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Their mission is to provide quality, value and service to the citizens of Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Chariton, Cole, Cooper, Howard, Montgomery, Monroe, and Randolph Counties and the surrounding area.

Exchange Bank of Missouri Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity N/A $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) N/A $30
  • Stop Payment item N/A $27
  • Return Deposit N/A $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) N/A $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) N/A $10
  • Non-Bank ATM N/A $1.0

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By GoForIt Apr 28, 2015

    Can't recommend this bank

    Had an account for 10+ years. Maintained low balance but felt secure knowing it was a safe place to park money. I didn't pay much attention to the statements because it WAS a low balance and I wasn't using the account actively.

    They started taking out a $5/mo "Maintenance fee" with no explanation. Next thing I know is the balance is down to about $10. I called the bank. "The person who can help you is not available. I'll have them call you back when they return." NEVER got a call back. I let the week pass by,. maybe 2 thinking... they'll get back to me. They didn't.

    I called AGAIN. Got exactly the same story, and once again: NEVER got a call back. I Let another week or two pass to see if they'd actually respond to TWO requests for help. NOPE.

    Finally got through to "the right person" who said my balance had fallen too low and that the account had been labeled as "dormant" for lack of activity. DOH, isn't that what putting money aside in a safe place is all about?

    She said she would check to see if they'd reimburse my money they'd taken from my account, and would call me back afterwards. NOPE, NEVER GOT A CALL BACK.

    Next thing I know is the bank statement comes and they've drained every single penny from my account. I called AGAIN and asked what had happened. Apparently the bosses said NO, they would NOT reimburse me and ONCE AGAIN they simply ignored me and never called me. There was no explanation on the statement, and nobody ever returned my calls. How was I supposed to know?

    She asked me why they should make an exception for me, and not for everyone else. How many more people's accounts are they draining I wonder? She said it cost money to maintain an account. OK, so I presume the cost of postage to someone with a big balance costs them ZERO, and the ONLY people that have expenses are the low balance accounts?

    I CAN'T recommend this bank based on my experience. CAN recommend the bank right across the street, though!

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