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Reviewed By Randy822 Jan 4, 2016

Always Good Service

I am a bit shocked to see a few bad reviews as that is opposite of my experience with a local branch on Garland Street in Fayetteville. The tellers there have always been very friendly and helpful.

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Reviewed By purplecat Feb 17, 2016

Online banking is the WORST

New online banking system is extremely difficult to maneuver and NOT user friendly. Hate it. Was forced to go with Arvest a few years ago when Bank of America left town and Arvest purchased our accounts. Loved B of A online banking. Initially Arvest was just okay, but since recent "upgrade" it is impossible to use.

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Latest Arvest Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Bsims00 Jan 14, 2017

    Best Bank I have ever worked for (14 yrs ago) and still bank at.

    I have accounts at three different banks and I have to say I love Arvest the most. They have a helpful and friendly staff. Great hours and low banking fees. Love that you can make a deposit in the ATM until 8 pm and it post that night. This is convenient for my construction company.

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    Reviewed By SmallBizMom Jan 9, 2017

    Something not right is going on

    Beware, something not right is going on with Arvest Bank. In Nov I get a phone call telling me I can no longer use the deposit slips that came with my checks, the routing number has changed for making a deposit but not the routing number on the checks, strange. They will send in new deposit slips, a month later a nasty letter comes stating I must stop using my deposit slips or pay penalties, FYI I have not made any deposits still waiting for new slips. Also we have a second checking account for a small business when ask why this account was not affected and needed new deposit slips I was told they don't know, WHAT?
    Did you know they no longer send saving account statements, never got a single statement for 2016. Said I had to check on line but guess what the account does not show on line and never has, when asked for the total amount in the account it was smaller then the last statement, was told there are new penalties to saving accounts if you don't make monthly deposit, since when. Closed the savings account out last week, and we are looking for a new bank, Arvest is bad news.

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    Reviewed By kcs Dec 29, 2016

    Worst Mortgage Company ever

    I normally don't write negative reviews but this company is by far the worst that I have ever dealt with. Recently my mortgage was increased by about $200 a month. I have my mortgage set up on automatic bill pay and for some reason the bill pay sent the old amount one month. I caught it and sent the additional funds within a couple days. This lovely company sent both payments back to me in two different paper checks because they were consider partial payments even though the two payments totaled the correct amount. I have been going back and forth with them for months about this error and they offer nothing accept you didn't make a payment! I did make my payment but they didn't like the manner in which it came. I look forward to refinancing with another company to move away from Arvest!

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    Reviewed By plreiter Sep 7, 2016

    Best Bank Out There! =)

    I opened my first bank account at Arvest when I was a kid, and I have been banking with them ever since. The staff is always friendly and efficient. They're always willing to answer your questions.

    Even when I moved across the country for college, I stayed with Arvest, despite there not being a location nearby. My only complaint is that they haven't expanded everywhere across the country.

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    Reviewed By Tiss Jul 17, 2016

    HATE the online banking B

    Why change something that was working?? This 'new' online banking is the WORST decision this bank could've made. Not intuitive and ridiculously complicated. It used to take a few minutes to pay bills and now I can't even find the darn online bill paying feature. And who needs those stupid graphs? I doubt the average customer would view that as necessary or even wanted. Here is what I want-- return to the old system and leave it alone. Seriously considering changing banks although I've been a long time customer,

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    Reviewed By RichardG Apr 15, 2016

    The worst bank on the planet!

    This is also meant for the mortgage lending as well as the bank. The absolute worst experience I have ever had is my 64 years of banks and mortgages. The first impression is if you don't like it, go somewhere else. I did!

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    Reviewed By soonermagic63 Mar 4, 2016

    New online banking upgrade

    Since the upgade to the new online system, it has been nothing but issues. I pay all my bills online through Arvest and it used to take me 15 minutes. Now, once you can navigate a confusing system, it takes upwards of 1.5 hours. Not Intuitive at all. Worse ever and not getting better. Plus if I log into my account why the hell can't I see my account numbers!!! My husband wants to switch but I have been with them for so long... but seriously... your system sucks!

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    Reviewed By Salley Feb 28, 2016

    Online banking the WORST!

    I was one of the unfortunate victims of the Bank of America buyout by Arvest. I stayed with them because the local president was involved in the community. At the time the online banking was adequate, despite the poor service at branches due to staffing shortages. Staff was very nice, but all too often only two people would be working at busy times, causing delays and long waits. This made online banking essential. Recently a change was made to the online banking model. These changes have rendered the site messy, difficult to navigate and impossible to pay bills easily. I HATE the moving "graph" and euphemisms like "money movement" instead of showing the bills due and recently paid bills as before. Not sure what they were trying to accomplish, but they have lost me and other customers by this unnecessary change.

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    Reviewed By bethdonica Feb 23, 2016

    Horrible customer service

    Arvest put a freeze on my business account after I made several debit card purchases and called twice to verify that it was me who made those purchases. After being on hold for a total of ONE HOUR and two different people telling me it was unfrozen and took effect immediately, the transaction I'm trying to make is still being declined and this is costing me BUSINESS.

    NOT A FAN.

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    Reviewed By earthshoes Feb 23, 2016

    Best local bank

    We've been Arvest Bank customers since 1997. Before that our experience with banks yielded nothing but headaches (B of A, if that tells you anything).

    1) Service has always ranged from good to excellent (not all tellers are "happy to be of service" and not all of them are good at their jobs. This is to be expected).

    2)We've never been charged an overdraft fee we didn't deserve. And their fees are the lowest in the country. They don't reorder charges to maximize fees (B of A used to do this).

    3) Banking policies are very clear--no surprises. We've both dealt with and seen friends deal with banks that play games with deposits and charges. These guys don't.

    4) Their fraud protection dept is excellent. Some years ago my husband's debit card number was stolen. The second I caught it, I called them and they immediately canceled the card and refunded the charges. A very few years ago, it was stolen again. This time the bank caught it, called us, and canceled the card. I've even had them call me and ask when they noted some unusual charges on our card.

    5) My grown sons tried banking elsewhere and came back to Arvest because of our experience.

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