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rr reviewed Univest National Bank and Trust Co.

Nov 11th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I am surprised to find all the negative comments here. I left Harleysville National Bank a few years ago because they were taken over by First Niagra. I don't like big conglomerates and the online banking when down the tubes. I do most of my banking online, and I prefer small town U.S.A. where people are people and not machines, which is why I chose Univest. I only have personal accounts and I don't download my transactions except as a pdf, so I can't comment on what jaallender wrote, but the online experience has been great including the online bill pay which I use regularly.

I bank mostly at the Green Lane, PA branch and have found the staff there knowledgeable and courteous. The only negatives I can say, is that I am on the edge of their branch territory so sometimes it is a little inconvenient if I am going the opposite way from where the branches are, and want to make a bank stop. The other is that the online banking times out two quickly, meaning I get prompted to click "Stay Logged On" too often. It happens even if I am in Bill Pay clicking on things. I don't think it should time out if there is activity. However, I do find this happening with other online pay systems such as my credit card systems.

My one daughter banked there until she moved away. She is the reason I went there. She recommended them and allowed me to check out the online banking before I signed up, which was a big plus. I personally have 3 accounts there, and my youngest daughter opened up an account a short time ago. I give them like a 4.8 only because of the frequent online time outs.

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ignatia32 reviewed USAA

Nov 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Veteran Denied VA Home Loan On Veteran's Day

I just posted this grievance on the usaa website under their contact and customer support center. I wanted to share it with the public to make people aware of how usaa treated this veteran on veteran's day:

'i am highly disgusted with how usaa conducts its business. I just got off the phone with our loan processor who informed me we we're denied our home loan because of how our residual income was calculated. Unfortunately, i was also told we wouldn't be getting our good faith deposit back because the appraisal already happened. With this said, help me understand how after submitting the basic information needed to calculate residual income (i. E. Our tax returns on oct 29) that this one single determining number (residual income) was finally calculated and shared with me on nov 10 after an appraisal done nov 4.

This makes no sense! We paid $350 for incompetence!! If we were going to be denied from the very beginning because of numbers from our tax returns, then why did anybody have the decency to calculate this number earlier before the appraisal or even schedule the appraisal after someone punched a few numbers into a computer calculator to get this number! And how is it that something as simple as explaining to your customer how to calculate their residual income and debt-to-income ratios can't be a part of the upfront pre-qualification process. Instead you string them along for 2 weeks, make them pay this good faith deposit, and then say sorry we finally got our act together and your numbers won't work for us. We have been banking with usaa for a long time now.

We even transferred our auto insurance over to you and this is how we are treated. This is despicable. I will be looking to change my services elsewhere and plan on sharing my experience with my online community, family, and friends of how your company is just too big and too corporate to care about anyone customer (especially this veteran). Oh yeah and of all days, today, nov 11th (veteran's day).

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arsosatx reviewed Sunbank, National Association

Nov 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

Worst banking experience ever. I opened my account on oct. 8 or 9 and still haven't received my debit card. I've called and gone into the branch office, and i'm always given a different date that my card was sent out. They also told me i should have paid attention when i opened my account. That was pretty rude. Especially since one person told me 4-7 business days and another told me 10-17. Last week, i was told the card had been re-issued and sent to me again because of some bank security breach and their computers. Today i was told that the card had been sent back to them, they received it on oct. 27, and that i needed to answer a bunch of security in order for it to be sent to me again.

Why didn't they contact me to let me know i needed to go thru some procedure in order to have it resent and receive my debit card? Banking with them has been a terrible inconvenience. Not only do i waste gas (& time - the wait there is looong, even when there is no line at all) going to the branch office in order to get money, but since i don't have my debit card, i missed a mandatory training session for a job one morning; when i woke up to car problems and didn't have the cash to get it fixed in time. The job was given to someone else. I'm just hoping i'll get my card within the next couple weeks. I'll go thru us bank. If i don't get my card, within 14 days, i'm closing my account.

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leasea reviewed BB&T

Nov 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Lack of Customer Service

Our accountant advised use that BB&T has great customer service and recommended we consider changing from BOA. He has always steered us right, up until now. We opened a new business account in June and have had many customer service issues since that time. Each time I call I'm told I need to go to the branch where we opened the account, why have a call center? Unfortunately, they are no longer open on Saturday's and it's difficult to go to the branch without taking time off work. The latest issue started when I put in the wrong password and got myself locked out, my problem I know.

However, when I called I was told they didn't have a Resolution & Agreement on file even though they did have our signature cards. It was explained without that, they couldn't unlock my account and again, I needed to go to the branch. I explained today is Veterans Day, teh branch is closed. I have a copy of this form, could I fax it in order to get access to this account, was again told I needed to go to the branch.

I've had this account since June and they just now discovered they were missing something the branch was supposed to send when the account was opened. The responses from the call taker and her supervisor were unresponsive, clearly they have a paper they read off of, "go to the branch." I've told my husband the TD Bank commercials were referring to BB&T, complete lack of customer service.

I will be changing back to BOA, they may be large, however they have always responded immediately to my concerns without having to take time off to go to the branch.

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Uhappywbank1 reviewed Chase

Nov 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Can't Cash Their Own Checks!?

In the past i could go to any branch of the bank where the check was drawn from to get it cashed. Today i took a check issued by jp morgan/chase bank from my utility company (nicor gas) for $54. 00 to a local branch. I was told by both the teller & the manager that since i didn't have an account, they couldn't cash their own freak'n check!! (not even for a fee?! ) what a crock! I bank online and have no other easy way to get my 54 bucks!

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mfb07e reviewed Ally Bank

Nov 10th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Easy online access

I just opened a checking account with Ally and have had no problems accessing my account and getting in contact with customer service. I am a happy customer that has made the transition to an online bank.

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Ricky_Ricky reviewed TD Bank

Nov 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Avoid! TD Bank Scarborough Town Center

I had a bad experience with the branch manager of TD Bank Scarborough town center named Jason. He has no respect with his customer . He doesnt know how to handle complain.He will never help or assist you in your complain .He is rude and Unprofessional .He doesnt deserve to be a brach manager . He needs more training specially in Customer Service and Ethical Cunduct.

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thedj1963 reviewed FirstMerit Bank

Nov 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Omg - They Screwed Me Over Again

First Meritt Bank in Willard is one of the most screwed up businesses in the world. Oh, i"m so mf'n pissed right now. These freakin' jokers screwed me over 3 years ago on a loan to buy a place because they took so long to process the loan - 4 months - and every month they'd inquire on my credit score. The multiple inquiries brought my credit score down so the bank then charged me an extra 1/4% interest on the loan. This time they've screwed me twice already on doing this one loan forcing me to cancel final signing and acquisition of the place 2 times.

I had an appointment at 1pm today to get the $15,000 only to find out they screwed the paper work up where they were gonna charge me $165 closing costs and an extra 1/4% interest on the loan. So now they have to redo the paper work which according to them will take days - then i sign them - and then have to wait another 3 days after signing before i can actually get the money. This is now over 2 weeks extra waiting because of this bank and since the property i"m buying is income producing property - they are actually losing me money out of my pocket due to their screw ups.

Do you think they are sorry and offer to compensate me for my loss due to their screw ups? Nope! By my calculations they will be costing me near $1,000 in lost income. Any lawyer on here wanna help me sue this worthless company? Because of their screw ups, the title company then has to refigure everything as well and draw up new papers because the amount due and dates will change. I've never been so pissed off in my life as i am right now.

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Troykelly1 reviewed FirstBank

Nov 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Nickel And Dime Bank

This bank charges me $5 a month for less than 3 bill pay a month. What if i have only one or two bills to pay that month? I lose. I'm taking my business somewhere else after over 10 years of dealing with this crap.

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blw1112 reviewed PNC Bank

Nov 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service

I am so saddened that the first time I go to this particular branch in Union, KY that I will now will be closing my accounts at PNC Bank. The service and pertinent information I have received from my branch bank in Florence, KY has always been excellent. Beyond excellent customer service! Cody in Florence opened my account almost 2 years ago and I have to say he should be the "face" for PNC Bank. It is sad that one particular branch can tarnish a relationship with the customer.

PNC in Union, KY I feel could have verbally informed me that by depositing a check instead of cashing it first would not be going into my account, now I find out until Wednesday morning because it is Saturday, then a holiday on Tuesday! This was Check N Go Check so you would think the 2 tellers that waited on me would know this was an urgent situation for cash. A simple "just so you are aware checks do no post until the next business day" and especially in this instance where it will actually be Wednesday!

I made this deposit at 11:14 am and realized at 11:30 am it was not showing up in m account. I called and this is when they explained the situation then also informed me that if I had called within 15 minutes they could have cancelled the transaction! Really???? You tell me if I had called 2 minutes earlier it could have been taken care of? So needless, I will be closing my account asap and going to US BANK where both of my daughters have been encouraging me to day for the past year!

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