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Reviewed By Kelly D. Jun 10, 2013

Always problems checking account online!

It's frustrating that nearly every time I want to check my bank account online, it's always down! The bank itself is okay, nothing special outside of most banks. The location is good, the people are nice and friendly. But their online banking is ridiculous since one can rarely use it because it's always freaking down.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By TIMTOM345 Dec 10, 2014

NOT VERY Confidential !!!!!

I have 2 Company accounts and 1 personal account with Bank of The Ozarks for the past couple of years since they took over First National Bank of Shelby NC. I thought everything was going good until some people started to tell me that they had been given information about my accounts by a mutual friend(?) at the Lincolnton, NC Branch. I have since been told that other peoples information has been leaked from the same person at this branch, even went as far as laughing about how much people had in there accounts. When I called the Corporate Headquarters about this problem they just pasted it off to a local person so they could talk to this employee about this. And now after numerous calls to see if this is being taken care of NO ONE WILL return my calls and this person is still working at that Branch. I AM MOVING MY ACCOUNTS !!!!!

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Latest Bank of the Ozarks Reviews

    Reviewed By David6FL Jul 10, 2017

    Terrible mobile app.

    The mobile app has never worked smoothly. Now it doesn't work at all and even locked up my phone to the point where I had to remove the battery to restart it.
    We have had some banking service problems with them ever since the took over our C! bank a year ago.
    I would give there mobile app a negative - - - - rating and their overall service level as less than mediocre at best.

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    Reviewed By Adamkendall Apr 23, 2017

    Worst bank on earth!

    Please for the love of god do NOT bank here! Nothing but bs all the time with them especially when i comes to trying to check your balance online, app or at the atm itself. Please do yourself a favor an walk away or youll find yourself here pissed off an writting a review that im sure they wont even see.

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    Reviewed By prjone Apr 17, 2017

    Bank is Horrible.. donot bank with them

    Bank of The Ozarks bought Carrollton Community Bank which had my loan on a car. My loan was 12 months old when it was purchased. They tried to charge me $65.00 more on my loan even though I had a signed contract with monthly payments already in force. I refinanced my loan and got a 10 day pay off. The credit union paid the entire and sent the check to The Bank of the Ozarks, they (Bank of the Ozarks) sent me a letter stating that I had paid too much and sent a refund check for $432,00 back to me. One month later I get a statement and letter saying I was a month late with a payment. I was furious to say the least. I contacted the bank immediately with letter in hand from them saying I had over paid, copy of the check which paid my loan off and copy of the email providing the 10 day pay off and copy of the check sent to me (from Bank of the Ozarks. I called and talked to either the President of the Bank or VP of the Bank, I don't know. They put a 30 day late payment on my Credit Report and I requested that they remove it. Did they? NO they DIDN'T. I disputed the late payment and provided documents to support my claim. They even reported that I had opened a new account with them PLEASE be careful doing business with this Bank, they may sound professional but their customer service is LOUSY, the WORST you will ever have to encounter.

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    Reviewed By Hulk Mar 6, 2017

    Find Another Bank

    My previous bank Community & Southern was taken over by Bank of Ozarks. My account was a free checking account with Community and Southern given that I used paperless statements. When taken over by Bank of the Ozarks, they began charging me $6.50 per month. I was neglectful (since I never used my account) and let it roll unchecked for 5 months (my fault). They however, when they took over, never sent me a paper statement letting me know that they were now assessing a charge to my account. I recently received a paper statement citing that my account was inactive for months. By the time I finally signed up online to see my account, they had been billing me for 5 months. Again, I accept some of the responsibility. However not moving me back to paper statements when they took over and began billing my account, was quite dubious. When I went to cancel account, very slow and poor service and they never inquired as to why I was canceling. I will not be doing business with this bank in the future.

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    Reviewed By medic5808 Jan 29, 2017

    Bank trying to squeeze extra mortgage payment out of me

    I have my contract and every receipt, for every payment, made on my mortgage. I have never missed or skipped a payment or even made a late payment. As a matter of fact, I have always stayed one payment ahead. I have been trying to pay off my mortgage for two weeks.However, Bank of the Ozarks will not accept my last payment because they show that I owe more than stated in my contract. They keep telling me that they will get back with me. I have offered to bring in all of the receipts, but was told it wasn't' necessary. I am very frustrated by all of this, since I have proof that I do not owe the amount that I am being told I must pay. I will be switching banks as soon as possible.

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    Reviewed By takenadvantageof Oct 27, 2015

    Angry Customer

    I own a business that receives most all its deposits by electronic funds transfer. I will receive a memo from XYZ company that they are paying a bill to us by EFT's dated Monday (as an example). When I check my on-line balance on Monday, there is no credit for the EFT; when I check balance on Tuesday, there is still no credit for the EFT. Maybe by Thursday the EFT will show up, but only after the bank who says "I have a friend there" in their motto, has returned some of my checks and charged a $35 returned check fee and an additional $35 insufficient fee charge for the same check. This happens on a routine basis and I've filed a complaint with the FDIC about them. On several occasions, the tellers have lost a deposit I've made at the drive-through window and only after 5 or 6 phone calls did the mysterious deposit re-appear in my account. This is bank fraud! I would have changed banks a lot sooner, but it is such a hassle to contact everyone who owes me an EFT and change the information.

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    Reviewed By Sammy23 Aug 25, 2015

    Terrible bank

    Don't let them lure you in with no account fees. This place is a joke. If you need assistance and contact the 1800# (only open til 6pm), you are advised to contact the local branch, which in my area, is ran by very callous people. As to what the 1800# is for, I do not know. I tried to make a transaction through Paypal that was immediately cancelled so I tried again and it went through. When I checked my account, both transactions were pending but by that time, I had missed the bank and was unable to deposit enough funds to cover both transactions. Thus, I received a NSF fee and the replicate withdrawal was returned. Called the bank to see if the nsf fee could be waived since it was an error, response: NOPE, sorry take it up with Paypal. Ok, my mistake, I'll eat the $35 fee. Fast forward a week later, Paypal tries to run the same transaction AGAIN (third time) and I immediately call the bank but as expected the response was on par with "TOO BAD, take it up with Paypal." So I received another NSF fee. Just an FYI, cash and smalls checks deposited through the ATM after hours WILL NOT go in the same day like at MANY other banks and credit unions. I take responsibility in the fact that I should have checked my account to make sure PP didn't pull the same amount twice but the bank representatives could obviously see both of the returned payments were replicates and were unsympathetic to the fact that I just had to throw $70 in the trash can. I'm closing the account this week and do not recommend ANYONE to open one with this bank. Even Compass is better. The branch manager (who is the only one that can authorize a NSF reversal) had never heard of Paypal and insisted they refund the fees. What century do these people live in? I should have heeded my gut feeling that it was a bad bank when I opened the account and the girl was unsure if my State ID was an acceptable form of identification.

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    Reviewed By Lemonade Jun 20, 2015

    So-so Bank

    Opening the account was great. The women at the branch where we used to live are fantastic. I haven't been to the branch where I currently live since I typically do all of my banking online.

    That being said, my husband and I have a personal and a business checking account with Bank of the Ozarks. At this point, we are seriously considering going to another bank. First, the mobile deposit is non-existent. It looks like they had it on the app at some point, however, it is no long on there. I personally have never got to use it. Secondly, with my business, I make purchases anywhere between $200-$700 or so quite frequently. I was making a purchase of $400 for some desks and my account was flagged for fraud. This is the third time in less than a week this has happened. We spoke with a rep the first time, then the second time I was able to verify the charges through an automated system. This time, I didn't get a phone call about it, so I called them. I was told that shecould have made sure I didn't get my account flagged for 2 weeks, but she was only taking it off for the weekend. So, apparently, whenever I want to go purchase items for my business I have to call the bank and see if that is ok. I want a bank, not a mom and dad to babysit my transactions. Also, only releasing the hold for a weekend is ridiculous when moments before she told me she could do it for up to two weeks. I told her that with my business we sometimes travel out of state, unplanned. Since this bank is only open until noon on Saturdays and closed on Sundays, I guess that means that I can't make purchases on a whim if I do decide to go somewhere when they are closed. What is more frustrating is they type of account we have gives us 1% cash back when we make a purchase as a credit card. However, that is what is causing the fraud flags on my account. Way to set your system and customers up to fail, Bank of the Ozarks. It is essentially a Catch 22 every time I make a purchase.

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    Reviewed By jrupe May 22, 2015


    Processed a payment to my cell phone provider on April 23. Funds left my account April 26. Another $7 charge came through . Instead of accessing overdraft or return for $7 they took back my cell phone payment of 350.00 and charged a $36 fee. Then charged for $7 payment. The return came back 7 days later.So I drained my account to cover cell phone bill. Then I was charged a fee for EVERY penny afterwards that came through. Fees added up to $374. Called to shut down account before I was robbed even more.They shut my account down and charged off. My paycheck came DD two days later. They reversed my requested charge off then took my ENTIRE paycheck.Then closed my account again.I can prove all transactions where shady at the least and I am taking legal action against this so called hometown bank. They told me they have the right to take any money that's written to me in any fashion they please. All money owed was 100% fees. They talked to me like dirt and accused me of robbing them even tho They where paid in full after my check was stolen. Now because they help people so much I will be in the poorhouse in about 3 days. Thanks for your help

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    Reviewed By Bummer Apr 23, 2015

    Not a good bank

    Service has steadily declined since the merger. People I had done business with for years were tossed out no good reason. They are bringing in 20 year olds to replace people who had been loyal and with the former bank for years. The sad thing is these young folks aren't at fault but they are too young to realize they have no where for advancement. The biggest loss is to our community who lost a financial instution that truly served the community and did what was best for the community. Bank of the Ozarks takes pride in saying they are the number 1 bank in the nation. But obviously they aren't to their customers. I'm done. Moved on to another bank. I had to give 1 star. If possible I would have left it blank.

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