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Reviewed By Jeanith Nov 22, 2012

Stay Away-Horrible Bank with rude customer service

I became a customer through acquisition. Immediately BMO Harris held my deposit for twleve (yes, 12) days! The check I deposited came from another family member. I was able to product the cleared and cancelled check to BMO Harris, but they still would not release the funds. In adidition to holding that deposit, they gave me a "0" available funds balance...even though I had a little over $400.00 in account before the transition. I am checking with the Attorney General about the legality of this move. They charged me a 35.00 fee, as during the "hold" time I did have one check presented for payment and it did not clear due to the fact they were holding my deposit. I was given the name and number of someone in Chicago who personally puts "holds" on deposits. Needless to say, I was not able to reach this person.
Save yourself the headache of dealing with these people. Go to a bank that wants your business.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By ccc Apr 4, 2016

Corrupt deceitful and illegal practices

BMO sucks!!! They are the most corrupt bank I've ever dealt with! Can't wait for them to get nailed by the law abiding citizens of America! With all the illegal practices they commit I'm sure it's just a matter of time before an enormous class action lawsuit against them comes forth! Don't be afraid people,stand up for your rights!! Stay far away from this bank people, they are up to no good but they will be caught!!

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Latest BMO Harris Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Amarquez May 25, 2017


    Being new to MN, I do not have an account yet. But the hospital I work for does their banking with this company. I have been cashing my payroll checks without too many issues until today. L**** K*********** refused to cash my check, which was written from a BMO account, until he could verify that I truly was an employee at the hospital. Even though I had proper identification and a REAL check, I had to drive home and get my hospital ID and payroll stubs! I know for a fact that this isn't a standard requirement, since I've never had to do this before. I suppose I just didn't look the part today. I guess walking in here with sweats, a tee, and no makeup on just wasn't good enough for L****. Thanks a bunch for wasting my time today! Glad I didn't make the mistake of opening an account at BMO!

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    Reviewed By NavyVet74 May 15, 2017

    Fuck BMO Harris!

    This is a terrible place to do your banking! My account has been breached twice since I've been with this bank. I've had 2 different bank cards and 2 different account numbers.

    Terrible security! Also, if you make a deposit by check, at the atm or inside at the teller, they make you wait 48 hours before it actually hits your account! I will be leaving this bank soon and I would not recommend anyone else banking with them either. Save your time and money!

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    Reviewed By neu May 7, 2017

    Customer Service is BAD

    I had to cancel a BMO credit card account - because they sent me 2 different accounts due to BMO confusion. I called and after waiting 25 minutes I was told, clear out the rewards for one account then call back to cancel it, keep the other account. I cleared out the rewards then called, and waiting 35 minutes online listing to recordings, I gave up. I went to their online complaint area and completed/submitted their form, then got back a message "Server is Down." This is what you get from BMO Harris. Phone and online service are seriously underfunded. The local branches are fine, but they have limited hours and locations.

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    Reviewed By fordtech Apr 1, 2017

    Horrible Auto Loan Service

    Recently after 4 years payments made on 5 year auto loan, I was sent a refund of about 125.00 which this bank said was a refund of interest overcharged. Then they announce that they no longer will accept payments by the coupons we had been using for the past 4 years and that they would be sending an invoice monthly from then on.
    Well I never once recieved and invoice. However each month I would recieve a late bill and 23.00 late charge on the payment! They couldnt pull it out of thier butt to send a bill, but they could send a late bill and penalty charges. After several months trying to get this straightened out I decided to just pay off the loan to prevent them from destroying my stellar credit rating.
    Within one week I recieved 3 late notices and finally a billing for a regular payment plus the late payment after I had sent in the payoff amount.

    It was costing more than the so called refund of interest in late fees and I had never been late using the coupons. They harass you to death for late payment too. Phone calls and all first time ever late and it was their fault it was late.

    So I am hoping that with it paid off now they will finally stop the harassment for payments no longer due. From what I have read in these reviews they seem incapable of tracking what is paid, when its paid, and what is due.

    Also I noted on the only invoice I recieved, that they only allowed 3 working days for the payment to be recieved from reciept of the billing before they hit you with a late fee.

    Never again BMO Harris.

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    Reviewed By cdfree Mar 22, 2017

    Who is the market for this awful bank?

    Not really sure what the point of this bank is. Retail & small business customers get the incompetent customer service of a large bank with electronic banking capabilities that are 7-8 years behind big bank industry standard. Hate to say it but Chase is better in every way.

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    Reviewed By Mphelps61 Mar 20, 2017

    Absolutely the worst bank I've ever dealt with

    I have a truck loan thru this bank, and I am closing it out and will NEVER do business with this screwed up bank again. The right hand doesn't know that the left hand is doing, can't get a straight answer. I traded my truck in and the dealership sent a check to pay it off on 3/9. By 3/20 the loan is still showing up on my account. I call and am told that they have no way of knowing if the payoff check came, because they don't log checks when they receive them. They only pay the loan off within one day. WEll, that's IF they don't lose the check in transition from the mail room to the data entry room. So, they told me that I should make another payment "just in case", but, oops, sorry, that will cost you $10 to do. I'd never do business with this archaic institution again. If I could select "0" stars I would.

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    Reviewed By bradburdick Feb 23, 2017

    phenominal bank

    This bank has a very friendly staff and they rarely have a line. The location is very convenient and the bank has EXCELLENT customer service 24 hours a day, and I have never spoken to an off-shore representative. We are thrilled with this bank and have banked there for many years now.

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    Reviewed By waterskier87 Feb 17, 2017

    Smooth Process

    As a first time homebuyer, I wasn't sure what to expect through the process. Everything went smoother than I imagined, and we were able to close on-time and get in our new home as scheduled. There was a lot of paperwork involved, but my mortgage lender let me know exactly what I needed to be prepared for the transaction. The staff at the bank was also very friendly and welcomed me each time I came by the branch.

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    Reviewed By 987johm Feb 16, 2017

    Worst banking experience ever.

    First off $5-6 bucks to withdrawal your own money from an atm! When you go to get a cashiers check and you hand them cash they tell you great it will be ready in 24 hours. I just gave you cash!!
    Online banking is horrible, you deposit cash and it pends deposit for up to 5 days! What takes so long! Plus the overdraft scam they have is relentless. Try sending out a bill they will screw up the date for sure. Seriously how is this place still in business?

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    Reviewed By Jmorse26 Jan 19, 2017

    Worst experience for a first- time home buyer

    Getting a morgage loan was difficult even though I had all my paperwork in, a realtor that was on top of it, and a very good credit score. My loan officer lost paperwork several times, forgot to order my home inspection, and then quit two weeks before closing.
    I could chalk it up to one employee being a bad apple_ but now I have a whole new issue.
    I received the loan, after holding the banks hand through the process. I send in my first payment, and they code it for a much lower amount then what it should be. My bank calls, corrects the issue, and they receive their payment. Except they never document this. So I'm getting hit with late fees, and 800 dollars is "gone". So to stop the late fees I give them 900 dollars to get current. I'm calling every month to get this corrected. I've talked to 6 people. I've submitted documentation. Now, they say it's all taken care of except it's still on my credit report, and the statement they just sent me doesn't have any changes except the late fees aren't on it anymore. Which I paid them anyway. They owe me a lot of money, and they need to fix my credit. So far, 3 months later I am still fighting these people.

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