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lahoozaahotmailcom reviewed US Bank

Apr 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever - Do Not Go Here

I have a common name - somebody walked into a bank with my account number and successfully withdrew money from my account - that is physically walked into a bank, and the teller allowed them to get my money. Now us bank is pointing the finger back at me as though i am a criminal. This happened in another state, at a branch i have never been to in my life. Do not, i repeat, do not use us bank unless you want your money stolen due to negligence. Worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life. Period.

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1 out of 5 marks

Bad for regular banking, period.

I just moved to Kansas and opened an account last week. Was told i had to " apply " for a check card, say what !?!?!? And then I was watching tv and seen they have their name on a huge arena. These 2 items tell me this bank doesn't care about the little people, I will not do business with a bank that does this kinda stuff, also looked at their online ratings and its in poor to low quality for products and general banking.

Seeing that I had to" Apply " for a check card to access my own money I have decided to close my account. Also customer rep I opened account with says they don't issue cards at the bank when ya open it up due to id theft. This made no sense to me since they have to mail it and id thefts #1 place to steal from is the mail box. Why lie to your customers face? and why make a customer Apply for a check card like a credit card? That tells your customer that you don't trust them with their own money.

Went to use or sign up for online services and says i have to wait for approval for that too? Ya, so having less access to my money than I did with great western bank in the 80's isn't going to make me want to use this bank. I shouldn't have to apply for online services or access to my own money.

Downloaded their app for my iPhone, requires same approval that the online services do, says takes 7-10 business days to get approval, wont be with this bank long enough for that to happen.

Also, their overdraft rates are rediculas, I haven't incurred any charges yet since I have only just opened the account but after reading their deposit agreement after I got home. Obviously i cant spend any of my own money. No one will take the checks with no printed name on it.

Needless to say this account will be closed come monday. Still cashing 2 money orders to open an account over the weekend was cheaper than a check cashing places charges.

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KeithFroelich reviewed Guaranty Bank, WI

Apr 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Utterly inept and. for now. effective account tampering and ODP, up for which I did not sign.

This is truly a Mafia style operation where fair banking practices and customer complaints are not welcome. How many of us are out there, I wonder. I never had a problem with the bank until I called to inform them of two illegitimate charges. They instigated a two day investigation and pronounced the charges from FREE CREDIT SCORE and INSTANT CHECKMATE, two of the biggest scam artists online,to be valid. I called and talked to a very rude woman, i wish I'd written down her name, who was very adamant that I was lying and the charges would stand. She even referred to these bottom feeders as "merchants". Collusion-oh, obviously-why else would they accept the validity of the charges without considering what a 3 year customer says unless they got a kickback. Every other bank with which I've dealt, without questioning, gave me a provisional credit and made the charge back permanent within a month.(egTCF,the manager of local West St. Paul branch was incredulous over the story I'm about to tell you. I see now how they were setting me up for the largest cashectomy that's I've ever experienced. Absolutely diabolical. To my astonishment, they would not issue me a new debit card. Of course, once a customer becomes a mark, as I can see now that I was so considered, everything falls into place. I should mention they sent a couple goons who wanted to meet and "work"with me. A lawyer advised against it. The security officers who played dumb iare Jack Talbot and Todd Richarson, Pres and VP of Security'

Frightened, I withdrew $1400 from the bank, leaving enough to test their claim that when I was overdrawn, the card would simply be refused. GOTCHA! The card finally was refused but only after I had gone over my existing funds. I counted the original scam, illegal charges as part of the money left into the account. When I went into collect my SSDI check, they presented me with a statement which read -61.00. I immediately expressed my bewilderment and headed straight for the police.

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lazylazyjoe reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Have had ally for over 2 years. Best bank by far.I tell everyone about them. Can't believe they have anything to do with GM.

There's no monthly fee/minimum.& quick setup. But, that's common these days.

Interest on your checking.

No ATM fee. They even give you back the money the ATM charges you. One month I used $75 of ATM w/d's and got it alll back.

Low overdraft fee of $9.Free savings link for overdraft protection.

Transfer to other banks online.Free bill pay.

Deposit checks,popmoney, account details from your phone.

Customer Service is excellent too.

Never waited for than 4 minutes and most of the time there's no wait at all.App shows you wait time before you even call them. You can chat online for talk on the phone to someone 24/7 with almost no wait.

All communication they send you is stored in PDF that you can accesss.

I recently had to ask for a chargeback to They issued me a provisional credit in 3 days while chargeback is in progress.They sent me a form & prepaid evenvelope to fill out which I lost & reprinted (Luckily, all communication is in your profile). They even called me to make sure I didn't have any trouble filling it out.

The only situation you shouldn't consider Ally is if you make all your deposits in cash (no cash deposits), need integrated loans, or just really like going to a bank.

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moseshernandez reviewed Bank of America

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

worst experience banking with them and the customer service in this branch sucks. .

I closed my account Because of this branch... worst experience with this branch not one time but 3 or 4 times I been there even to cash my payroll checks they are unreal ..... because of this branch I would never open an account with BOA again..

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AndrewL reviewed Union Bank

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst mortgage loan experience of my life

I own many houses and have gotten loans from most banks, including the big ones: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, and through mortgage brokers.

Union Bank Loan processing and underwriting are among the worst I've ever experienced. I had submitted all the conditions required 3-4 weeks before the original close date of February 28th. I then pinged the loan processor about once a week to make sure everything was met. Due to construction delays, the closing got pushed back to March 14th. I thought I was clear on the bank end, but in reality, the Loan processing person sat on my file until right before closing, and then sent me a list of 25 more conditions on March 11th at 6:50pm! I had to jump through hoops and make others jump through hoops at the last minute to get the stuff in the next day, and then they still couldn't close.

The Underwriter had made so many errors on my file, that I didn't know about, they were claiming my income/debt ratio didn't qualify, where it was really their error in calculating income from my rental properties. Until I came to them with my own excel spreadsheet of what the income/debt ratio should be, they didn't discover their errors.

I had to push our move back 3 times. The final closing target of Friday March 14th was missed, and Union Bank asked to push it to Friday March 21st, which was missed. Then they tried for March 24th, which was missed because they didn't fund on time. So closing didn't occur until March 25th. All due to total incompetence on Union Bank.

I had to be out of or current residence for people to get keys on March 27th. Union Bank put me in a super tight squeeze without a care in the world. No urgency, no empathy, and now just full of excuses justifying why they were delayed.

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WaRainGirl reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 12th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great until you have a problem then Hell on Wheels

Due to leaving one job and starting another, had a delayed EFT check and then a paper check from the new job rather than EFT. Because my account was in overdraft and I had one other overdraft in the last three years, they said I had excessive overdrafts and put a freeze on my mobile deposited paycheck for 5 business days. When I asked if they were holding my paycheck until it cleared or for 5 business days just because they can...I was told when it clears makes no difference to them, because I had a negative balance of $66 my $1975 check is being held 5 days period. Needless to say I am moving all my auto payments to my credit union and closing this account. The credit union would of accepted my check and life would of moved on. Going with an internet bank does not pan out if life throws you a curve ball, they simply do not care what happens to you. I have learned my lesson AND am warning all my friends to stay away from Ally.

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andre6 reviewed Fifth Third Bank

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Mortgage application process

I applied for a mortgage with 5/3rd. The worst experience of my life. I had been a customer of Old Kent before it became 5/3rd. They were an excellent local bank to work with. However, after the take over, my attitude changed immediately. The entire loan process was long, expensive and poorly handled from start to finish. They lost paperwork that was sent to them several times. I talked to managers, supervisors and all were incompetent. I finally gave up after 9 months and closed all my account with this awful bank. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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Fatdaddyk reviewed Capital One 360

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Month two and online access is a nightmare!

Capitalone360 recently bought my auto loan. I signed up last month to pay online and it was more like getting a root canal than it was a pleasant online system setup.

The issue I had this month in signing up is that my regular login did not work so I had to do a modification because they did not like my usual ID. Then the issue came in when they required a 6-10 digit pin #. The problem is they make it next to impossible to use one that you can remember. No repeating #'s, cant be your birthdate or any version of it, cannot be anything in order and it must be 6-10 digits which is longer than your typical bank pin# which would be easy to remember.

So I call support and they were very nice and sd I can try as many times as I like but I have to get it right. I said just ask me 1 or 10 of the 50 security questions they made me fill out when I set it up and I will be glad to answer them and then get the info. No can do. On the pin they can only mail a new one to my house. No other options. So if you don't know your pin your not getting in. HORRIBLE resolution when the only option is snail mail.

Over securitized and zero options to help if you forget anything and no way to remember pin due to their stringent requirements. If given the opportunity I would leave them for this reason alone. Not impressed.

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Fatdaddyk reviewed PNC Bank

Apr 12th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Acworth GA Branch has been great to me.

PNC bought out my previous bank and I have been very happy with my overall experience. I am a fairly technical person so the online access and all of the things I can do with my online banking and depositing with my iPhone has helped a lot. My particular branch is not busy so it is more like going in to your local barber shop than it is your local bank. Everyone knows me and is always friendly and willing to chat if not busy so the overall experience for me from a service and access perspective has been fantastic. I do not have any loans or investment products with them so I cannot attest to those items.

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