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Family and employee-owned HomeStreet Bank is one of the largest private banks in the Northwest and Hawaii. Since our beginning in 1921, we've stayed focused on what we believe is most important: building long-term relationships with our customers and providing ongoing support to our communities.

Homestreet Bank Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity N/A $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) N/A $30
  • Stop Payment item N/A $27
  • Return Deposit N/A $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) N/A $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) N/A $10
  • Non-Bank ATM N/A $1.0

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By VRusch Dec 18, 2017

    Don't use Home Street Bank if you want customer service from your mortgage bank!

    Don't use Home Street Bank if you want customer service from your mortgage bank! My experience has been a Kafkaesque nightmare because no one at the bank seems to know what they are doing: they can't understand a survey document; can't understand a quitclaim deed; can't set up an escrow process; can't get the necessary documents prepared; now won't even return my phone calls. 4 months after I requested Home Street's approval of a boundary line adjustment already approved by the City, it looks as though they won't give me approval documents before the end of 2017. That means I will have to pay all my 2018 property taxes upfront in order to be able to record documents in 2018.
    Here's the story:
    I financed a home purchase with Home Street Bank in June of 2016. We knew that the property had a problem in that the driveway to my house actually sits on land belonging to an adjoining parcel being sold at the same time. These neighbors and I agreed to swap property in a boundary line adjustment beneficial to all. My Home Street loan processor was informed on every step of this problem and the agreement, but never told me I would have to file Home Street's boundary line adjustment approval form.
    Early in 2017, my neighbors and I obtained a surveyor's services and all the necessary documents including new title reports on both properties, and then received the City's approval of the boundary line adjustment. Only then was I told I would have to get Home Street's approval through a process that would take 60-90 days, cost $250 and include numerous other hurdles. At the end of August, I submitted Home Street's approval request form, then waited. The bank's employee handling the request first came up with the erroneous idea that I was gaining an extra 4-5 hundred feet, then told me I had to have an escrow company prepare the approval documents. But the title company that handled the 2016 closing told me they don't do this.
    So then I complained loudly to the local bank manager who set out to help me by getting a "manager" assigned to the case. Instead of helping me, the "manager" has gone off on a wild goose chase of ordering another set of title reports, but hasn't been able to get the documents drafted or set up an escrow process to collect and record the documents. I let him know a week before December 13 that I would be traveling from that date through the end of the month, but he still wasn't able to get the process moving. He said the escrow company wouldn't return his calls. Now I have learned from the Kitsap County treasurer's office that I can't record any documents in 2018 until the full year's taxes on both properties are paid. This means a lot of money upfront that I would otherwise pay over the year in my monthly mortgage payments. It also means another delay because the country treasurer won't even know the amount of my taxes till about mid January.
    There is still a chance we could solve the problem and record the documents before December 31 if Home Street would carry out the promises made to me along the way, but now no one at Home Street Bank will return my phone calls.

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    Reviewed By frustrated2017 Aug 25, 2017

    Incompetent and Ineffective

    Personnel is incompetent and ineffective. It is unclear whether they are lazy or incapable. They are ex-DMV employees. The only thing the appear to proficient at is attending meetings and going out to lunch.

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    Reviewed By patrarmcd2 May 20, 2017

    Do not Do Business With This Bank

    Horrible! Business customers should run from this bank. I have rentals and have deposits that are the same amount for each rental. If I deposit the same amount twice in one day the computer report online shows a picture of the same check and the same deposit over and over. So three deposits and three photo's that indicate they came from one tenant. I asked Home Street Bank to fix the problem 2 years ago and they fobbed me off. I have dealt with 8 people who all have the same line "we are working on it" . I put voice mails into the top executives and then got a call from the same robotic people who have been promising a solution AND acknowledging that I am not the only customer complaining. They advertise this service and it is false advertising at the least.

    I have employees swing by the bank and deposit checks, I should be able to check my account, as promised, and make sure the deposit was made. Today I tried to login to my account and it blocked me with a "One Time Security Code. They will send a security code to my cell number, I have had this happen a few times, they give you several phone numbers to choose from, for security purposes. I always select my cell number out of the options given and get a text message with the number. Today my phone number was not listed and when I went to the option "My phone number is not listed" it replied that the numbers listed were the numbers "of record"! Really....amazing 2 weeks ago my number was listed....RUN FROM THIS BANK!

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