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The Most Helpful Comerica Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By johnwatson Jul 12, 2016

Great company

The phone call was great and service excellent

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By jerry k. Apr 5, 2014

Very Poor

bank will make errors in night deposits and automatically withdraw the funds from your account. These are their errors: we double check our deposits by using two different personal to do the arithmetic. The management at the branch is inconsiderate, and I had the main branch correct banking documents which they incorrectly drew up. I have been with 'Comerica' when they were Manufactures Bank. This branch is full of nasty incompetent personnel.

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Latest Comerica Bank Reviews

  • J
    Reviewed By johnwatson Jul 12, 2016

    Great company

    The phone call was great and service excellent

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  • H
    Reviewed By HomeschoolK3 May 3, 2016

    Horrible Experience

    Very unhelpful workers, especially blonde lady at desk. She was irritable, rude and quick with me when I needed help and also never called me back after she said she would. It took 3 tries to get her back on phone, and when I did she was a complete B**** For friendlier, caring service, don't bank here. Also, don't bank here unless you like continuous fees. They took over $400 in a week out of my account with no explanation and acted irritated when I wanted a refund, which I NEVER received! Horrible experience!! After reading other reviews, I noticed others went through the same thing here.

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  • I
    Reviewed By INOC Apr 16, 2016

    I didn't accomplish anything

    In Three Decades of banking I've never had a bank official come out from their bank - wearing his employee badge on a lanyard around his neck -- and skulk around behind me while I am using the ATM machine. It bothered me so I cancelled my transaction.
    They're currently undergoing construction, so when I arrived on the "front" side, I had to ask a gigantic linebacker in a tiny golf cart with apparently nothing to do, if they were open for business. He made a kind of spasmic gesture of contempt and provided no answer.
    I found my way around the scaffolding to the . . back (I guess) and began to use the ATM and that's when the Bank worker started skulking behind me.
    I left. I called and cancelled my purchase, and walked around to go home. Two police officers and the bored Linebacker were around the front. I ignored them. When I encounter erratic or nazi-like behavior, I usually just leave. Thst's why I never returned to Comercia's Katella Honda Centrr location. They act crazy.

    And what bothers me a Great deal is, I pretty certain THAT corporate bank is the one Obama chose for the myRA savings program.

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  • S
    Reviewed By samuelkonja Nov 25, 2015

    ms evelynpritchett


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  • C
    Reviewed By Candy_Gilbert Nov 23, 2015

    Customer Services

    I work for a small business (as defined by the banking industry). We have had an account with Comerica for over 20 years. I rarely contact them for assistance. On 11/9/15 I contacted the 800 customer service line as I was informed that one of our vendors did not show payment for a check that had cleared our bank on 4/20/15. I looked on line and because it was so long ago could not bring up the copy of the cancelled check. I contacted the 800 # they told me to go to the banking center and they could print it for me. I went to the branch at Crooks Road and Big Beaver Road in Troy. The teller could not have been more rude!!! It was clear she did not want to be bothered helping a customer and told me to bring back my bank statement from April showing the check cleared. I am sorry but why should I have to do this, they can't look it up? So I went back to the office and called the 800 # again. They said they would order a copy but it would cost me to get the copy. They don't seem to mind using our money we have in their bank to make money for themselves but they are going to charge me to get a copy of a check they removed from my on-line bank! I called today to ask where the check was as I have not received it yet. They said it was sent on 11/12 and if I didn't have it I could re-request it again. I need the copy of the check now not in a week so I asked to speak with the manager in that department. I was told to go to the branch and speak with the manager there. I told them I have already been to the branch and I wanted to speak with a manager of the check copy department. I was told no manager would speak to me. So I ask you, who is the customer? If you are a small business I suggest you take your money elsewhere. I know there are banks out there that care about customer service and customer loyalty COMERICA IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Annoyed0001 Sep 17, 2015

    Worsest bank ever!

    They suck at everything!

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  • A
    Reviewed By AliceStars Aug 18, 2015

    Absolutely uncaring about customer issues

    6 months and still no help with issues on deposits. You get a nice "we looking into and have passed the information to quality assurance" , then nothing. Next month same thing again. Comerica really could care less.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dallasmt Jul 31, 2015

    Bank Robs Disabled Client

    I want to tell you what Comerica Bank did to totally Disabled Lindy Lampkin. Lindy's disability payment is processed through Comerica Bank and I left her card in the bank ATM so we went into the bank to get her card. The card was destroyed which is no problem but the bank suggested to Lindy she open the Comerica bank account to process her money which world be safer and easier. Now Lindy currently pays no fees and she was told there would still be no fees.
    So Lindy believed the bank and deposited her last $80.00 in cash. Well in three months time Comerica Bank had taken all her $80.00 for fees. Lindy had not used the card and the bank took all of her money after saying there would be no fees. Not only did Comerica lye and steal her money they added more fees and then after they took her money they added insufficient fund fees and late fees. Now that the bank robbed her of all her money she now owes then more than $100.00 in fees.
    I hope everyone removes their money today from this terrible bank, I am removing my IRA and encouraging everyone I know to remove their money. I am contacting all TV news people and will post on Facebook and hope everyone shares the story how Comerica Bank robbed a full disabled lady out of her money and now she owes them more or they will ruin her credit. They robbed her and now hold her credit hostage. This is wrong wrong wrong.

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  • B
    Reviewed By ballantrae Jun 22, 2015

    worst bank I have ever dealt in my 82 years on this planet

    the minions are very good considering the conditions that and policies of their top management which is terrible and predatory. my wife has recently, passed away and I do all accounts as been disabled and I can't get to them, PNC corp has hung up on me after being on hold for approx. 45 min. Branch couldn't help me due their Corporate policies This bank is antiquated and predatory to it's customer base lime kiln branch is not customer oriented due to her fear of corp mgt.

    david L Nighbert

    David l Nighbert

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jade Jun 21, 2015

    My experience here is always horrible, beware

    I always have had bad customer service at this Mockingbird Lane location, especially from the lady Manager there. If there was a negative star that's what I would rate it.

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