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    Reviewed By Dean B. Jun 28, 2012

    Banking Is Fine. Mortgage Has Been Nothing But Awful To Miserable Since Closing.

    The only word that really comes to mind is inexperienced. I have had nothing but headaches since the closing of my mortgage back in 2006. My property requires flood insurance as the bottom 4 feet of my basement are in a "flood zone" since having this insurance, no one has been able to actually determine escrow as no one on the bank end has a real clue as to what is going on.

    After 4 years of the loan the bank decides to double the amount of required coverage and add $1,000. 00 a year in payments at my expense, conveniently this happens as my wife if 7 months pregnant with our first. The little man turns one and we get notification that our escrow account is all messed up from this and we now owe an extra $500. 00 a month to our already high payment because we are underwater from the market change since 2006.

    We can't refinance, i have had telemarketers hang up on me after i tell them what we own on the house. I work 3 jobs, and my wife works as well, we're struggling to keep the 3 of us afloat and dean bank magically wants an extra $6k? What gets me the most is that their slogan is "we see people, not numbers" or something to that extent... Bullshit.

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