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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By mnock May 14, 2016

Wonderful Branch Manager

I have been banking with Capital One at the Braeswood branch since it first opened, and I wanted to write this review because Michael Dawson is the best Branch Manager the bank has ever had. He is very professional, efficient, and personable. I am very sorry that this branch is closing. I really hope that Michael becomes the new manager at the location at Bissonnet at Chimney Rock. I know he would help us all make the transition easier.

Beth Nock

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Amaster Jul 15, 2016

Capital one racism

The branch in Glendale, N.Y. has this teller who kept me waiting several minutes while she ranted against Hispanics (myself, included, I guess), with a customer she was very chummy with. Then when she concluded her hysterics she pronounced loudly who she was going to vote for and that she was not a racist. I don't know who she was trying to convince, me or her conscience. Finally, a nice manager came to assist me because she saw how long I was waiting for access to MY money. I guess she has only seen educated Hispanics on National Geographic. Horrible experience.

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Latest Capital One Reviews

    Reviewed By carolynshaver15 Jun 16, 2017

    New to Capital One Bank

    If I could give zero stars, that would be my option. I recently moved to Baton Rouge, LA. I did some research on banks before deciding to switch to a local bank. Well, I should have done more research.

    I went to open a new account and deposited over 1100.00 in the account to open it, with moving to Baton Rouge, that 1100.00 was to pay my rent. I get paid two weeks later and have a paper check that needs to be deposited into the account. So I drive to the bank to deposit the check and try to get money back to make a payment. Well, the teller tells me that I couldn't get any money back unless I have that amount available in the account. Then ask me is that OK? Well, what am I supposed to do, you just told me I couldn't get any money. I say fine and she sends out my deposit slip. Here is where the unbelievable what the hell is going on moment happens. Not only did they put a hold on the ENTIRE CHECK, they broke it up into 3 different release dates.

    Mind you, I'm new to town, by myself, no family...just me, just paid 1100.00 in rent, and doing everything I can to make it to payday so that I could have money to put gas in my car. The realization set in that I won't have any money until it's released. So, I'm pretty stressed out at this point. I call customer service and get a lady who had no desire to help me at all. I explained to her that I have bills that need to be paid, I need gas for my car and what am I supposed to do. Her response... well, the account is less than 30 days old and we have the right to hold your funds until they are released. I asked her why it wasn't explained to people up front, that they will hold your check. Now, I've seen places hold the partial check and still leave you enough money to function on, but never the whole check!!! Again, what am I supposed to do? I ask her to let me speak to a manager and she says, they won't be able to do anything for you. So, I hang up on her and at this point I'm hysterical!!!

    So, after I calm down, I call back and demand to speak to a manager the guy that answered the phone, said he could get me a manager, but first if I could explain to him what was going on, maybe he could help. So, again I explained my situation and in the conversation he states he can release 200.00 of my funds. Well, why didn't the other person offer that. That would have at least helped to get me through till the rest of the funds were released. He then said he would get a manager on the phone. In the end they did at least release part of my funds to me. At least I can make it a little while longer.

    The point is, they should make people aware of the fact UP FRONT that their funds will be held, that they will be broken up into 3 different increments and that you should be prepared for that.

    I am done with Capital One Bank at this point and will be closing my account!!!

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    Reviewed By Karl9 Jun 7, 2017

    Capital One goes insane and very irrational

    We have spoken to fake Philippian named customer service representatives; Tracy, Steven, George, Jessie and lastly manager Gabrielle whom Capital 1 completely omits to train at all. We have spent 6 hours of our precious valuable time equals to $2400.
    They froze our account due to a doubt of a fraud that is completely a hallucination since everything indicates a normal transaction. To re-activate it they asked copy of our driving license, SSN card and a bank statement indicating our current address. They are sent immediately.
    The address on driving license and bank statement are exactly matching.
    People have right to move, and we, being a fellow citizen have used our free choice to move from California to Arizona.
    They have been asking a current California utility bill matching the address on their system. How a popular company can go that insane not to accept the reality of move and deny the rational reality we dont have anymore any current proof of California address since we moved to Arizona.

    Plus they dont let us use their online site to make our payments; therefore legally we will not be able to pay our depth to them anymore.

    We want back our work force loss equals to $2400 and their immediate action to reactivate our account.

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    Reviewed By redpatchen Jun 5, 2017


    I always hate calling capital one. We have a credit card under my husband only ( I am not on the account) I fully understand hippa and understand that I need verbal auth from my husband to get account info- that said even then its like pulling teeth. Both my husband and I work jobs that don't allow much time to take personal calls so getting both of us on a line is tricky enough. So today I needed a letter faxed that was time sensitive (buying a house) showing our credit limit and amount owed. Sounds east enough . The rep who sounded like he was reading straight from a script said it would be 15 min. 15 min goes by still no letter. So I call back, my husband is now unavailable, I ask if my letter has been sent or if I can verify the fax (I don't need any personal info) they wont tell me anything with out him. So I call back with him he gives auth a second time, he disconnects and we go on with our conversation, the rep then puts me on hold. I get disconnected. So a I again have to try and get my husband on the line. He isn't available. It is now the end of the day and my lender has left to go home. So I get the joy of trying to get a simple letter faxed again tomorrow.

    really this company's idea of customer service is a joke and once we pay the rest of the card off- we will switch and never come back--- WHAT A JOKE

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    Reviewed By bhagiavx Jun 5, 2017

    Credit Card Scam by Capital one

    Capital One is the one of the worst banks. Their credit card offers are just SCAMs.
    They sent me several flyers to get SPARK card and offered me if I spend $5,000, they will credit my account with $500. I got the card and charged $3,000 in the first 10 days, Capital One closed my account without any reason. I contacted them and asked them reason for closing my account: they said it is at discretion to close any account. I asked them to give me $500 that they promised since I did not get opportunity to complete $5,000 in charges, but they flatly refused.
    I would not even recommend my enemy to have an account with Capital One.

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    Reviewed By SHIRMAK9 Apr 7, 2017




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    Reviewed By mp3downloader Mar 20, 2017

    The Most Incompitent Banks Around

    Capital One is the most incompetent banks around. Their technical support is run by a bunch of morons! Every single day the online website goes down. Ever single day they keep changing the login pages. Nothing but a bunch of idiots at this bank. For the 3rd day in a row, cannot log into my corporate bank account because their POS website is down. Talk about security, its laughable. They force you to place both email and cell phone numbers on your account in which your legally dont have to. But every single time you they annoy the crap out of you so you do it anyway to get rid of the pesting popup. Log into the site, it asked you repeatedly this BS message saying "oh for your security and safety" we detected a different login. Mind you I've been logging into this account from the same computer, same connection for nearly 8 years. You select the option to send the code via email, it never comes. Want to call them on the phone, you wait 45 minutes plus to get some idiot to annoy you with 2 year old support questions, when they know their crappy site is down. Closing all my accounts with these idiots tomorrow enough is enough!

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    Reviewed By manman Jan 26, 2017

    Excellent Teller There

    I usually come in about once every 2 weeks to do some banking when I get paid. I haven't mastered the entire online banking thing, so I basically just come in, withdraw cash, and then take that cash to other accounts. Anyways, there is a teller there named Giselle. I don't always work with her, but she is always smiling, always has a positive attitude and something nice to say. She seems like someone that actually enjoys there job, and projects it. Not something you see every day, just thought I would write a nice review since she is always so nice :)

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    Reviewed By Zosimus Jan 11, 2017


    I opened an account with Capital One. Upon receiving my checking account number, I arranged a direct deposit via PayPal. When I checked a few days later to determine whether the amount had been credited, I was informed that my account had been closed. No reason was given. The direct deposited money doesn't show up in the system. So now they are going to investigate the matter. It may take 5 days to investigate and another 7 days to return the money. No one should do business with Capital One ever.

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    Reviewed By yaya Nov 27, 2016

    Abuse of customer

    They will not answer your calls and will not call you back! Heartless banks!

    This mother works very hard to support her family!! She deposited $4,500.00 Cashiers Check into the ATM night deposit so that she could have money to move herself and her disabled son. The Cashiers Check (which is to be just like CASH) well the Cashiers check was REJECTED BY THE ATM NIGHT DEPOSIT the mother noticed the next day it was gone out of the account. The mother went immediately to the branch of CAPITAL ONE BANK where the Cashiers Check was deposited and asked for her cashiers check they expressed to her that they are unable to give her the check and they will mail the check to the address on the account. The mother explained that she was going to be moving from that address that same day and would no longer be at the address and begged and pleaded with the bank that the money was all the money in the world she had to support herself and her son. The bank just snickered well you better change your address on the account because you are NOT getting the check today (November 2, 2016). The mother and son called immediately to customer service and changed the address on the account. However, CAPITAL ONE BANK still overnighted the Cashiers Check in the amount of $4,500.00 to a vacant address the WORST part is they sent it Fed Ex overnight with NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Therefore, the ONLY MONEY IN THE WORLD THIS MOTHER and DISABLED SON HAVE has now been LEFT AT THE DOOR OF A VACANT APARTMENT COMPLEX. Yes, as you can imagine the package was stolen. Prosperity Bank is refusing to cancel the cashiers check and give her the $4,500.00! Absolutely shameful! They know she has no way of obtaining the cashiers check! They know how badly she needs her money! PROSPERITY BANK AND CAPITAL ONE BANK DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS OR THIS MOTHER!! The hard working mother that has never asked for anything was now in a new city and has taken a new job and has NO FOOD for herself or her son. The mother and son sit for days at the bank begging and pleading for someone to help and cancel the check and give her the money she so desperately needs. She has deadlines to pay her bills she needs food. She has never received welfare and is not about to ask for anything she only wants her money so she can take care of her family. They have bills that are automatically taken out of the Capital One account each month. Those have been sent back unpaid YET CAPITAL ONE BANK has charged the account $35.00 for each transaction so now the account is negative over $600.00 and her bills have not been paid!! She has deadlines to pay her insurance premium she has deadlines to pay her rent. She has not received a paycheck yet on her new job!! SHE REALLY NEEDS AMERICAS HELP TODAY!! CAPITAL ONE AND PROSPERITY BANK STILL HAVE HER MONEY AND WILL NOT GIVE IT TO HER it has been 27 days since she has had her money!! The BANKS ARE TELLING HER IT WILL BE 90 DAYS BEFORE SHE GETS IT BACK!! THANK GOD for her friend who went and purchased them groceries. HOWEVER, those are running out! The phones have been shut off ALL THE WHILE CAPITAL ONE AND PROSPERITY BANK ARE HOLDING HER MONEY HOSTAGE while the family is suffering!! NOT A GREAT THANKSGIVING FOR THIS FAMILY!!! THE AMAZING PEOPLE OF AMERICA LETS HELP THIS HARD WORKING MOM IMMEDIATELY!! A GO FUND ME ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SET UP FOR THE FAMILY!! GO SHOW YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR THIS HURTING MOTHER TODAY!! THE DISABLED SON DOESNT EVEN HAVE A BED TO SLEEP ON HES SLEEPING ON A COUCH THE MONEY IS SO URGENTLY NEEDED FOR THIS FAMILY!!

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    Reviewed By Progers Nov 17, 2016

    Capital one is the worst banking institute ever

    Their ATM's have stolen my money 3 times and i had to wait to to receive the credit. On one claim they reversed the credit months later and just took it from my account out of no where.
    No letter was ever sent and the credit rep isnt available and hasn't called me back. These people are thieves. They can just take your money when ever they want.
    Absurd- save yourself, do not bank with them.

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