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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Barbski Nov 30, 2015

A great bank with great customer service!

I was recently on vacation and my bank card was hacked. Commerce Bank noticed suspicious activity and immediately froze the card. While this was an inconvenience, at least the thieves weren't able to spend all of my money. I really appreciate that the bank was on top of things.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Marie Oct 9, 2013

Terrible for small businesses! Their motto, "helping small businesses", is a joke!

Commerce Bank keeps adding fees to small businesses! Just lately, they have tricked small businesses into using "remote deposit" which is nice for small businesses but it is also very beneficial to commerce that it reduces teller time. But guess what? they want small businesses to Pay for it! What a rip! I will move my accounts elsewhere. to some other bank that really does care about small businesses. If you have a business, stay away from Commerce, such con artists!
On a side note, the people at the local bank are nice...they can't help it that corporate is greedy!

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Latest Commerce Bank Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By disgustedwithCB Oct 3, 2016

    Identity theft risk doing business with Commerce

    I received a letter in the mail requesting my signature along with a K-9 form with my birth date and social security number PREFILLED. After numerous calls to Commerce for an explanation, all I get is transferred around. The checking account was opened in 1984 and they stated they have no signature card on file.
    Apparently the savings counselor is one of the "senior" members of the staff at the branch that committed this careless act. I find it hard to believe that in today's world of fraud and identity theft, the bank does not have safeguards in place and TRAINING to ever let this happen.

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  • S
    Reviewed By sumanatteti Sep 29, 2016

    Please stay away from this , if possible .. No Online payment and rely on mail service

    They were ages behind and couldn't think of anyone doing a business with out having the ability of making payment online . Several small businesses with less than 10 employees has this feature now and they rely on mail service . Bad thing is that we can't even set the auto payment online and instead mail the papers , again that may be rejected because of not having personal name on the Company's check !! Every month , they add 4.95 for phone payment and it is like a joke , ripping customers money with out providing any options ! Couldn't understand on how they feel about the terrible customer experience and observed the reviews on how several consumers are irritated as a result of poor payment options .

    I would go for Zero Star if possible !!

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  • T
    Reviewed By thisisajoke Aug 22, 2016

    This is a joke, right?

    We have never had an account with this bank, and now I know why... We recently purchased a vehicle and the loan is through Commerce Bank, having purchased other cars over the years I expected that I could log in online to make a payment. NOPE! Not possible. Is it 1994 or 2016? This is a joke, right? What bank in 2016 can't you make an online payment with? Your grandpa's bank, aka Commerce Bank. If you have an account with them you can make it through the ATM. Why the hell would you do that? Or you may call the 800 number and be charged $5 to not even speak with a person and make it with a non-Commerce debit card. I really just can't even. We will be looking to refinance with a different bank IMMEDIATELY, and this is only the first payment. It is laughable how ridiculous this is. I pay literally everything online, we don't get paper statements for anything anymore and haven't for years. I don't want to mail checks or go into a branch bank or even call an 800 number. I want to log in, spend 30 seconds paying the bill like I do the 10 other bills and get my life together. I have nothing good to say about this experience at all, and I would never open an account with a bank that is so antiquated and old fashioned. We didn't pick who the loan went through, obviously, but if they tell you it will be Commerce Bank and you care about being able to do things 2016 style, then tell them to keep looking for another lender. My grandpa would probably enjoy banking here, or my 70 year old dad, he still likes to write a check and send snail mail, so this bank is definitely for the blue hairs of the world, anyone else should run away like they are on fire and find somewhere else with technology and a website that fits the needs of 2016, this is not it.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rachelnicole13 Apr 20, 2016

    unreasonable slow-ass mail service!

    Okay so normally I haven't had a problem with Commerce, but I had my debit card information stolen on April 2nd. So I called on Monday, April 4th telling them what happened and that I need a brand new card sent to me. Shouldn't be a big deal. They told me they would have it sent and that it should get to me within 7-10 business days which I thought was a little ridiculous to begin with but I was like okay whatever. The following Friday, April 15th I check my mailbox for like the ten thousandth time that week, still no debit card... I call them and they tell me that it wasn't even shipped until April 8th even though I called them on the 4th! what the hell?!?! And then they told me that it wouldn't get to me until the middle of the following week. It is now Wednesday, April 20th and I STILL don't have my card!! I don't understand why or how it could possibly be taking THIS LONG!!! I'm a college student and haven't had access to my bank account this whole month and I'm about to run out of cash with no way to get more. So pretty much the only money I have is in my account and I can't use it! Seriously, they couldn't have made sure this got to me at least a little bit sooner??? SO PISSED OFF!!!!

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    Reviewed By Fiddler1985 Mar 11, 2016

    Let a Check Clear, Then Put a Stop Payment On It

    My ex husband wrote me a check for our tax return and I cashed it at Commerce Bank. Commerce Bank let the check clear my account and a week later, I find out that they let my ex husband put a stop pay on the check AFTER I had spent the $2000 check on bills I owed, which put me into a large negative balance and I was charged several NSF charges. The bank wouldn't work with me on the charges saying it wasn't their fault. Under this type of circumstance, when I was obviously being screwed by someone I know, ALL banks are encouraged to work with their customers when this type of thing happens. I spoke with the supervisor at the Battlefield St location and she wouldn't remove the fees. I've been a good standing customer of theirs for 12 YEARS and this is how I get treated!! I'm switching banks as soon as I receive the debit card in the mail for my new account at a different bank. Commerce has changed since they got a new CEO. Disappointed.

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  • F
    Reviewed By fuzzybunny Mar 1, 2016

    Rude and liers!

    I had to switch to Commerce bank when we moved as my bank was not in the new area. When our oldest son got his first job and had yet not established an account we went to our Commerce bank to get his check cashed and explained he was going to open an account with his second check sense first check was small. Not one problem they totally understood and were wonderful about the whole situation. Fast track a couple years down the road our youngest was I the same situation and needed his check cashed again we went to the bank to cash it off our account and we had more then enough to cover it. This blonde teller said no we don't do this and was beyond rude looking down at me and I said yes you have she said we have NEVER done this so I feel I was called a liar and now because of this am going to close accounts and move to a different bank. I know rules change but just the rude way she was is beyond what I will put up with.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kleff Feb 17, 2016

    20 years of patronage out the window!

    I've been banking with Commerce for forever. My childhood savings, my 1st checking acct (which is still in service after 16+ years) and I have my small business checking here and another savings. All accts have been in good standing and can count on 1 hand the number of times checks bounced in 10 yrs, which were all refunded as it was the payees fault for double charging. I've had car loans which were all paid in full, ahead of schedule. I'm closing all accounts.

    For the 1st time in the history of me having a checking acct, I was charged a "service charge" of $8. I called to ask about it and the cust svc rep had no idea why as I've always had the free checking options. I hadn't changed my use, met the minimum balance and deposit requirements, and as a small business owner, paid myself from my Commerce business acct on the regular and had not been charged for this before. She said she would refund it, put me on hold, came back to the phone and told me it was a legit charge and there would be no refund. I asked for a supervisor.

    The supervisor was the most rude and surly person I've ever spoken to. She dances around the issue giving me a new excuse for the charge when her reasons fail to uphold. One minute it's I don't have a "formal" direct deposit, but as I'm my own payroll and have a business account there, that would seem to be a "self-employed, bigger customer with more accts here" fee. I've been operating this way over a year and it would seem odd that only now do they charge for that. She essentially called me a liar about the acct age on the basis that the acct "title" was not in use when she started 8 yrs ago and thus, this acct was not as old as I claimed even though, had she bothered to check, should have been able to see this number has never changed in over a decade! She claimed it was a legit svc fee for that acct type and she had no idea why I wasn't charged before though I should have been and more / less made it seem she was doing me a favor. What happened- for the 2nd time in history I might add- was that they changed my "free" acct terms without clear notice, started charging for it, made a new type of "free" acct, and offered it when the customer complains. I thought it was a fluke before, but as a 2nd time around, I'm pretty sure it was intentional. She rudely said that she would offer a "one time only" courtesy refund, sarcastically made me wait while she checked to see if I had has this refund in the past year, again more / less calling me a liar and changed my acct title to whatever their latest "free" acct type is. The title changed almost immediately, but the refund never came.

    I call a week later to find out why and was made to wait for 11 min to talk to a rep. I'm pretty sure it was the same daft cow that answered, and she put me on hold and disconnected the line. I called again, agreed to a survey after my call and after another 10 min wait finally get through to another person. Info was verified, and I was told I need a different department and put on hold yet again. Finally the person I spoke to went through the transcripts of the previous call and said she saw where I was promised a refund and it was not put in the acct. Color me shocked. She put the refund in and it was almost immediately visible on my online account. In summation, it was a total of 30 min hold time to get them to give what was promised (30 min is a long time to make detailed notes), for a charge which should not have been in the first place. To add serious, ironic insult to injury, while I was on hold for the umpteenth time, the line was ringing on call waiting which was the survey people! How insane is that?! In retrospect, I should have answered and told them to wait and would talk to them as soon as I had service to report about, but thus far, it sucks a$$. I didn't answer as I was afraid of having to call a 3rd time.

    I'm done. As soon as everything clears as far as deposits and checks, I will be demanding my money to take elsewhere. Awful place. Run away- fast, far and NOW!

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  • B
    Reviewed By Barbski Nov 30, 2015

    A great bank with great customer service!

    I was recently on vacation and my bank card was hacked. Commerce Bank noticed suspicious activity and immediately froze the card. While this was an inconvenience, at least the thieves weren't able to spend all of my money. I really appreciate that the bank was on top of things.

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  • V
    Reviewed By VickMcC Nov 23, 2015

    Do not mobile deposit on a Saturday!

    If you mobile deposit on Saturday your deposit will not be credited to your account until after midnight on Monday!
    I was unaware of this and did nit see that information on my mobile banking site. I can understand Saturday and Sunday, but after midnight on Monday?
    Deposit with a teller at the bank on Saturday. Your deposit is posted to your account immediately.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Laremil Oct 16, 2015

    Definitely customer friendly

    Impossible bank to deal with. Never answer emails sent to Customer Service. When you give up on the emails and go to the phone, the wait times are incredibly long. Once you finally get to a person, they may be helpful and pleasant but they know nothing. I deal with many financial institutions and have never dealt with a bank that is so mismanaged (cant blame the help for bad training and policies).

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