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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Jeanith Nov 22, 2012

Stay Away-Horrible Bank with rude customer service

I became a customer through acquisition. Immediately BMO Harris held my deposit for twleve (yes, 12) days! The check I deposited came from another family member. I was able to product the cleared and cancelled check to BMO Harris, but they still would not release the funds. In adidition to holding that deposit, they gave me a "0" available funds balance...even though I had a little over $400.00 in account before the transition. I am checking with the Attorney General about the legality of this move. They charged me a 35.00 fee, as during the "hold" time I did have one check presented for payment and it did not clear due to the fact they were holding my deposit. I was given the name and number of someone in Chicago who personally puts "holds" on deposits. Needless to say, I was not able to reach this person.
Save yourself the headache of dealing with these people. Go to a bank that wants your business.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By jgaworldwide Mar 11, 2014

BMO Harris are criminals!

After doing business with BMO/Harris I have experienced some of the most corrupt practices in banking and have pulled all my accounts and businesses to other banks. The lending department has called a reassessment of my home equity line of credit after only using for 2 years for home improvements and are calling for the loan to be paid in full in 2 months or face foreclosure proceedings. I have always made my payments on time and have excellent credit. They are claiming they are no longer offering lines of credit anymore and will not negotiate my mortgage forcing me to make a full payment after just learning of this 1 week ago. I immediately got in touch with the Fed reserve complaints division of consumer complaints and have filed a complaint against them. How the bank knowingly gave me a guaranteed credit line only to be able to withdraw and call it due is down rite criminal behavior and should be illegal! Not only are they not willing to work with me on any solution, they have given me 2 months to pay or face action. I hope this helps other consumers from ever thinking of doing business with this scam of an institution based out of Canada! I can only imagine how many other peoples lives and credit will be destroyed from this dirty practice of forcing payment, knowing the average person can't come up with the full amount and forcing a family into foreclosure with good credit , just to be destroyed. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Latest BMO Harris Bank Reviews

  • J
    Reviewed By jennywolf27 Oct 17, 2016

    Do NOT get a home mortgage here.

    Worst home mortgage bank I have ever encountered. John Whalen was very unprofessional, calling my relator a bitch, yelling at me to "hang on lady", losing things, asking me if my husband was married before, etc. etc. Had we not been in "too deep" already with them when buying and selling our house, there is no way we would have stayed with them!

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  • G
    Reviewed By gr78 Sep 29, 2016

    Managers are useless

    If your are interested in customer service and having a manager to go to for any service issue complaint, it would be advantageous to place your banking business elsewhere. Simple statement and service issues are met with confusion. Don't even expect a call back from a manager if you are looking for one. Have my car loan there so I stay, but once paid off, Im out of there. Thank goodness I have other bank accounts elsewhere to rely on.

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  • P
    Reviewed By Prpuri Sep 28, 2016

    I hate the service

    I opened a bank account with BMO because I got multiple emails from them. Once opened, I got to know that I cant do any wire transfers. Next, the checks I send don't get delivered.
    Next, I left money in my account and came back to India and they said that its easily transferrable and guess what, now they are saying that there is no way to get back my money without coming back to US. I don't know what to do or where to go. I have been taking calls till 2am at night to get that money but they just don't care.

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  • M
    Reviewed By macmilley Sep 13, 2016

    Always block my card for no reason when I shop online

    So many negative things about the bank:
    -always block my card without my knowledge when I shop online
    -when you call them they ask for some student code which you can never remember cause I call once in 4-6 months when they block the card
    -once I deposited money to the ATM machine on Friday afternoon, and I only got them on my account on Monday!! what the hell were they doing with my money???

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jforadori Aug 27, 2016

    Terrible Service

    Westland Plaza
    33703 N. Scottsdale Rd.
    Scottsdale, AZ, 85262
    I'm sorry to say that I had a bank account here.
    I had an service that was taking money out of my account, even when there was not enough. After the first time this happened, I asked the man I talked to to have my account not allow any money to go out if there is not enough in my account. I thought that shouldn't be too hard to do considering my other bank does that.
    Well, it happened again in 3 months. I went in to pay the balance and asked if there would be any other fees to pay. He said no.
    I checked my bank account again and it was -$85 then two days later -$97. I went in the bank to ask what was going on and the man that I talked to before told some other guy to help me and I explained to him that the last time I was in that the other guy that had pushed me off to him said that my account was at 0. I wanted to know why it was at -$97. He said it was because I should have known that I would be charged $35 for the over draft. I told him that the other guy said the account was at zero so I assumed it would stay there.
    He then told me he could waive his fees and I would only need to pay 35, I told him this is really poor customer service and that I am telling people not to come to this bank. Then he said, I'd have to pay the 97.
    I told my husband what happened on the phone right after that. This was yesterday - Friday evening.
    He went to get $97 from our other bank and then we went to another branch of BMO to close out the bank.
    I can honestly say these guys at the BMO on N. Scottsdale have no idea of how to keep a customer. I just got a new job making 250+ and I was hoping to keep my money in BMO. However, I'm going to a bank I can trust: Chase, and I will tell everyone I know about these two bullies at BMO N. Scottsdale.

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  • L
    Reviewed By lcg46 Aug 2, 2016

    Not customer friendly terrible funds availability policy

    BMO Harris has the worst funds availability policy of any bank I have ever used. They put holds on funds from checks drawn off their bank and deposited back into their bank and when you ask them why they say it's to be "fair" to everyone. WHAT??!! They also hold payroll checks drawn off their bank and deposited back into accounts at their own bank!!! They tried to tell me it was a Federal regulation. NOT! It's a BANK policy implemented to make their job easier but make it harder for customers to get access to their money.
    The other major thing that bothers me about BMO Harris is that they make you show a photo ID to DEPOSIT CASH into an account. You want to deposit a dollar at BMO you better have a photo ID!!!!
    If I could give them zero starts I would!

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  • R
    Reviewed By Rava9 Jul 13, 2016

    Customer upgrade needed

    This woman I had spoken to was... too proud of herself and wondered if she treated other clients the way she treated me, or if it was just with people who aren't white. I told her I needed to take some money out of my account to purchase a car, get me an apartment, and to also get medical and auto insurance all at once, but apparently, I need to do all of that one at a time, fine. Basically she wasted my time, because when you want to request money, you have to write a request letter, and I did that 3 times, and paid $76 total for overnight shipping, because the first two letters weren't specific enough for her. I complained to her about that and her response was, "well don't do it overnight, it doesn't matter if it's a week"... ummm maybe not to you, but I have things I need to take care of, I wasnt aware that she was getting paid to tell me what I needed to do or not, she was going to give me almost nothing for a car while she's probably driving an expensive car. I confronted her about needing the amount I asked her for in the first place and she's talking to me like I'm stupid, saying I was going to use it for my apartment and other things, yes, I was, but I also told her it was mostly going to be used for a car, I mean, why don't YOU buy a car for 5 grand and see how far it takes you. Lady, you need to check your attitude. This bank tells you how much you can spend on a car and rent (even if it's your own money), they waste your time and recources, they don't really hire the right kind of people and just like other banks, they have the strictest policies that have you throwing your money away to this bank. And they took a whole year for me to be able to use my money because I had to move my money from one bank to this, it shouldn't have taken a year. I'm surprised this bank is not shut down. So far I have only spoken to 2 people from customer service that were really great people which is why I gave this place a star, if you need to speak to customer service, talk to Ian or Diane. Mostly Ian, he's funny and will really take care of you. If you talk to a banker thats on 111 Kilbourne Milwaukee, make sure it's not connis, she'll make you feel stupid and unimportant as a client. A real chip off the old block, that one. You know the saying, there's always that one village idiot? Shes got that one.

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  • C
    Reviewed By clarkb420 Jul 11, 2016

    Take Your Business Elsewhere....Fast

    Deranged family member walks into bank and cashes a Certificate Deposit that belongs to her elderly mother, telling them her mother has passed away.

    No questions asked, they give her the money.

    Our mother has not passed away.

    Move your money out of this bank as fast as possible, unless you want Bozo the Clown walking in and cashing your CD's for you.

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  • A
    Reviewed By ambram2595 Jun 26, 2016

    terrible customer service and fees!

    I am financing my car with BMO harris bank and I have had nothing but negativity happen from going with this bank.
    first of all to pay for your auto loan online they will charge you a ten dollar fee, YES A TEN DOLLAR FEE! and if you don't pay online and you decide to pay over the phone, they will charge you a fifteen dollar fee which is ridiculous. I don't write checks or pay using checks but if you don't have a checking account with them or if you don't write checks, they will put on a fee to your bill for just paying for the loan!
    I even tried paying for my car loan online not too long ago and my payment was returned, I tried to pay for it again online and it wouldn't let me. well I'm not bothering with getting a checking account with BMO because theres not a bmo harris bank is my state, and I don't like writing checks, so what does that mean? I have to call the horrible customer service line in order to pay my bill and also be charged 15 dollars just for paying it over the phone. I wouldn't recommend this bank with anything!

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  • S
    Reviewed By SallySunshine Jun 24, 2016

    Wissh I could give less than 1 star

    Went to BMO in May to apply for a HELOC loan, while filling out paperwork, "personal "banker went on and on about how if I were to refinance I could save $$$ over the life of the loan, lower rate etc. Wanted $5000 to pay off some credit cards, not a large sum of money, only needed $3000 but $5000 is minimum they would lend, was told my interest rate would be 3.47%-5.47%, and if I opened a BMO checking account there would be a 1% drop in interest rate with direct payment
    Days after filling out the paperwork, get letters in the mail, offering 20,000 at a rate of 5.24%. This is before the appraisal was done. Was told the appraisal would be a drive by, imagine my surprise when I got a call from an appraiser to schedule an appointment to come out and see the home. Zillow valued my home at 250,000 +, Chase on line valued my home at 262,000-307,000, a real estate friend ran it through her software and gave me the same evaluation, BMO valued my home at 220,000. I went back and talked to the banker and gave her a dozen reasons why this was wrong, they consider my house a 2 bedroom because 2 of the 4 bedrooms are on a lower level, they insist it is a basement, but yet all rooms have windows and you don't go up to get out. The appraiser they sent out scared me, she bordered on psychotic, didn't want to go outside and see the full property because she had contracted Lyme's disease in the past, so why is she doing what she's doing- go sit in an office! The loan manager will not do another appraisal, can't see that what I am telling him is correct by looking at the plethora of pictures that crazy took. All of this has taken 8 weeks. Final offer was $5700 for 5.9%, I could do better transferring balances to a credit card, why would I do business with this place? As of this morning told them I will not be doing business with them for this loan, I am offended that they so severely under valued my home, one of their employees did the same thing a year ago, they did a drive by and valued her home at 10,000 more than mine and she has much less square footage and property, another neighbor had an appraisal done last year, different bank, the have a smaller lot, but roughly 300 sq. ft. more than me and they appraised out over 100,000 more than me. I did the checking account change in good faith, when I mention that to the personal banker and the branch manager both tell me so take it else where, no value to me as a customer either, looks like I will be moving my checking account again, left a bank that I had been with 15 years for BMO and BMO treats me badly from the get go- can't wait to see them fold

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