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Reviewed By Devin S. Sep 27, 2015


Awesome Bank!!! I have both their checking account and their student IT card.. Apply today using my referral link and earn a $50 bonus (Apply Here) http://bit.ly/1jnTf9f

The discover it card offers excellent cash back options in categories that people really use.. This makes it very easy to always max out your cash back if you actually use your card.. Last year I earned several hundred in cash back!! Paying the card off monthly means that was FREE MONEY!!

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Reviewed By 1234kmc Apr 9, 2015

IRA CD account

They are gouging consumers.
I have an IRA account, matures on 3/30/2015, contact them 3/20/2015 concerning closing the CD at mature day, they inform me to me in a distribution form by 4/8/2015.
Send in form on 4/1/2015. message them on 4/7/2015 to make sure everything is set - no reply. 4/9/2015 they renew my CD, call them, they said form is not complete because I did not fill in the amount. I told them I did not know the actual amount because of interest paid. Do you think the bank will contact you about it.
Now in order to close the account, they will charge me over $180.00 fees and early withdrawal. I said that is more than you guys paid me interest last year.
That is highway robbery by delaying couple days here and there, so you pass the grace period.

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Latest Discover Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Ruth2 Jun 18, 2017

    Great if you know what you're getting

    I just opened an online savings account with this bank, and I love the customer service so far! Polite, professional, you can call at 7:30 ET on a Saturday night and be talking to a real, helpful person in under 5 min, I swear.

    I really wouldn't recommend Discover as your only bank, due to the extended hang time between a deposit being made and that money being accessible to you / it being generally difficult to access your money, but the interest rates they offer beat any brick-and-mortar bank. If what you're looking for is one place to put all your money, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you're looking for a place to sock away some extra funds and watch 'em grow, Discover's your bank.

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    Reviewed By Madonie Jun 2, 2017

    Very bad customer Service/ They lost your money and don't care a iota!

    Every time I use them I hate myself for being so naive. It's always a fiasco.
    $0 international incoming wire transfer but expect to waste time calling them for no one to help you or even bit a bit concerned by the issue.
    $10,000 are now lost. Recommendation: Wait 2 weeks and call them back.

    What a moron, what don't you wait 2 weeks to get your paycheck then?

    I will look for another bank soon!

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    Reviewed By daniy Apr 3, 2017

    $0 incoming international wire. But will just send it back after 10 days. Idiots

    Complete joke. Anything not standard (read: out of the computer system prompt) and they are lost. Called 5 times and sent 10 messages and they couldn't help since "this department does not have a direct phone line". Phone customer service cannot read recent online message. Incompetent upper level staff that can not be reached due to poorly built customer support procedures. I hate myself for using this jokers for international wire transfer. Use any other bank, not this one. Can't wait to close my account once this fiasco is over.

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    Reviewed By Hawkmistress Mar 24, 2017

    Home Equity loan

    January 27, 2017, I applied for a Home equity loan. They want documents. I upload. They want tax returns. I receive retirement hence none is taxable, hence NO RETURNS. They file with IRS for returns. IRS can't give what they don't have. Now IRS wants me to call them.
    I cosigned a loan. They want proof loan is being paid. They say my sister's bank statements for the last 12 months would be sufficient. Not happening. Maybe they think the credit bureau lied when they said that loan was being paid as agreed.
    They want home insurance. I tell them I can't afford to buy any until the loan goes through. They say no problem. Nearly TWO MONTHS later they say I must have insurance before they can process loan.
    Suddenly they claim they cannot read an uploaded income letter. I upload again. I never heard back from them. Can you read it? I ask. No answer.
    Suddenly they say they don't know if they can count some of my income BECAUSE IT IS LESS THAN TWO YEARS OLD. I receive a widow's pension from Social Security and they don't know if they can count it???
    All this time they claimed everything was running smoothly. If they needed anything, they would ask. Bottom line is these salesmen talk fast and do not listen.
    I stopped the application and went to my bank. When I asked about a home equity loan, my bank said I am not eligible because my credit rating is not high enough, BUT they can give me a mortgage at a lower rate than Discover Bank. I will have my loan AND home insurance within 30 days! I haven't had a mortgage in six years, but I can live with one now.
    I cut up my Discover credit card and froze the account.

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    Reviewed By BurnBabyBurn Mar 17, 2017

    2nd FDIC complaint filed against Discover Bank

    Burn. In. Hell. Discover Bank.

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    Reviewed By trina433 Dec 26, 2016

    I Don't Recommend using Discover Bank at all!

    I opened up this account because I have a credit card with Discover and was offered a free checking account. So I figured why not. I've had the account since August 2016 and I haven't had any issues until December. On December 13th someone stole my debit card number and used it in another state. I called immediately to report it and they blocked my card and told me they were expediting out a new debit card and it would take 3-5 business days. Well here we are December 26 and I still have not received my card. I was not able to buy the remaining Christmas present for my kids and I will be closing out this account as soon as my last direct deposit credits. I have called everyday and they have told me the same thing. That it's on it's way. I am beyond frustrated. One of the reps informed me that the request for the new card was received on the 16th when in fact I called on the 13th. So my card wasn't ordered until 3 days later! That's unacceptable. I've been patient and nice and tried to be understanding but I felt like they were dishonest on their part about expediting the card. I've recently opened a local bank account so I won't have this issue anymore. Free checking and free checks aren't worth the hassle.

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    Reviewed By Neveragain123 Dec 6, 2016

    Dishonest practices

    Delayed postings
    Extra slow transfer times
    "Customer Service" reads from scripts
    Slow deposit clearings
    Inconvenient all around
    Frequent system outings
    Fees upon fees
    Unreliable to access money when you need it most
    They have been abysmal for years and the last 2 have really taken the cake. For an online online bank you have to have *something* going for you.
    So long, Discover bank! You will never have my business again!

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    Reviewed By Peoplepleaser Oct 29, 2016

    Old Fashioned Saver

    This is a simple review.
    I save money the old fashioned way. I send a check each month to Discover and they send me a paper statement telling me how much my account holds and what amount of interest they paid me for the month. This is the epitome of a classic savings account. Discover provides for me the deposit slip (on the bottom of the paper statement) and a SASE to send in the check. This is about as easy as it gets.

    Now I don't have any on-line access since I have not set up any. If some criminal wanted to steal my account and had enough information to try, Discover would need to contact me by mail at my original address prior to activating the on-line access. That takes time (at least one and maybe two weeks). So any time one starts fiddling with their personal account information or changing it, there are going to be delays prior to those changes being activated. This is for the depositors safety as well as the bank's.

    If I wanted to withdraw money, I can call and request it but it is not going to happen instantly. They are gong to want to ensure that the request is legit. I suspect that if I ask them to mail me a check to my current address on file (which has not changed in years), then I would not have an issue. But if I went on-line, activated my existing account and requested my money be sent to XYZ financial institution tomorrow, that most likely will not happen until Discover is certain that it is I who requested it, not some criminal..

    Bottom line. I think that on-line banks do not replace brick and mortar facilities especially if you are dong active money management. This is why such places pay much lower interest rates. It costs lots of money to staff and maintain these facilities but they do allow the customer the benefit of face-to-face contact for their financial transactions.

    4 star rating simply due to the rates they pay and the fact that they supply me with a monthly deposit slip and a SASE.

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    Reviewed By donotdiscover Sep 28, 2016

    Dishonest, terrible bank

    My mom and sister both had accounts with Discover bank and have had good, uneventful experiences with them, and I found a great promo code online, so I decided to open an account with them. My account has been open for a little over a month, and what a nightmare.

    First, they withdrew more than I asked them to for the opening amount, which left me scrambling to have enough money in my other savings account to cover a payment that was about to be due. It took me speaking to four different agents (and eventually speaking to a supervisor), but this got resolved eventually thanks to a competent supervisor who apologized for the agents who weren't able to help me/misinformed me and offered to cover any fees associated if the payment on my other account bounced due to their error.

    We were back on track until today. Today, I found out that the promo code I used for the account was invalid. Or, to be more technical and put it into the words of Michael and Katie, the two agents I spoke to, "the promotion was still active when you used it, but you needed to open an account two weeks before you did." They said this was all in the fine print when they email these codes to people (but I found this code on a website which didn't mention this or say that I had to open my account by an earlier date). Did it show me the code couldn't be used when I was signing up? Of course not. Did I get any sort of email/phone call/notification of any sort that I didn't meet the qualifications of the promotion? Nope. Michael admitted that it wasn't very customer friendly that the code remains active even after there is no way that someone can redeem it, and said that he would send that feedback along to the dev folks, but that there was nothing he could do for me in this instance.

    I left my bank of 10 years for Discover Bank, and what a mistake. I now plan to crawl back with my tail between my legs, begging them to take me back. Maybe I'll bring chocolates/flowers/a big banner that reads "I was wrong. Please take me back!" All I know is that I wasted a month trying to bank with Discover, and all I have to show for it are two very negative experiences and lots of wasted time on the phone. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake.

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    Reviewed By goumcanes Sep 17, 2016

    Great Rates but Operationally and system wise below amateur level

    Decided to open savings account based on Brand Name of Discover and 1% interest rate.

    1) Disaster in the beginning as I was not able to even see the account once I transferred the funds. I think I was in the dark for a week. Could not log in, constant technical errors from the website (Unable to process request at this time, please check back later...or call the 800 number where the reps...after torturing you with the same "is this really you" bank of Questions, finally admitted they did not know what was wrong but it should be fixed shortly!!!)

    2) A week later, account was accessible BUT....every....single...time....that I log in it makes me get the text/email code to log in as it verifies my identity. I use the SAME computer. I am NOT logging in from different systems.

    3) Spent hours on the phone with cust service trying to fix #2 above. Appears that this amateurish IT / website dept is also conflicting with the real discover.com website as their log in was causing issues on my discover card website log in. Worked through issues with discover bank and FINALLY got to log in without going through the text/message process.

    4) Week later, RIGHT BACK to the email/text code to log in. Submitted email (no way losing 2 more hours of my life on the phone with these clowns_

    5) Plan on letting initial deposit sit for awhile then pulling in out and RUNNING..not walking...from this entirely.

    Recommendation: Avoid

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