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Bank of the West is a full-service bank with hundreds of branches through the West and Southwest. It offers offers deposit accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance, investment products, trust services, and financial planning to consumers and commercial clients.

Bank of the West Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity $0 $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $35 $30
  • Stop Payment item $35 $27
  • Return Deposit $12 $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $20 $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $13 $10
  • Non-Bank ATM $2.5 $1.0

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By johnduggar Nov 7, 2017

    Electronic transfer.

    I purchased a travel trailer and ended up with a podunk bank to make the payments. I left the state I reside in, on a job, which is why I bought the trailer. I had my bank send a transfer for the first payment, before the stupid little book came in the mail. The transfer went to the main bank., now they can't find it. I sent them a copy of the transfer, that was not enough, I sent them a banking tracking which had the transfer # and the tracking #, the destination, account # and all information. Guess what they still can't find it. They want an account statement showing the money was deducted from my account, which they are not going to get because my REAL BANK will not issue because of privacy laws. I wish there was a zero rating. The people I talk to are nice, just stupid.

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    Reviewed By rocket Sep 24, 2017

    deplorable bank of the west

    I looked up Bank of the West recently for reviews, I found that 92% of responders (Consumer Affairs) give B of the W 1 star. If only zero were possible

    The manager of this branch (Los Altos, CA) fits right in to that picture. She is a dark angry deeply disturbed person.

    I was under pressure with one brother who 2 weeks before commited suicide. Another younger brother just recieved a diagnosis of an aggressive always lethal brain cancer. I dropped in to open a second account (been there 30 yrs). This woman thought she should force feed me a lecture about grieving for loved ones. Force feed. Not smart. I requested that we just attend to the banking. Wow was she angry. She fabricated some story about nefarious dealings on my part and entered them into B of the W records about me. I protested, B of the W never returned my call as promised 3 times. Managers have the power to cancel accounts, she did that adding to the stress and work already on my plate at a time of heartbreak and massive stress of one recently dead and another dying brother I was caring for.

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    Reviewed By Coast2coast Jun 25, 2017

    Welcome Home

    Being new to the area, it's been stressful trying to get all of my affairs in order - and dealing with banking situations is never the first thing I want to jump into. Nonetheless I was beyond pleased when I walked into the bank and was met with welcoming faces of tellers and manager alike. Furthermore, it was nice that the manager took the time to speak with me and get to know me before even having to walk up to the teller line. He came across as both technically knowledgeable and humbled. After I explained what I was looking for, we walked into his office and got everything set up quickly! I'm one large step closer to calling the area home!

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