) let the 2 of us sit there for 50 minutes. She knew we were there and could of easily, without any inconvenience to anybody, taken care of us and we could have been there less than 10 minutes. We have had business account's with bofa for several years and would not recommend (at least this branch) to anyone. Stephanie works like a robot lacking simple customer service common sense. A position at the town library may be better suited for her simplistic mind.

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kngreer reviewed First Tennessee Bank

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No Customer Service

First: I have been banking with FT for over ten years but due to fraud had to open another acct last august. Now they only acknowledge me being a customer for about a year instead of 10. I recently had an overdraft issue and waited so long they were on the verge of closing the acct. I spoke with a CSA and she helped reverse the charges and I agreed to pay the balance. The same day the branch manager went into my acct and closed it (blaming it on automated computer practices) He then told me that at midnight the acct would be back open, which it was not. I called and tried to speak to the same branch manager around 11pm the next day but he was not in the office.

When I asked the teller to talk to his supervisor or ANYONE that could help me. She lied and told me that he was the branch manager for all Cool Springs and he was the only one who could help me. I called CS back and had no problems getting his supervisor information and left a message for a call back. I decided to call the branch manager back just by chance of reaching him. AND HE ANSWERED. He informed me that my deposit that HE told me to make was not sufficient to open the acct and I would have to put more money in it, which I did and the acct is still not open. When I asked him why did he tell me yesterday a specific amt to open the acct and now today a different amt. His respond was that the acct should not be re-opened anyways but he was doing me a FAVOR.

Usually a customer would have to open a new acct. The only reason he was re-opening my acct was because I had set up direct deposit for that acct again. It seemed his only worry was more money. They even had the audacity to make me pay for another debit card. I have several great experiences with FT but this one seems to trump all the others.

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JoeyD reviewed Investors Bank

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Policies

I am not a customer of Investors Bank, nor will I ever be after my first and only experience with them. I received a refund check from my oral surgeon's office and when I walked into the branch to cash the check (written on Investors Bank check) they would not cash the check if it was not a payroll check or if I did not have an account with them. As I typically use my own bank for financial transactions, I'm not aware if this is an industry standard or some garbage policy made up by Investors Bank.

What good is paying someone by check if the bank it is drawn on will not honor it? Absolutely stupid. The tellers at the bank on Route 38 in Mt. Laurel NJ were of ZERO help and extremely condescending. After refusing to honor THEIR check, I left the branch and noticed that TD Bank (my bank) across the street. Kind of crazy that TD Bank had no problem in accepting the check drawn on Investors Bank. I will never accept another check drawn on Investors Bank and I will never do business with them. EVER. The worst customer service experience I've had in a long time and will not tolerate it.

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shanevaughn reviewed Simple

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

0 Stars - Should Not Be In Business

With something as precise as personal financial accounts, simple runs their software like a social media tool. Simple upgraded their infrastructure and transactions go missing, balances are incorrect, there are mysterious holds on money, etc.. I've transferred money only to have it reversed, but simple doesn't know why. Their response was "try again". Very unprofessional and frightening for a bank. Closing account, sticking with a bank that has a reliable platform.

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tsbeast reviewed U.S. Bank

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Decline Card

Twice within six months my card has been declined over a six dollar transaction when I had over four thousand dollars in the account. This time their excuse was they issued a new card and deactivated the old one. The "old" one does not expire until November of 2015! Why would they issue a new card? The last time they claimed they had called me to tell me they were deactivating the card due to suspicious charges, but they never did call. I know because my phone has a call log on it and there was never a call from US Bank. Too bad because their customer service personnel are wonderful, but the bank is AWFUL!! After more than ten years with them, I'm taking my account elsewhere!!

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angus_magillicutty reviewed Citizens Bank

Nov 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Amateur hour.

I've been with citizens bank for 8 years now and i'm just now in the process of leaving. At first, they were definitely better than the prior bank I used, but then things got worse:

I had been depositing checks made out to my name in my one and only account with them, a dba small business checking account, but one day a bank officer told me it's not allowed any more and that I needed to open a personal checking account in order to deposit these checks. This account of course, I had to keep $1,500. Dollars in to meet the minimum balance and not incur a fee. As it turns out - this was a lie. Then I started having regular bogus charges on my account from bogus online transactions.

These must have happened at least twice a year and each time I made a dispute, the bank killed my debit card and I had to wait for another and of course change account numbers for my online transactions, etc. The last straw for me is (now) an absolute inability for them to allow my paypal charges on ebay because of a bogus charge I disputed from a merchant calling themselves "paypal."

For some reason, a bank of their size couldn't distinguish between the real paypal and some dipstick calling themselves "paypal" and to top it off they have lied to me repeatedly about a slew of chargebacks from paypal purchases I made on ebay. They lied-to-me, or, they really just don't know what they themselves are doing. This "unauthorized transaction" business has caused me so much wasted time and anxiety. I even got into screaming matches on the phone with citizens bank people over this because even after begging them to please allow my paypal transactions, they still claimed the issue was not on their end (R10, ACH return - yeah, paypal told me. )

And I can't even comment on their mortgage department because I'd probably have a heart attack reliving that catastrophe where 3 closing dates came and went while I put myself up in an apartment and then a motel.

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Response by Citizens Bank

Responded by citizensbank

Nov 18th 2014

Hello Angus, I am from Citizens Bank's Office of the Chairman. I am very sorry to hear about your experiences, and I'd like to have someone from my team call you to learn more and to see how we can best help. Can you please email your name and a phone number we can reach you at to (Please do not include any personal information such as social security numbers or account numbers in your email.) Thanks, Angus -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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