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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By GettingEric Mar 15, 2014

I wish you could bank here and see for your self

I have lived in Philadelphia for almost 12 years . I am a customer of Citizens bank at Godfrey and 5th street Philadelphia 19120 since I relocated to Philly from New York. Since opening account to this day it has been a very good experience for me.Marcia the manager is very welcoming and polite, doing every thing with a smile. There has not been one day that I have seen her in an unpleasant mood. Knowledgeable and experienced she always assisted me with whatever my concerns were. "Overdraft" fees ,ordering checks ,paying bills with my account,she helped me every time .I recently got a referral to their mortgage affiliate RBS,from which I was successful in getting a mortgage for my new home. Everyone at that branch is nice, the security guard all the staff , Marcia . Debbie and Mr Hughes,not forgetting the tellers. I just wish that everyone could come to my branch ,to meet these wonderful friendly people. I know you will want to bank there like I did for years to come.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Barry K. Dec 29, 2012

Worst People On The Planet To Deal With For Home Equity Line - Beware

Beware - you are being warned!!! I have refinanced my home equity line many times so i have real experience to compare with citizens bank which took over my home equity line from charter one. First of all, they reported inaccurate information to the credit bureaus and messed up my more than 800 score. They refused to correct this. So, i decided to refinance and get rid of them. The new. Lender needed a payoff amount in order to close the new line of credit. They told me that they charge $25 to fax a one page payoff letter and get this, they needed 2-3 days in order to generate a fax. So, they suggested that they could mail it for free and it would arrive in 3-5 days. You guessed it. It did not arrive for nine days. In the meantime i was supposed to close and that forced me to order the $25 fax. I told them that i needed the fax that day because my closing was the next day. They said they would do what they could. The fax ended up taking 3 days and i was forced to delay the closing. That left me with a worthless payoff figure that cost me $25. Now for the best part. I called to get the $25 fee for the worth less fax removed. I ran it up to the manager level. And then they did what all extremely inconsiderate and unfeeling customer service reps do. --- no matter what i did to explain the complete failure on their part to provide any service, all they would do is repeat their policy about how someone has to pay for the expensive faxing system at the bank!!! What $400,000 a year executive vice president at their bank made that decision to use such an exorbitant and antiquated (3 days to send a fax) system when the rest of the world faxes for virtually free. I will never do business with this bank and neither should you. They are the equivalent of stick up men with guns. Beware - you have been warned

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Latest Citizens Bank Reviews

  • S
    Reviewed By serafina37 Sep 23, 2016

    Check Fraud Runs Rampant

    When my husband and I opened our account 10 years ago we had signed up for a green checking account which did not have checks but instead gave bonuses for using the online payment. That type of account was discontinued so we have just a regular checking account but never received any checks. We pay bills through their online banking service which will mail out checks to your biller but beware using that service. We had the bank mail out a $70 check to our daughters school which was addressed to the school, the memo said book fee but another business cashed it. The only reason I found out about it was when the school called that the book fee was missing. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the image up online to find it was signed for by a gardener. The response I got from Citizens Bank was oh well, we will refund you the money but will not look into why another business got my check or why Citizens allowed for someone else to cash it. Per the rep at Citizens the checks are not verified as to who cashes them because it is an automated process and for "$70 it's not a big deal for them". Fast forward a year later and the check for my daughters tuition is missing and their response is "no bank is perfect". Well they are correct no bank is perfect but I would prefer a bank that takes check fraud seriously.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Marisazou Sep 22, 2016

    Aweful experience!!!!!!

    If I could give zero stars I would!!! I am furious with citizens. What horrible communication and customer service I have received this week!!! We are getting a mortgage with them and I had planned to transfer my primary banking to citizens, but would never in a million years consider this now. I wish I gone with another mortgage company. They coud never tell me the closing date and I am bleeding money on storage costs and have not been able to get any answers on a possible closing date. I missed sending in a form to them and it feels that they are punishing me, by moving so slowly. I plan to share with friends and family that citizens bank did not come through for me and left me begging for information!!!! Find another bank!!

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    Reviewed By bricksandstone85 Sep 21, 2016

    I'm looking for a new bank!

    I have3 accounts with this bank for many years now. I am a small business (family owned and operated since 1966) a self employed contractor. I have started a job on a well established credit union that I have done business with before. I have never had a problem with their checks clearing. On Monday the 19th I did a mobile deposit with their check, it said it would be cleared on the 21st. We we ordered and wrote a check for the job materials. I went into my account to check the balance and found they never cleared the check (they didn't bother to notify me that they weren't releasing the funds),and it now won't clear until the 27th. They said they can't verify the funds for the credit union check. I asked can I have the credit union call you and verify it so you can release the funds. They say no even if the credit union calls and verifies the funds the hold will remain until the 27th. My account is now most likely going to be overdrawn now because they will let my checks go through even though I don't have enough funds to cover them. How much will I be charged in overdraft fees by the 27th? Also how am I going to pay my employees at the end of the week? I have just spent over a hour on the phone with my bank, most of the time on hold, transferred to 3 different people only to find out they are sorry and their is nothing they can do. I think this is ridiculous, this check is from a financial institution. They are not willing to even look into this matter. So much for being a long time customer. I never leave bad reviews but I had to for this.

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  • Z
    Reviewed By Zenith Sep 19, 2016


    First of all: how long does it take for money to post after it is direct deposited from someplace? I had money sent on a Friday, on Monday had a Peapod order posted to my account, naturally the bank didn't post my direct deposit yet and even though I have OD protection and the money was (finally) posted within a few hours, they returned the "pay by check", charged a fee, and I also was charged a fee from Peapod. $65 total over NOTHING, when the money SHOULD'VE been there. I honestly think they manipulate things to profit. 2nd question: how long do you have to deposit money before an overdraft incurs? 1 hour? 10? 24? because they DO NOT tell you, just "as soon as possible"

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  • C
    Reviewed By cityman02116 Sep 8, 2016

    Awful bank to deal with

    Like: They have a good rate on large sum accounts.
    Problems: Trying to get a Loan, specifically Home Equity is a horrible experience. I was trying to renew a 10 year HE Loan. Four months after filing the application, several calls and email to the Copley Boston Branch Manager not returned and numerous communication with the Office of the Chairman.....I rejected them. They offered me $100,000.00 less than originally offered. A $2M house with no mortgage and no other debt than the money I took out from my original HE loan (which I banked with them and would have been absorbed by the new HE Loan) What bothered me most was the lack of response from the Copley Branch Manager. Terrible. No excuse for not clicking response to an email. Forget Citizens....since it has changed ownership and if Copley is the model...it is not worth even considering.

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  • G
    Reviewed By gkgkgk Sep 4, 2016

    Home Equity Line of Credit, Checking & Credit Card

    We recently opened a HELOC loan, checking & credit card account. We don't have a local bank in our area and opened everything online. We closed on our HELOC, we received a checking account and opened a credit card account. Now the problem is trying to get someone to put all of the accounts together. When I log in, they only show the checking account. I was told it would be all together last week. As of today - NOTHING. Last week I called our contact for the loan and he helped as much as possible. (although I was not to happy when he said he didn't realize we had a checking account to lower interest rate on loan. We told him before we closed and not sure of the outcome because I can't look on line to access our accounts.) When I called the bank they said for us to go to our local branch and explain to them. Explained we did online. So basically I asked who can help and they said go online and within 36 to 48 hours after cash disbursement of loan and it should all be connected. NOPE it didn't happen. Where is customer service these day and how can I get help?

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  • C
    Reviewed By chasnabi Aug 30, 2016

    Uncaring, Unresponsive, Unprofessional

    I am a student with great ambition and small funds. On Thursday, August 26, 2016 I checked my Checking account with Citizens and had around $550. I then woke the next morning and checked my account to see someone had skimmed my debit information and spent $644.07 at the Nike Factory Store in Locust Grove, GA. Upon calling Citizens to speak about the issue I was informed that all they could do was send me a new card until the merchant released the funds from being on hold. A customer service rep tonight informed me that I could have had the bank speak with the merchant about releasing the funds or cancelling the transaction. This would have expedited the process, and instead I was left to wait thorugh the weekend until today, Tuesday, August 30, 2016. I filed a claim, and was told that I would have to wait ten business days until I was able to speak with someone from the claims department about crediting the stolen money to my account. Yet my account is advertised as having ZERO LIABILITY FOR UNAUTHORIZED PURCHASES. Well, every day that I do not have any funds in my account and am forced to borrow from friends and dip into my savings I am taking liability. I believe this bank has been completely misleading about their fraud protection programs and have not been able to get an effective timely response to this issue.

    They are criminal in their negligence and rude in their ridicule. Three times I've had to speak to a manager today and the third one was argumentative and completely dismissive. I would wonder how the employees of this bank sleep at night, but they're all such poor excuses for human scum that it's not worth sparing a thought on any of them.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Sep 01, 2016

    We certainly don't want you to have that impression, chasnabi. Fraud is something that we take extremely seriously. Could you please email your full and phone number to AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com? We'd like to have this matter escalated.

  • J
    Reviewed By Jazlee02 Aug 19, 2016

    Worst bank ever

    Ive been with citizens for years they can never help any type of Situation now u get. 35 for overdraft fees and 30 more after 3 days that is crazy everyone seems to be having same issues and im switching today

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Sep 01, 2016

    We hate to hear that, Jazlee02. Could you email your full name and phone number to AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com? We'd like to lend you a hand with this.

  • E
    Reviewed By em56794 Aug 19, 2016

    Very bad bank

    Im canceling my account with them. To much overdraft fees and now they have a new policy which you'll also get charged another service charge which is another $30 if you don't pay it in less than 3 days. It's funny because they don't care about there customers at all. Poor customer service. Got transfered like 4 times on the phone.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Sep 01, 2016

    We're really hoping we haven't lost you yet. Could you email your full name and phone to AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com? We'd like to help any way we can!

  • R
    Reviewed By Rjdean123 Aug 3, 2016

    Worst Bank to Deal With!!

    Citizens Bank over drafted my account three different times all in one day over the weekend, so I am now $150 over drafted and they said there is nothing they can do about it! I explained to them that I was unaware these charges were being added to my account since it was Saturday and bank records were not updating on my account, so I thought I had money to spend which I did not, Citizens can see that I was over drafted but I was unable to see these charges. I am beyond upset about this since I get paid every two weeks and now I will continue getting over draft charges until I pay them which won't be for another week since again, I get paid every other week! I want to leave this awful company that only cares about stealing money rather than caring for their bankers. I intend on letting everyone I know how awful Citizens Bank is to work with.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Aug 03, 2016

    Good Afternoon, Rjdean123. We're very sorry to hear about your frustration. We'd like to have our Office of the Chairman assist. Could you please email your full name and phone number to AskCitizensBank@citizensbank.com? We look forward to hearing from you.

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