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Our footprint spans over 5 counties and 16 branches to serve you personally. As e approach 2 billion in assets, we will consider ourselves a community bank where personal service is our highest priority. Our customer satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Bank of Stockton Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity N/A $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) N/A $30
  • Stop Payment item N/A $27
  • Return Deposit N/A $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) N/A $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) N/A $10
  • Non-Bank ATM N/A $1.0

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By dawnofthenorth Dec 19, 2017


    Tangerine online banking has been more helpful, saved me more money, and have been a constant 10 in service.
    The Bank of Montreal nearly caused us to loose our house due to their inability to prevent hackers.
    TD. the other bank we tried, the teller kept sighing, and rolling her eyes because we had to bring in some coins to complete a bill payment.
    If you want to bank in Canada, Tangerine's the way to go. Don't have an orange key, feel free to use mine 51384947S1. When we opened our account, that is what we did, just grabbed a random number orange key from the internet. Opened our accounts. We have been surprisingly happy since then. We were so used to being disappointed by other banks, we thought there would be some "hidden" fault with Tangerine, but no, "They are better than we though!" IMAGINE ... a bank that is serviced by people trying to accommodate you, rather than a bank that employs complete ***holes.

    Thanks our review. We stand behind it. Kind regards,,, Peterson/Tomada Families, Vancouver BC

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    Reviewed By jimhammer1 Dec 12, 2015


    I opened an account with somewhat unusual ownership requirements. I found both the Customer Services Supervisor and the Branch Manager to be professional, knowledgable, and helpful.
    As a result I have opted to transfer all my banking to this branch in the near future.

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