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Reviewed By mnock May 14, 2016

Wonderful Branch Manager

I have been banking with Capital One at the Braeswood branch since it first opened, and I wanted to write this review because Michael Dawson is the best Branch Manager the bank has ever had. He is very professional, efficient, and personable. I am very sorry that this branch is closing. I really hope that Michael becomes the new manager at the location at Bissonnet at Chimney Rock. I know he would help us all make the transition easier.

Beth Nock

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By AJ N. Sep 19, 2013


Crapitol None Is The Worst Bank in The World Do Not repeat do not Bank with them. They suck!

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Latest Capital One Reviews

  • T
    Reviewed By tmiddleton Oct 1, 2016

    Capital One Credit Card - Paying Under Minimum Results in Past Due Status and Locked Account

    I have a Capital One Credit Card with a $10,000 credit limit and have had the card for at least 15 years. I have never had a problem previously with payments, I do not use this card all the time but had some additional expenses related to a new house, tile work, that I charged to this card. I made a payment of $2500 in August, and then in September I made a payment of $100, but didn't realize this was less than the minimum payment of $161. They charged me a $25 late fee, set my status to past due, and locked my account so I couldn't use the card. The next payment was due Oct. 19. After one chat session the did credit the $25 back to me. But my account was still locked and Amazon declined a purchase. After another lengthy chat session, with a customer service agent, and then a supervisor, I was told they could not help me. I had asked to have the account reinstated. I also asked for the name and contact info for the VP Customer Service, and they told me they did not have that information. I printed the whole chat dialog, and plan to do my own research to find the information. They basically said they could not help me saying they didn't have the ability to reinstate my account. I don't believe them. The under minimum payment rule is just another way banks hurt and cheat consumers. Even though I had never missed a payment, and had just made a large payment previously, and still made a payment the next month, they locked my account. Of course they did not notify me, and the only way I found out is when a payment was declined. I plan to close this account and never do business with Capital One again. They really do not care about customers! I would not recommend anyone getting a credit card from Capital One.

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    Reviewed By gkgkgk Sep 4, 2016

    Capital One

    Wow! Worse bank service ever! I have a credit card through them and they received our bill back and someone wrote on the envelope "return to sender address unknown." So, they never sent our credit card statement again. (hardly ever used account). Not aware I owed. I was on my credit karma account and noticed my rating went from 840 to 720 and researched and found that I had a past due bill. Never paid a bill late in my life. I called and customer service said it was my fault and I should know. UMmmm my wife pays the bills and didn't know I charged. They never sent another bill because someone in the UNITED STATES received our bill and instead of saying wrong delivery address they wrote return to sender address unknown. So now it's my fault and CAPITAL ONE didn't understand THE SITUATION. NO COMPASSION. I am going back to hometown banking. DO NOT USE A BANK THAT DOESN'T GET IT.

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    Reviewed By WestMD_not_DR Aug 7, 2016

    Closing all nearby branches

    They had been providing fewer and fewer services since they bought out Chevy Chase (the original bank my accounts were with). We had been told that "all of the services will stay the same, the only thing changing is the name". This did not prove to be true. Free checks for 50+ accounts disappeared, coin changers, Saturday hours....

    And now-instead of being my local bank, the closest two branches have closed, and the nearest branch is almost 30 miles away.

    I will be changing banks. I am reluctant to do this as I had a difficult time when I had to transition to the new chip card (which I was told I 'requested'). It was not a pleasant experience. As they had some interest in maintaining a good customer relationship, it wasn't completely miserable. I do not imagine that once I am leaving they will be interested in making the transition pleasant.

    I am curious as to how the grading system for this site works. I see that Capital One has a B+ rating, but they also have a two stars out of five rating. I did not see many positive reviews so it seems as if there might be some grade inflation involved.

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    Reviewed By kruemcke Aug 6, 2016

    Best bank ever

    I have nothing but good things to say about my Capital One Bank in Georgetown. They are friendly, greet me by name, and are very helpful in any transactions that I do.
    I am upset, that Capital One is closing branches and doing away with the human experience. This experience is what distinguishes Capital One from other branches. If they close all their branches, there will be no reason to use them.

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    Reviewed By rogerpp Aug 3, 2016

    Major fail

    I was traveling in Europe when I lost my only bank card - a card from Capital One. I called Capital One and spent two of the most frustrating hours of my life, being put on hold, numerous transfers, and dropped calls. Finally I was told by a Patricia my card would be overnighted the next day. She would call me the next day with the tracking number. The call never came. The card was mailed out two weeks later- after I'd come back home. When i really needed Capital One they weren't there.

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    Reviewed By Abigail Aug 1, 2016


    The worst bank ever donot deal with them. Scammers period. No where to get hold of any one even on corporate level. Take your business somewhere else , other wise you will lose your hard earning with Capital one MOB

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    Reviewed By Beeware Jul 20, 2016

    Be very carefull before you do any business with them!!

    I had them as my mortgagee and business checking accounts for many years. I had never paid them late nor was my property under performing. I did have a few negatives on my credit report at that time. I called them to do a refinance of my property and was honest with them on why i wanted to do this. It was to clean up some debt that I had incurred due to a family members tragic accident that I suffered through for 2 years. I was completely honest with them and they sent my account to special assets and I was harassed for financials like I would have never imagined. I spent many years with them and sent them so much business but felt so betrayed at the time I needed them. I would never ever recommend using this bank. They have ZERO care for any customer no matter how long you have been with them. They put me through hell and back for a few months it was probably illegal but Im just a nice person and don't sue anyone. I would retire at my young age before I ever do any business whatsoever with them. I still have fear when I see their branches. Find a small local bank that cares

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    Reviewed By pshults Jul 19, 2016

    Terrible customer service

    We opened an online Spark Business Checking account with a deposit of $2,000 and simultaneously applied for Spark Business credit cards. I was using the mobile app to monitor our checking account, and it showed that the full amount was available to us after 3 business days. I wrote one check for just over $200 5 days after that. Nearly a month later, after making another $7,500 in deposits, I accidentally discovered that Cap One had frozen our account six days after we opened it, and our first check had bounced. When I called customer service, they informed me that they had sent an email 30 days ago notifying me that my account was "restricted." It so happened that I had received a phone call from Cap One fraud department that same day regarding our Spark credit cards and I satisfied the agent; I assumed the two events were related, and the issue was handled. Wrong. Totally unrelated to the checking account. Meanwhile, no notice of the "restricted" status of our checking account ever appeared on the mobile app. No more Capital One emails, never a phone call, Capital One just sat on our frozen $9,500. Meanwhile, I suffered the embarrassment of bouncing our first check, along with incurring a returned check fee from the third party. After three phone calls and an email with Capital One, the only customer service gesture they offered was waiving their own insufficient funds fee and and magnanimously informing me that my funds are now available. Gee, thanks! I'm moving our account to a neighborhood bricks and mortar bank as fast as I can. Bottom line, 1) you can't trust the mobile app; 2) forget all their marketing hype -- Capital One is much more concerned about preventing fraud than in delivering good customer service.

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    Reviewed By Amaster Jul 15, 2016

    Capital one racism

    The branch in Glendale, N.Y. has this teller who kept me waiting several minutes while she ranted against Hispanics (myself, included, I guess), with a customer she was very chummy with. Then when she concluded her hysterics she pronounced loudly who she was going to vote for and that she was not a racist. I don't know who she was trying to convince, me or her conscience. Finally, a nice manager came to assist me because she saw how long I was waiting for access to MY money. I guess she has only seen educated Hispanics on National Geographic. Horrible experience.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mspam57 Jun 28, 2016

    awful experience today

    I just had the worst experience at the Stafford Bank, After showing three ID"s the teller refused to cash my check because she could not reach my brother who does have an account with you all to VERIFY that he indeed write the check. When I arrived back home, I reached out to my brother who did call your branch and he did VERIFY that he wrote the check. I asked if you all VERIFY by phone all checks everyone she said yes which is BULLSHIT.. my brother told me he has written larger checks and has NEVER had to VERIFY one... then to make matters worse the Bank manager would not make eye contact with me nor did she apologize for my having to make two trips to that stinkin bank...NEVER AGAIN.. and I will be putting this rotten racist ass bank on Blast for everyone to see

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