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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By nickcello Mar 14, 2015

So far, really good!

I'm in the process of dumping Wells Fargo and Everbank is a breath of fresh air! Opening the account was really easy. I did everything online from signing my name to writing myself a check for the initial deposit. There are no fees, so I have no complaints!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Christine+Ward Feb 20, 2014


Mortgage servicing is pathetic. Any search online would make you want to turn and run. Mortgage payment kept going up because of escrow they say. My payment started out at 1100.00 and rose to 1650.00 with a fixed interest rate.
My story is one of many.

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Latest EverBank Reviews

    Reviewed By LisanRay Feb 14, 2017

    Excellent Rates, Outstanding Customer Service

    About ten years ago I became an EverBank customer to get a better rate of return on my savings. Since that time, I have expanded to have EverBank be my preferred bank for my money market and retirement accounts. I am always happy with their customer service whether by phone or in person at the branch. When my friends are looking to save money, I always recommend EverBank.

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    Reviewed By DougW Dec 19, 2016

    Mortgage online

    Our online application with Everbank was met with a quick contact and things were underway with Andrew B. Andrew repeatedly misplaced and or failed to read emails that led to information needing to be resent to him. 3 times I had to regroup and state my case.
    I was ask to present a letter explaining why I went from a W2 to 1099. I explained that it was a common thing for traveling anesthesia to take a 1099 position, occasionally switching to a W2 when taking a perm job. Andrew began explaining how many 1099 jobs result in failure. He wasn't getting it.
    Later came Rosa. Breath of fresh air. Until she ask us to have an extra $10,000 available for closing. I ask for a good faith estimate,"silence".....
    Never bank Everbank! I have learned my lesson.
    Doug W.

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    Reviewed By pcf39951 Aug 9, 2016

    Zero is truly the rating it deserves

    EverBank has repeatedly screwed up mortgage payments and principal reductions on our mortgage account. Today is another repeat of their usual messes. Over two weeks ago, a payment of principal reduction was made. Didn't show up as paid so I called. I was told that it would not be applied until the August payment had been made. I told them that was an automatic payment and was scheduled on August 5. Today, I checked them after numerous attempts to sign onto my account and being required to request a new password. Waited for them to e-mail me because although they've got my cell to text, they continuously post that I can get texts to home phone. That, of course, doesn't work. Moving on, they finally sent me an e-mail with code to change password. Did it. Had to sign in again. They said they had to send another confirmation code to my e-mail. Waited on that one. Now been trying to deal with this for more than an hour. Got into my account and found that not only had they cashed my check (as verified in my checking account) and been paid my August payment, they have not credited anything and have reversed several payments on August 3, 4 and 5. Am so sick of their banking practices. I didn't choose them but was forced into them by our government/banking system which allowed several banks and mortgage companies to be taken over. The bank I initially got my mortgage with was outstanding -- yet, obviously, it wasn't one of the merry bank of robbers affiliated with the government in ruining the home lending business. I definitely don't recommend this bank.

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    Reviewed By mhanson809 Jul 20, 2016

    No nit is too small to pick for this bank

    Since EB has our mortgage, when we had a fire insurance claim on our house, the insurance payments were made our to us and EB. EB holds the money. Our project was completed almost two months ago, but EB has yet to release our money. Their latest excuse? THE WAIVER OF LIENS SIGNED BY OUR CONTRACTOR WAS NOT ON AN EB LETTERHEAD!!! You are probably wondering why in the world that would make any difference. Well, join the crowd. It's clear that their only motivation is to hang onto the money as long as they can because they can make more money lending it. No one there ever keeps a promise. No one ever returns a call. But they do apologize, just as sincerely as the airline does who your flight is delayed.
    I've tried to complain to the Florida Department of Banking, but they only address complaints regarding STATE chartered banks. My next step will be to file a complaint with the Federal Reserve who does monitor NATIONALLY chartered banks
    I would never get a mortgage from these morons again.

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    Reviewed By dkalster Jun 3, 2016

    Sleezy company

    I made a principle payment online clicking all the correct boxes and printing out a copy at the end at proof. What did they do? They applied part of the payment the escrow. Did I have an escrow balance due? No. Took lots of wasted time to sort this out. They will do stuff like that as their standard operating procedures. Avoid is possible.

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    Reviewed By Kmb17 May 17, 2016

    Worst bank I have ever used

    We have worked with a lot of banks and this is honestly the firs time I have ever hated one. They would not send info, and apparently ate loan that they said we could pay off after a year can be paid off, but we have to pay out all the interest as if we did the loan for the full 4 years. We were lied to.

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    Reviewed By dgcraig May 14, 2016

    NeverBank Says It Better

    The intro rate on Money Market Accounts is good; but the opening procedures are much more cumbersome than other banks. Online statement availability is inconsistent, and customer service responses seem to have been written by cretins. How about "never again"?

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    Reviewed By Mmaner Apr 13, 2016

    Helped us when we needed it

    My wife and I decided to stop renting and buy our own home last year. We had be told by other banks that our business wasn't open for 2 years it would be near impossible to get a loan. We called Holly Weseman at the naples branch. With her help we received a pre-approval letter. Then when we found a home she worked hard to help us get approved. After a couple of months and many hoops ( due to business age) we closed right after Thanksgiving and moved in right after Christmas

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    Reviewed By bat2009 Apr 8, 2016

    Avoid Everbank Home Loans

    I called when I received my property tax bill. Everbank said they will pay my tax bill out of my escrow account. Last week I received a supplemental tax bill and logged online to find out that Everbank never paid my property tax bill and I had a 100 dollar fee for default payment. I called Everbank and they said they would look into it but I should pay the tax bill to avoid additional fees. Since I was responsible for the taxes even though Everbank takes my money to pay property taxes.

    I paid my tax bill to the city and Everbank, thru impounds. Today I receive a call from Everbank saying they paid my tax bill after telling me to pay it. Because I paid first, so I would not loose my house, Everbank would issue me a refund once they receive a refund from the city for the second payment. It can take 6 weeks for the refund plus a couple of weeks for Everbank to get it in the mail. This of course assumes I call Everbank the day my refund arrives. So Everbank gets to stick me with a fee for they mistake and I have to wait months and make more phone calls to get my money back.

    They also informed me if I did not want to call back I could just wait till December and they would send me a refund.

    This is just my largest issue with Everbank. They have screwed up everything else so far. If you can, use anyone else for you home loan. Anyone but Everbank,

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    Reviewed By tspdich Jan 26, 2016


    Three weeks ago my wife and I were ready to open two $250,000 CDs with Everbank in trust accounts. They dropped the ball so many times we gave up and went elsewhere. First they claim they did not receive all our paperwork. We faxed it again and were told it was all received. Then a week later we were told again they had not received all the paper work. We asked them to check. We were promised they'd get back to us on that and when the accounts would be ready for funding. After a week on one had called or emailed. When they finally did email us they seemed to have opened only one of the two accounts. Let's put it this way - they do not inspire confidence.

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