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Reviewed By ACRODE Apr 10, 2017

Great Local Bank and Great Customer Service

Bank Atlantic, a long time local Florida Bank was acquired by BB&T in 2012. Having been a Bank Atlantic customer for many years, I feared that the new bank would destroy the hometown feel and intimate banking experience one gets with a local bank that is part of the community and where the employees know and recognize their clientele.
I am happy to say that BB&T has retained the local feel of the former Bank Atlantic experience while simultaniously offering the benefits that accompany a larger banking institution.
Most notably with this branch is the retention of excellent presonnel from the tellers to the site manager. The manager in particular is committed to the community and seems to know all her customers by name. If a hometown style banking experience is what you seek accompanied by the benefits of a larger bank, this may be the bank and particularly the branch for you.

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Reviewed By Danielle Feb 28, 2013

Omg! The Worst. Please Stay Away!

Funds that's transferred to your account will always be late. Days late. I had funds transferred to my acct. On 15th feb. 2013 & didn't get it until 21st feb. 2013. Right now, i am waiting for a transfer that was wired on 22nd feb. 2013 & guess what? Yep. I am still waiting! Again, please stay away! Don't say you haven't been warned. Here's how i rate my experience.

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Latest BB&T Reviews

    Reviewed By payne Jul 21, 2017

    Takes too long to reverse Fraud charges

    Had a large some of money withdrawn from a teller in another state, obvious was not me. It has been 3 weeks starting the 4th and still no refund. Credit cards refunded the next day, but the bank nothing. Bank can't answer how some one can with draw money in person with out answering any of the security questions? Every time I withdrew in person I get asked several security questions. Stay away from this bank.

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    Reviewed By wvnailspa Jul 12, 2017


    I used to have my own business here in Morgantown and I have been a BB&T customer for more than 3 years. Beginning of this year, 2017 when i was still a business owner of my nail shop. Karen Gable, who introduce herself as a BB&T market leading came to my shop and try to get the business from me by offered me about BB&T merchant service. I told her I already have my own merchant company and I was so happy with their service. Karen kept calling and insistently saying that BB&T is a second largest Merchant service provider and try to set up the the meeting for me with Kevin Lawson, merchant guy and they both kept promising they will give me the best service at the best price to compete with my current merchant service at the time. I finally agreed to switch to BB&T merchant because i want to keep the good relationship with me local banker and i find it more convenient since it locally and above of t everything was that i thought BB&T is a big company so i felt more secure to stay with them. Two month later, there was a reason so i decided to sell my business to my friend. My friend was really interested with my business but he did not have enough money so he wanted to pay me from his credit cards. we both were not have knowledgeable so we think it is okay to charge his credit cards through my terminal, the total amount he paid me through credit cards was $21,000 dollars.Next day I got a call from BB&T questioning about a large of amount charging through my terminal and I told them the purposes of those charges, they said we can not do that and all those transactions were still in PENDING. i apologized for that mistake and asked them what should i do to undo that. BB&T rep told me that i have to refund all those money back to my friend's credit cards then all those funds will be released after 24 hours and we will be okay. I did what the BB&T rep told me. After I sold my business, i have not have any chance to go to the bank to close my business checking account and recently i went online and check my account I realized that I my business account have been automatically overdraft with the amount 602.37 from merchant service. I called Kevin Lawson, merchant guy to ask him why, Kevin never answer my phone and never try to return my phone. I called Karen Gable, she said she will get back to me later . She never call back and i have to call her again and again and left many messages for her and Kevin. Finally, I have to take my working time off and drive all the way from Bridgeport to Morgantown to see Karen. I do not know because Karen is not knowledgeable enough about merchant service or she is being so dishonest but she confusing me by at first she blamed that because income of that mont of my business is so high and then i remind her that I sold my business on the 10th of that month so it should have been that much income coming in to charge me that much. Then Karen blamed the charge of $21000 transaction which already refunded and never deposited to my account. Then she blamed that from visa and master card company and finally she blamed those charge were from FRAUD DEPARTMENT???? none of her answers is make sense for me. i talked to Karen's supervisor named is Susan, Susan blamed that from the service of $21000 transaction and later Susan blamed that from visa and master card company???? I called and talked to Russom Chuck of BB&T corporation. He had someone at BB&T merchant service called me and gave me the final answer is YES, BB&T MERCHANT CHARGED ME $602.37 FOR PROCESSING THE $21000 TRANSACTION EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON HELD AND NEVER DEPOSITED TO MY ACCOUNT???? This is a ripped off for me from my banker. Sorry for my English, but this is my bad experience i had with BB&T Merchant and with BB&T banker to share with all the small business owners out there in Morgantown and hopefully it will be helpful for all of the customers to be aware and STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANKER. Thanks so much for your times.

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    Reviewed By Geome55 Jun 24, 2017

    Stay Away

    This account has been a nightmare from the day it was open with unfair charges.
    I closed the account several weeks ago ( going through a divorce) . I needed the statements for three years and my access online wasn't working even though it let me login. I went to a locate branch to get a printout of the statements . I was told it would cost over $100 for three years because of research( but she could pull it all up and print it from her computer). She said she could do the statements from 2015 'til 2017 for $55.00. I waited for them to print out from her researched computer screen and was handing her my debit card ( from a better bank) , she said it had to be cash or check.
    Run do not walk from BB&T

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    Reviewed By jackson4161 Jun 15, 2017


    On 6.13.2017 a wire transfer of $40,000.00 was wired to my account. On 6.14.2017 I went into the BB&T branch Campcreek. I was racially profiled as soon as I walked up to the teller and asked for a withdrawal of about $39,000.00 some odd dollars. First the teller was not friendly at all. She was dry and never smiled at me once. As soon as I gave her the withdrawal slips she picked up the phone and said I have to get approval to give you this money. I didn't understand why he needed approval to give me my money that was approved by the wire department. Jenny Austin instructed the teller to ask me inappropriate questions like, who sent you the money, why did they send you this money, what are you going to buy with this money etc. I wanted to say none of your fucking business give me my damn money. But I did not I answered all question. They then decided (teller and Jenny) to go through my account back to two months were my fiance was direct depositing his check in my account for bill purposes. The checks were direct deposited into my account for more than a year. This has nothing to do with me receiving a wire transfer. After all of the interrogation stopped the rude ass teller informed me that she would not be able to give me any money because the wire was still pending. This was a complete lie. She told me it would be 24 more hours before the wire would be clear. Before I went to the bank I called to make sure the wire had cleared. This was about 20-25 minutes of me standing at the counter with my 7 year old son waiting to receive cashiers checks. I then had to go speak with Keith the bank branch manager was not there. The teller and Jenny had placed a block on my account as I was standing there at the counter being interrogated by them. The teller didn't have the heart to tell me they blocked my account.Jenny stated that my account was under investigation lol.. She refused to give me a eta on when my money would be released lol. I walked into this bank to withdraw money that was wired in my name to me and walked out pissed because I was profiled and discriminated against. They thought that I was a young black criminal lol.I have never been arrested or taken to jail.To be treated like that was ridiculous. That money was actualy to buy cabinets for a renovation of 22 units and to buy plank flooring as well. The construction has now been put on hold because they decided to play detective with the supply money. I have filed a complaint with BBB & also with the FDIC. I have also filed a discrimination claim with BB&T. I have emailed customer service 15 times with no response. Ials called their corporate office and made a complaint, but no one has responed back.If this has not been resolved by tomorrow, Monday I will be at an attorneys office filing a lawsuit against them. I have warned my family and friends not to bank with BB&T and most defiantly do not use the bank at Campcreek. Those are the most unhappy people I have seen in my life.I guess black people can not have $40,000.00 in their account. I was told that in my account I ahd never had this amount of money in the account, so it looked suspicious lol. I have four other accounts just not with BB&T. I have never has this issue with the other banks. As soon as this issue is resolved I will be closing down the account.

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    Reviewed By JBshotJL Jun 13, 2017

    Blocks online transactions

    So, I bought some books for my brother's 30th brithday online, but they're fraud "specialists" blocked that, so now I have to reorder the books that are now late, but that's not the worst part, their fraud special eds declined my purchase of Bitcoins and told me to just purchase them again, well guess what you greedy ****s, the price went up 70%, just like I expected it to because I was studying the market and do to the ingnorance of these fools I missed out on at least $350, likely significantly more. I'm switching to Citi Bank. Here's my Bitcoin address if anyone is feeling generous: 1Ci7PrTCun8YhMEonc6VwuKB3wdtoHeMaH

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    Reviewed By Unhappycoustomer Jun 9, 2017

    Run now.

    They run your credit when you open an account. They hold a pay check and only give you ,your 1st hundred dollars. And now a days that doesn't go far. I am closing all of my accounts. As of 6/10/17. Good riddance.

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    Reviewed By berryway7 Jun 8, 2017

    They closed-froze my account 4 days after it was opened for fraud

    Three weeks ago my account was closed for fraud. It was open for a total of 3 days.

    Even though it is my second account with this bank, they are requiring me to provide a SS card and photo ID, again at the branch. They will not return my transferred funds used to open the account or several other deposits.

    I was told today that they will accept deposits into the account, but nothing goes out. They will not close the account and return my money. No one on the telephone can make a decision. There phone customer service is no a service.

    Don't trust them with your funds, if you plan on using them in the future. Not worth the hassle.

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    Reviewed By sheloregon May 11, 2017

    Great Service

    hi friends,
    I would like to commend the service I recently received from a teller at this branch. I usually use this branch, and I always go inside because I like dealing with humans. Your teller Jorge (sorry I didn't get his last name) was very professional but also amazingly fast in receiving my deposit, checking my ID and returning cash. I was just getting ready to shift into wait mode when I was done!
    I also would like to commend the bank for its outreach to the Latino community. All the posters in Spanish and tellers, like Jorge, who speak Spanish make the bank clearly a friend of the community. I appreciate this very much. While I am not Latino, I've lived in South America and deplore the current hateful atmosphere.

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    Reviewed By Dr424 May 8, 2017

    Horrible, unfair business practices and doesn't care about customers

    If I could give this bank a negative rating i would. So bad. I can't even explain all of the the things that they do that are I don't even think are legal, but overdraft fees OVER overdraft fees if that makes sense, customer service that is nothing less than sub-par, ATM's constantly "out of service", terrible banking hours, most employees have the personality of a wet mop, charging customers if they call the "customer service help" phone line more than 1x in a 24hr period (which if you have an issue, is nearly impossible to avoid), the list goes on and on. There are so many times that this bank made my head want to explode. The branch manager's explanation for the fees for phone service were "well, most of the customers just want us to read off the statements they get and go over transactions, and we need lines open for fraud protection, etc." another words, IDGAF about you, or your money. Fraud protection, from what? BB&T bank?because that who the real fraud is. Thieves.

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    Reviewed By jessicad123 Apr 26, 2017

    No words.

    If I could leave a negative rating, this bank would get a -5 star rating.

    BBT bought out my local bank in July 2016 and it's been the worst 9 months. I've had more errors in 9 months with this bank than I had in over 14 years with the former bank. From staffing that is nowhere near the need, to drive thrus and ATMs that are constantly out of order, to no one answering the phones or knowing how to look up fees to saying they will call you back and never do. Shall I go on?

    Steer clear unless you enjoy constant frustration and a complete waste of your time dealing with issues.

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