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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Jan123 Oct 9, 2015

Real Empathy and Help to a Widow.

HSBC helped my frail 79 year old mother to change her joint account to her own on her husbands death with real care and sensitivity, nothing was too much trouble and it was all completed without any prior appointment within 20 minutes of walking into the branch. In contrast Santander next door could not summon the nous to understand it took her 20 minutes to walk into the bank from the car and insisted that we make an appointment the next day despite the fact we had to travel 35 miles to get there again. On return the next day insult was added to injury, the appointment made the day before was denied to be 'on the system' and miraculously after kicking up a fuss an appointment 'was found'.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Zenith012 Dec 31, 2015


I am a premiere banking customer, and have everything with HSBC - but 99 pct of my retirement accounts.

Generally I have little interaction, aside from online basic transactions.

Here is a summary of my experiences aside from deposit/withdrawals.

Mortgage refinance : 1 out of 10. This was the most ludicrous, painful, expensive process of my life. HSBC is deceitful, incompetent, and unremorrseful. It gets a 1 because in the end it happened. I could write a book on the circus.
Setting up online wire : 0 out of 10. Still not done. Security tokens, visiting branches. Forget it.
Having 1,700 dispersed from and education IRA. : so far 0 out of 10. 4 branch visits, 3 phone calls. In a branch now - clueless.

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Latest HSBC Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Chewn Jun 19, 2017

    Utter crap.

    - One month to reply to anything online, including replies to the same issue. (by the time that reply comes, you've dealt with the problem already or completely forgotten what it was about)
    - customer service is painfully reliant on exactly how much money you have in the bank, even with a difference of about $10,000, not a different class like Premiere. This has happened more than 5 times, to be consistent.
    - 30 business days foreign check holding policy (I hear due to past caught red-handed money laundering practices, another reason not to use them)
    - In Canada, you can't deposit any checks online. (don't know any other big bank here who doesn't by now...)
    - Minimum balance for a basic chequing account $5000.
    - will create issues out of thin air (interest was deducted from my account with money in it and no minimum balance), I think they're trying to chase me off since I'm clearly trying to move to another bank? At least let me transition smoothly...
    - Takes a week to update online balance at times, which may mess up your calculations in moving money between accounts -> leading to them service charging you for any errors.

    Conclusion: Don't use them. Waste of time, money and energy. Supposedly they're still alive because of rich elder clients overseas with no knowledge of how crappy they are. Unfortunately they'll survive and screw people for a good few years before bankrupting and maybe desperately a bit more before they die.

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    Reviewed By miss_missy Jun 19, 2017

    Run away

    The customer service is awful. Long wait times, poor communication and lots of run around in trying to get to the bottom of any issues characterize banking with HSBC. And there will be a lot of issues. There seems to be a lot of security problems. However, you will not likely be alerted to these until you are declined at the check out counter. And have I mentioned the long wait times? Ugh.

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    Reviewed By Janeo Jun 5, 2017

    So Disgusted

    I'm so disgusted. On May 10th my Aunt and I sat in the lobby of HSBC - 89th Street branch for over 2 hours adding me to her account so I may pay her bills. It is one month later and I still don't have the new checks or an ATM card that we ordered. Then to make matters worse, you cannot call the branch directly, you need to call the 1800 number and explain to India what happened, when, all over again to hear that they have to call the branch to verify me! What happened during the 2 hours of my becoming a Joint Account Holder and getting the ATM card and new checks mailed so I can pay her bills? So after another 60 minutes of verifying and being put on hold, I'm writing this while on hold again to order the checks, because as you guessed, they weren't ordered while I sat TWO hours in the bank.........My next step is to move my Aunts accounts down the street to a real bank pronto.........

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    Reviewed By ChinaDavid Apr 21, 2017

    Not a bank but a criminal conspiracy

    What all of you folks are forgetting is that HSBC, like any other too-big-to-fail and too-big-to-jail outfit, don't give a monkey's butt about you. They are there masquerading as a bank in order to carry on their illegal international operations. THAT'S where the money is, not handling piddly little consumer accounts like ours.

    In view of the large number of ethical and legal violations committed by HSBC in the recent past, such as laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, violation of Iran sanctions, moving money for an al-Qaida linked Saudi bank, LIBOR manipulation, and assisting drug cartels in buying planes through Cayman Island accounts, is it really any wonder that you get lousy service from this gang of crooks? If you're a criminal with millions on account with them, you have no worries, you will ALWAYS be taken care of. The rest of you can eat cake.

    I'm a U.S. citizen living in China with an HSBC business account in Hong Kong. I'm small potatoes, not a big customer at all, and they make next to no money off of me. Which is why they feel justified in harassing me constantly for copies of this, certified copies of that, whatever paper they think they need at any given time that proves that I'm not some international jewel thief. Now they are asking for certified copies of EVERYTHING that was used to open the account 6 years ago. This is for my protection you see, to protect me from "financial crime risk". Thanks, I appreciate you're working so hard to protect me, but really, there's no need. I'll happily close the account when I'm in Hong Kong next week.

    The latest bunch of circus hoops I had to jump through was FATCA compliance documentation. For over a year, I provided the documents they required, over and over again. After about 5 times of fighting with them and arguing with them (they never could tell me EXACTLY what it was they wanted from me that I wasn't already giving to them) I finally had to engage the services of my accountant to deal with the matter. AMAZING! After a 10 minute phone conversation between him and the FATCA compliance department (the very same people I had hand delivered the documents to), there was no problem any longer! I only had to pay the accountant HK$1,500 for this! Thanks HSBC!

    In short folks, stick to your local community bank. International monstrosities such as HSBC don't want you, don't care about you, and will try to squeeze you dry before throwing you away.

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    Reviewed By Koryo Feb 27, 2017

    HSBC has my money and won't return it

    I have an account in France with HSBC that was opened when I worked for a French company. After losing my job with the French company, I have tried for many years to get my money out of the bank in Paris. I have filled out forms and sent them registered mail to an individual who was supposed to help me. I have opened an account in the USA in order to try and transfer the funds to that account. All efforts have failed and soon the money will be transferred to the French government. This has become a nightmare....

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    Reviewed By SophiaTaiwan Dec 31, 2016


    They don't care new customer and discriminated non US citizen. I visited this office yesterday, and want to open a new account. They asked me that are you US citizen? I answer "no". I have GC. And then, they asked me to come back after two hours. Very bad customer service.
    They don't care small customer. They care big guy.

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    Reviewed By kmc Oct 18, 2016

    HSBC USA has got to be the joke of the HSBC global community!

    I am a premier member of HSBC and have accounts with them in several countries. HSBC USA has got to be the worst of all the HSBC banks that I have worked with globally. I find their product offerings quite uncompetitive, their staff generally incompetent, and if you ever have to call into their online/internet banking, I am so sorry to you. Their processes are bureaucratic, tedious and does not add value in terms of security, or cost effectiveness (on the contrary). Try getting a mortgage from them - it's like they are so afraid of giving one to you, but yet, want to sell you one! A thousand boxes to check through, but at the end of the day, no new information obtained! Try talking to them about investments - all they have are standard mutual funds with high overheads that do not perform well. As for their market research, subjective, but I am not sure I would put a lot of weight on them.

    Incompetence is bad enough but recently my credit and debit cards were frauded, and instead of helping their customer, they decided for some strange reason to drag their feet on resolving the case. Multiple conversations with them led nowhere with rude and incompetent Fraud staff. At one point, they were implying I frauded my own cards, despite multiple police reports provided to them!

    The only thing that got them to work on the case was an escalation to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and bringing to their attention that they are not in compliance with the EFT Act, section 205. Only by involving the CFPB (the bureau responsible for overseeing the compliance to the Dodd-Frank Act, of which the EFTA is part of), would they behave. This is very poor manner for a consumer bank to behave, and is indicative of and sadly, typical of, how HSBC USA behaves.

    In reviewing the comments here on the board, it looks like very few customers come here to praise them - I am certainly not (although to be fair, I am still a fan of their overseas branches). That HSBC USA is poorly run I guess is an agreed upon statement here, pretty much. The key takeaway though, for my rant here, is, if you are stuck at some point with them, and the personnel are being ridiculous, find the appropriate agency to escalate the issue to. I am almost sure they are not in compliance with something, (due to incompetence or otherwise) and the only way for them to toe the line and work with us poor consumers is to have the relevant agency sit on them a bit.

    Unfortunate, but time for HSBC USA to wake up. Best of luck for those that are still slogging through working with HSBC USA!

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    Reviewed By hwy1378 Jul 18, 2016

    The worst

    OMG !! This bank is the worst!!! Be prepared when you call to be sent to a customer service center where you can barely understand their English.. And they don't have a clue what their doing..Their debt cards get hacked all the time. Their internet backing is the worst.

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    Reviewed By RippedCustomer Apr 23, 2016

    STAY AWAY from HSBC. Worst bank ever.

    I totally agree with Zenith. I am a premier account customer in US. HSBC hard sell their mortgage service and once we started the refinance process, our nightmare starts. We sent the information again and again. Six months still not closing the loan. They charged extremely high on all services( e.g. 900 for an appraisal report). We request to cancel the loan process since I don’t see the light of the tunnel. Then, they will charge us the processing fee with $1300+. We made complaint but never heard a word. HSBC is a leading failing bank. Underwriters have no sense and pissed off customers. Those who called premier relationship managers just like typical no heart salesperson, trying to sell the low quality services and then walk away from you. Poor servicing standards and no customer satisfactions control.

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    Reviewed By Bellasmom Apr 17, 2016

    Things Seem To Be Changing For The Better

    I'm not a customer, but my late husband and surviving mother-in-law are. I didn't know about the legal issues HSBC was having, and only learned about them in the past few days.

    My husband had an account that was left in trust for his mother and myself. I couldn't understand why over a 7 month period after his death, our branch was giving us the run-around. My mother-in-law is elderly, and homebound, so I had her full Power of Attorney to handle her transactions for her. Unlike a lot of people her age, she still 'has all her marbles' and is a very savvy lady. I attempt to do whatever she wants me to do. As the saying goes, "When Mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy", lol.

    I will say that every time I went in that local branch to try to settle my husband's business, I was only able to see a front desk service rep. The manager was always 'not there' or 'too busy' to help me. Same deal with anyone else that had the authority to attempt to help me - not there or too busy. I couldn't even make an appointment, to speak with someone that could help me, at the branch, and was told to call.

    So, I finally (again, after 7 months of getting no where) did as was suggested, but I called HSBC's 800 number instead of the local branch. The telephone rep was sympathetic, apologetic, and performed what appeared to be miracles for me, given my experience with the local branch. What had been impossible, was suddenly readily available to me, and I went to my local branch that same day.

    Most of the business was handled that day, I did hit a couple stumbling blocks despite my paper work being in order; but I called my attorney while I was there, he spoke with the branch manager, and in about 20 minutes, one of the blocks was removed.

    I didn't leave with everything I had needed (I needed an account for myself), but everything was settled to both the bank's and my satisfaction. It took about 3 hours total. While I was there, I had noticed that the bank had changed - for the better. I told the rep in the branch so. On my previous visits, there were very little noticeable personnel. The cubicle I was now sitting in and all adjacent cubicles had been empty previously. There were only ever 1 or 2 tellers, and on this day, all the teller slots had employees working them.

    Despite being treated like I was almost a criminal with my initial attempts at resolution, my calling the 800 number changed all that in minutes. Thank you, N, for accomplishing what people at the branch could not. Thanks to you, I am now a step closer to getting on with the process of grieving my loss.

    I'm not even going to throw out the baby with the bath water - as I don't like having all my funds in just one bank, I am considering opening an account there for myself. Thanks to the telephone rep, N, and the convenience of the location, as well as the noticeable changes that have occurred I am now able to give HSBC bank 3 stars - where as just days ago my rating would have been much poorer. I cant thank you enough, telephone rep N! I hope HSBC appreciates your fine work. I know I do.

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