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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By rwinder54 Apr 11, 2016

Very friendly and helpful

The people at this location are very helpful and friendly. They were kind enough to do a notary signature for several documents I needed. It is not my bank and I informed them as much. The branch manager welcomed me into her office and gave me the help I needed, on 2 separate occasions.

Everyone in the branch greeted me upon entering and were very warm.

When I change banks here locally I will be glad to do business with this location.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Pack1987 May 21, 2016


This entire bank branch is one of least helpful collections of people I have ever had to work with in a "professional" organization. They say one thing and then 5 minutes later will say something totally different. Their "banker" barely speaks English and has a difficult time performing simple tasks. Their "head teller" wasn't any better and I have seen no other signs of leadership whatsoever. I have had a fifth third (previously Old Kent) account for over 28 years and have only remained loyal due to a grandparent who previously was on the board but as years have passed I have been repeatedly disappointed by this organization and their lack of knowledge, ease, and satisfaction as a business. Will definitely be taking mine and my family's business elsewhere.

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Latest Fifth Third Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By swayers Feb 16, 2017

    Worst Bank Ever!!!!

    Due to the horrible customer service and fees, I have tried to talk my wife into switching banks for years. Today, over $22 it happened. We wrote a personal check to a vendor who was doing work on our home, and when he took it to the branch to cash, they refused unless he paid a $22 fee or open an account. It took me 25 mins on the phone and dealing with a horrible branch manager to get it handled. I finally told them to charge me the fee and I would take it up with her boss.
    Recently, we had a wallet stolen and all of our credit cards were replaced and handled via a 3-5 min phone call, and in my hand the next day, except for 5/3rd. They required me to go to the branch and handle the replacement, only to tell me it would be 7-10 days before I would receive my card. Again, 20 minutes later and a less than customer focused branch manger, I received my card in 24rs. This is the reason that I have not used them for all of my banking or the new house I just purchased.
    It is sad how many businesses still do not understand customer service or relationships!

    BTW - not that it should matter, but the account in question holds over $100K

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    Reviewed By sprint880324 Feb 16, 2017

    Long time customer extremely disappointed

    I have been a customer with 5/3 Bank for over 6 years and have become increasingly dissappointed with the bank's services. I attempted to file a dispute (at the advice of the external company) for an oversight in being charged monthly subscription charges twice for over a year, however this bank denied the dispute. I bank with other national banks and have never had this issue before; the vendor was more than willing to refund the payment. Additionally, it takes 3-5 days for payments to post to my account. Again, my other banks take 2 days, at most, to update my current available in my account. At this point I am limiting my transactions with 5/3 and contemplating closing my current accounts.

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    Reviewed By Iamkay_44 Jan 26, 2017

    360 Access card a joke

    Decided to get direct deposit on this card well money was never posted and when I called I got the run around one person told me by 10a it wasn't there went into a branch they called the 360 department they said by 1 still no money so when I called again they said it takes up to 72 hours to post money WHAT???? I've been doing direct deposit for years I haven't never heard of a person got to wait 72 hours for you get your money as soon as my money post I'm closing my account ASAP

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    Reviewed By cmorrill Jan 3, 2017

    Nobody there cares...and if they treat my relationship this poorly, what should most expect?

    This is my first review of any vendor. Changing banks is difficult- I'm doing that right now based on how poor the Corporate team at 5/3 has become. They just don't care anymore. Consider- My business and personal accounts averaged $880,000 in balances for the year of 2015. In or around October of 2015 the bank removed me from Private Banking without explaining that they were doing it...changed the accounts I had with inferior products without an explanation...failed to renew my commercial loan and didn't attempt to complete it without my proactive efforts...mis-billed me on a furniture line for to the tune of a 5000% interest mistake...even at this time haven't owned up to the mistakes. I've switched to Huntington who was very interested in my banking relationship. 5/3 deserves to not just lose my business but receive a review that will hopefully cost them additional business. This is my attempt at that.

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    Reviewed By belowme29 Nov 13, 2016

    Wish I could give them 0 stars

    This bank will pull the wool over your eyes quickly. I paid for a locked in drop in my interest rate, on my second mortgage, and that was good for about 6 months, and then the rate went up. With many attempts in person as well as calling their help(less) desk to get some answers - the same song and dance was given - I was late on a payment. However, looking at the account information that they provided - there is NO LATE PAYMENTS. Showing this to them, they can look at their computer screen, again they say that a late payment happened.

    I gave up, moved this second mortgage to Chase - and guess what - these people treat me like a client that is giving them money because I have a loan with them.

    STAY AWAY FROM 5/3 - unless you like to deal with pain on a daily basis.

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    Reviewed By chadrmar Nov 9, 2016


    Fifth Third Bank has extremely antiquated technology and it's a way for them find ways to charge you fees. They require that you do online internet banking...during branch hours. What is the point of internet banking then?! They charged me fees because I was transferring funds and paying bills online after 7pm. What?!?!

    I spoke to operator Tracy(would not give operator ID)in the call center and Supervisor Vernetta(Operator ID VS1MOC3A). They would not waive the $38.82 fee under any circumstances...even though they acknowledged that it is not stated anywhere that online banking closes at 7pm ET.

    DO NOT USE THIS BANK!! Unless you enjoy fees. Fifth Third Bank was willing to lose my business for $38.82.

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    Reviewed By nativebrat71 Oct 18, 2016

    wish it could be no star

    banked with them for over 20 years. just recently had a fraudulent charge made on my account. got ahold of local branch they started a review into it. long story short since the company had my address it was not fraud. I spent over 3 months trying to get almost $90 put back into my account. I was told by the banks resolution center that is was a ligitament charge. What is the point of fraud pretection if it doesn't work. stayaway!!!! stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By MEB505 Sep 24, 2016

    Manager is RUDE

    I felt the raft of the branch manager in Smyrna, TN when I called to ask why there was only one person serving at the counter inside and serving the drive thru customers to which I had to wait a long time, he told me ' you sound like the sort of customer that likes to complain, why don't you go to the Bank of America" rudest person I've ever had to listen too, I reported him to Corporate who did nothing, so they obviously don't care how their managers talk to customers

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    Reviewed By tristesm Sep 22, 2016

    Horrible customer service everytime

    Unauthorized payment transaction was posted on a my statement I called 5/3 right away they wanted to charge me a fee for the a stop payment that I had nothing to do with. The supervisor I spoke to never followed thru the stop payment all he did was post it to the following week. a conference call was made with all parties present both parties agreed to it be a mistake and a stop payment should be done and authorized by the 5/3 supervisor. 5/3 did nothing to protect its own customer, 5/3 is nothing but a joke of a bank. Denied stop payment requests, and overdraft fees. I spoke with someone just about every two days within the past two weeks with no resolution. It was suggested that I close the current and open a new account....same issue. I regret the day I walked into 5/3. Consumer be ware keep your money and savings away from 5/3 bank.

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    Reviewed By Davidamack Jul 31, 2016

    Crooks! Cheats!

    On numerous accounts they had foney charges to my loan and would just come up with late charges when none were due. I ended up paying an extra 4K on my loan or else they threatened with reposition and legal action. Worst bank to work with. Whenever I called I got transferred several times and a lot of the time hung up on.

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