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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By GettingEric Mar 15, 2014

I wish you could bank here and see for your self

I have lived in Philadelphia for almost 12 years . I am a customer of Citizens bank at Godfrey and 5th street Philadelphia 19120 since I relocated to Philly from New York. Since opening account to this day it has been a very good experience for me.Marcia the manager is very welcoming and polite, doing every thing with a smile. There has not been one day that I have seen her in an unpleasant mood. Knowledgeable and experienced she always assisted me with whatever my concerns were. "Overdraft" fees ,ordering checks ,paying bills with my account,she helped me every time .I recently got a referral to their mortgage affiliate RBS,from which I was successful in getting a mortgage for my new home. Everyone at that branch is nice, the security guard all the staff , Marcia . Debbie and Mr Hughes,not forgetting the tellers. I just wish that everyone could come to my branch ,to meet these wonderful friendly people. I know you will want to bank there like I did for years to come.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Barry K. Dec 29, 2012

Worst People On The Planet To Deal With For Home Equity Line - Beware

Beware - you are being warned!!! I have refinanced my home equity line many times so i have real experience to compare with citizens bank which took over my home equity line from charter one. First of all, they reported inaccurate information to the credit bureaus and messed up my more than 800 score. They refused to correct this. So, i decided to refinance and get rid of them. The new. Lender needed a payoff amount in order to close the new line of credit. They told me that they charge $25 to fax a one page payoff letter and get this, they needed 2-3 days in order to generate a fax. So, they suggested that they could mail it for free and it would arrive in 3-5 days. You guessed it. It did not arrive for nine days. In the meantime i was supposed to close and that forced me to order the $25 fax. I told them that i needed the fax that day because my closing was the next day. They said they would do what they could. The fax ended up taking 3 days and i was forced to delay the closing. That left me with a worthless payoff figure that cost me $25. Now for the best part. I called to get the $25 fee for the worth less fax removed. I ran it up to the manager level. And then they did what all extremely inconsiderate and unfeeling customer service reps do. --- no matter what i did to explain the complete failure on their part to provide any service, all they would do is repeat their policy about how someone has to pay for the expensive faxing system at the bank!!! What $400,000 a year executive vice president at their bank made that decision to use such an exorbitant and antiquated (3 days to send a fax) system when the rest of the world faxes for virtually free. I will never do business with this bank and neither should you. They are the equivalent of stick up men with guns. Beware - you have been warned

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Latest Citizens Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By rmxauto Jun 20, 2017

    Lousy. Nothing like what Charter One used to be.

    Not unlike some other reviewers here, I opened a small business checking account with Charter One a few years ago. Everything was ok for a while (though I did have to babysit them to get my new account incentive credit). Policies were clear, branch staff were helpful. Then came the name change and IPO. I had a hunch it would be trouble and it surely was. Since that time, Citizens has adopted what appears to be a policy of holding checks deposited against an account and delaying deposits going into an account until the balance is low enough to cause an overdraft. Other banks have faced legal action for this in the past, and as I understand it, it was specifically outlawed in the Dodd-Frank act a few years ago. You can check your balance after the end of the business day on one day and it will show as positive, then check it again the next day before the bank opens and be overdrafted. Sometimes they have retroactively processed a check against my balance two or three business days prior (not because of the weekend). I know, my fault, "keep enough money in your account to cover outstanding checks, etc". Of course that's good advice, and I must be the jerk for not earning enough money in my dirt-poor city to maintain a thousand dollar balance, but it doesn't help any when another party double-charges you for something, as happened to me, and when you talk to the branch manager, she tells you they will correct the problem and waive the fees and suggests adding overdraft protection to the account (for a fee, of course), when in fact you are no longer eligible for said overdraft protection because of "failure to properly manage the account" (according to Citizens) because you had... wait for it... a couple overdrafts! In fact, I had noticed the error less than 24 hours after it occurred and added cash to cover it the same day. No matter, still hit with 3-4 od fees, of which only 2 were reversed. I also incurred a returned check fee from another vendor in this process. The branch manager actually told me that I should not have added funds to cover this snafu, and they would have been able to reverse more fees that way, and then strung me along for about 4 business days on fee reversal, each day saying the reversal would happen the next day, all the while blaming a Monday holiday for throwing the schedule off. I have audio of all of these discussions recorded and countless screenshots showing this process, btw. It's clear to me today, as they have once again back-dated a check process by 3 days (a recurring monthly which normally processes on the 21st or 22nd, this time retroactively processing on the 17th but only showing up on the 20th), that my branch manager is either dishonest and/or incompetent and does not understand her own bank's policies, and the bank as a whole is more than willing to engage in underhanded and unethical, if not outright illegal practices to artificially boost their revenue from fees. I've already begun migrating to another bank, and will advise any other Citizen's Bank customer I meet to do the same. I strongly recommend any small business owner or regular citizen avoid this company like the plague. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Reviewed By mpf21780 Jun 14, 2017

    Online banking transactions are confusing

    I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for over 15 years. I was originally with Charter One and then they switched to Citizens Bank. I have never complained about this bank before and usually sing their praise, I've even had my son open an account with this bank. However, over the past few years I have paid more fees than ever to this bank and the most recent fees are the final straw. Per my online banking transactions on 6/9/17 I had a balance of $11.58. Per my online transactions $8.51 was credited to my account on 6/12/17, bringing my balance to $20.09. I then have 2 more transactions the debited my account by a total of $19.87, which according to my online transactions bring my account to $0.22.

    So, then why am I getting 2 overdraft fees of $35 each for those 2 debit transactions when YOUR online banking website states that I had the money to cover those 2 debits in my account???

    I called customer service and the first girl I spoke with mumbled, talked really low and seemed just as confused as I was and couldn't help me. I then spoke to another girl in customer service, who spoke clear and tried explaining to me that the $8.51 that I deposited wasn't available on 6/12/17. Then why is it showing that it was in my online transactions? She had no answer for me, aside from trying to explain the strange way you guys process everything.

    I'm a single mom and every penny counts. I have probably paid Citizens Bank hundreds of dollars in fees for overdrafts (which some were my fault) and I never complained about an overdraft fee on my account because I stopped a payment (which I paid a fee for) and you guys still processed the payment. But this is it for me. I've been with Citizens Bank for a long time and even though it's going to be a pain I do plan on closing my bank account and opening up another one with a credit union or another bank that doesn't charge these fees or will actually work with me when stuff like this happens and not just explain to me the way your banking works.

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    Reviewed By lacbnc18 Jun 2, 2017

    Poor Customer Service and they do nothing

    have talked to your customer service 2 times this week with no resolutions and being lied to. I hope your calls are recorded and you can listen to the conversation.

    This is a final attempt to get issues resolved.

    1st of all I do not feel that I should have the NSF fees, if you look at my account on line I was good, and then you charge these fees. This is unacceptable. Do not understand you posted the deposit , and your customer service person lied to me stating that that check for $120.00 was being returned. I want some resolutions

    2nd. I sent a ACH Revocation to a company on 5/30. They drafted on my account today for $177.25 and you will not do anything. This needs to be reversed and not at my cost.

    I can honestly see why there are so many complaints about Citizens banking. I would hope at the point someone there could do something. I really feel your customer service does not help you at all .

    I totally can see why your bank tracker is not very good. Please contact me, I have also sent an email to you. I would really like to have this resolved.

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    Reviewed By Sam_lilly May 17, 2017

    Auto loan

    Got an auto loan through citizens bank back in December. I felt like the apr was extremely high but willing to wait until I can switch to my usual bank and refinance. You have 10 DAY BEFORE PAYMENT IN CONSIDERED LATE. 3 days after my payment in which I already paid half of it two weeks early. This bank harasses me every hour of the day about the payment. When I assured that I will make the payment online when I am paid the women continued to ask how I was going to pay and the form of payment which I refuse to give any of that information out via telephone. Not to mention I could hear this women's television in the background playing as loud as can be. Therefore she is home asking me thousands of questions about my account that I will be paying with which card and what not. If I am paying online why does it matter to her at all what so ever I felt like it was very sketchy for her to continue pushing for my information?! THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL A PERSONS PHONE 10 TIMES IN ONE DAY 3 days after a payment was due. I'm dealing with a death of an immediate family member and have been dealing with arrangements and on the telephone consistently all day with multiple family members and not to mention a screaming one and a half year old daughter. I've never been late on A SINGLE PAYMENT BEING HARRASED IS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Company needs to tell these people how to be professional and how to at least turn off their tvs at home while their harassing their customers. CAN NOT WAIT TO LEAVE THIS BANK

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    Reviewed By Dslower Apr 11, 2017

    No paper deposit slips

    I don't understand why Citizens does not provide deposit slips for their customers. It is a royal pain. When I present a check to be cashed, I am now asked to clarify if I am depositing a check made out to me drawn on my account (duh) or if I am cashing it. REALLY?? Before paperless, it was quite apparent that if you are presenting a check written out to you without a deposit slip, you are obviously cashing it. IDIOTS!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By poniboi Mar 21, 2017

    Charter One was Amazing! Citizens Bank is a nightmare!

    I had absolutely no issues from the time I signed up with Charter One back in 2010. An overdraft fee here and there, sure, but that was obviously my fault. But that was about it. Ever since they switched to Citizens, I have had 4 different cards. First when they switched, cancelled old card before I had a chance to activate the new one. When they went to the chip and again, cancelled old card before I had a chance to activate the new one. The chip in that card was messed up and didn't work. Got another new card because I had to. Now, supposedly my card has a "potential compromise" and I was sent another card. Was told (as I was every other time) that my current card would remain active until I activated the new one...guess what happened? Not only do I look like a fool with no money (though I have plenty) when my card gets declined at the store, I have to constantly change all my auto debits each time this happens because the expiration dates and ssc number change. The service is no longer friendly either when I call either.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Mar 21, 2017

    We're unhappy to hear you've been having difficulties with our debit cards. We're going to help get this sorted out by having our escalation unit dig deeper into your account history and debit card status. Please send us an email to AskCitizensBank@Citizensbank.com with your full name as it appears on your account along with the best phone number to reach you.

    Reviewed By CONNILAWRENCE Feb 7, 2017


    do whatever necessary to expedite payment.
    Both Jay and Denise, talk and say nothing concrete. They have no real facts from the department that handles disbursements of funds. They are basically sweet talking me so that the bank can keep these funds as long as possible. My bank manager had my endorsed check and letter on Friday the 3rd, at 11 am and failed to get it in the fed x box in time to be picked up Friday night. It never got shipped until Monday the 6th, and received Tuesday the 7th. I assumed that I would have my funds deposited Tuesday when they received the check- I was told Monday evening by Jay Dempsey that he would arrange a conference call with the loan department, for Tuesday and my questions could be answered. No call, so I called, 3, 4 and 5 pm. Finally got a call from Denise, who now tells me it is so hard to arrange a conference call with everyone at one time because of meetings. I told her the conference call was their idea. I want my disbursements. At this point, the office of the chairman, supervisor knows nothing and can not tell me when Citizen's bank will disburse MY- let me repeat MY money from my insurance proceeds to rebuild my building where I make a living, so that I can pay the loan, and my other bills. They have stolen my money with no way for me to talk to anyone that has any control over the release of my funds. How can banks get away with this. Everyone knows this is our living, and that we can not work without our building. Citizen's bank managers, regional managers, and even Joe Di Rocco who runs the Ohio Citizen's banks have been contacted, and no one, can step in and help a customer who has had a loan for 17 years with them, and a checking account for over 20 years. This is how they treat their good customers, never late one day on a loan. My advise to anyone--don't get a loan with CITIZEN'S

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    Reviewed By Alonz1 Feb 4, 2017

    Do Make that mistake.

    This bank was at the the forefront of re-occurring bank fees especially with over drafts. They use a complex software algorithm to calculate how often you deposit a payroll amount, what you expenses are on your account and when to hit you with re-occurring fees and multiply those fees if your in a over-draft event. If you are on a weekly payroll then your specifically flagged by the software which triggers these complex programs. I work with software and I figured this out too late when I had this bank.

    Do business with you local credit union or small bank. Never do business with a bank that will steal your money given the chance.


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    Reviewed By TLeon5000 Jan 31, 2017

    Citizens Bank SUCKS

    If your thinking of joining Citizens Bank, do yourself a favor and STAY FAR AWAY, there customer service, sucks, and will not work with you, they will charge you outrageous fees. I'm DUMPING them in favor of another bank.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Feb 01, 2017

    This is certainly not what we like to hear. Let's work together to sort this out. Can you send us an email at AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com with more information?


    Replied on Feb 01, 2017

    You had your chance at working this out, when I first made contact with your customer service dept., it's just funny, after I had submitted a review of your bank, now you want to work with me. Almost every review of Citizens Bank, are a one star, you would think that you would have gotten it a long time ago, but all this bank cares about, is how they can continue to charge fees and not give a shit about their customers.

    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Feb 02, 2017

    We understand that your experience with our customer service department was unpleasant. However, we can assure you that we can work together to help get you connected to the right team member to work your fees out. Please email us at AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com with more information so we can assist you.

    Reviewed By twilrob Jan 26, 2017

    Worst Bank ever

    I have nothing bad times with this citizens bank, they are very shady about their overcharge fees and the customer service department is terrible and lacks knowledge. I have phoned them in the last few weeks about a claim and was told it would take 7-10 days to get an answer so I waited and heard nothing so I called them again and was told by another customer service person it takes 8-10 weeks. I was then told I was denied anyway, meanwhile they never contacted me or anything. I have overcharge fees because of this check and I feel the service was awful. I then asked the guy to put me through to the Office of The Chairman and he said he couldn't do that and he wouldn't give me the number either. I will be leaving this bank as soon as this problem gets rectified. I feel they have played with money enough.

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