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Reviewed By Tom R. Aug 15, 2015

Positive Experience

On Friday, August 14, 2015, I accompanied my granddaughter to apply for a loan. It was near closing but Denise Helman took the time process the loan application. To make things even better, Jenny came over and introduced herself. She is the branch manager and this only added to an already very pleasant experience. If this customer appreciation is an example of what to expect when a potential customer makes a visit, then I may be tempted to start a banking relationship with Huntington at this branch location.

Tom R.

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Reviewed By BryceSchaffer Feb 22, 2014

Now I'm suing them

its a tough one but I've definitely got some dirt on them now! lorain county court of common pleas. case no. 13cv181571. I'm about to start a class action and could use all the people they've hurt pertaining to overdraft fees, inaccurate account balances and defective checks. my info is on the docket. please send me a letter and i'll respond by mail or phone if you provide.

Bryce Schaffer

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Latest Huntington Reviews

    Reviewed By Kellynn412 Mar 28, 2017

    Negative 5. Terrible

    Huntington Bank has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. We are 10 yr customers. Recently there were unauthorized charges to our account. Immediately we called customer service, and dealt with the most unfriendly, seemingly inexperienced people in the industry. We were left to feel we have to figure this out on our own, and on top of everything couldn't even get them to give us the phone numbers of the companies that hit our accounts for 1811.10. That's ok Huntington.. we got em in 5 minutes on google. WORST MOST IMPOLITE, LAZY, AND CLUELESS BUNCH OF PEOPLE WEVE DEALT WITH IN ANY AREA OF OUR LIVES AS CONSUMERS. They are great, as long as you never need them, or ask any questions.

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    Reviewed By klm Mar 28, 2017

    They are literally thieves.

    My family has all of their accounts at Huntington. For my children my wife has her name on their accounts just so there is a second person. Someone wrote fraudulent checks with my daughters name and deposited them into her account and then withdrew the money. Huntington closed my daughters account and then took the money for the bad checks out of my account. I thought banks don't pay out money until checks clear? Why should I be the one to pay when the bank messed up. Huntington is no different than the crook who wrote the stolen checks. Huntington stole from me, but they are allowed to do that because they are a big bank. On top of that I am charged $10 each for the stolen checks that bounced. They took over $800 out of my account without telling me and now my checks will bounce. Guess who will have to pay a fee for that? I'm done with banks. I'll keep my money under my mattress were I can protect it from the bank thieves. They have a fraud hot line for you to call 24/7. I called many times on the weekend trying to get them to close the account when the first bad check showed up, but was told on a recording to call during business hours. Never ever do business with these thieves. If you bank there your money isn't really yours unless you have it in your hands.

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    Reviewed By mttahtinen Mar 26, 2017

    Huntington Bank ...if you love fees and poor customer service

    RE: Huntington Bank (Formerly First Merit) Mount Morris MI 48458/Branch
    Complaint: Fee Frenzy, Worst customer service ever
    I have been attempting to close this account since December, due to their fee frenzy. I was under the impression that I had moved all of my existing services to my current bank. Apparently, I didn't make the site correction, and the other just chose to up me for their annual subscription w/o my permission.

    I was under the impression this account was closed/ inactive; I had gone on my account web page and sent a message to close it. I get a bill in for over $150, and I go in and speak w/ them. Initially, the bank manager attempted to convince me these were legitimate charges. It is also apparent that Huntington's Bank policy is to honor every ACH/Debit request whether or not there is money in the account and then they get to charge you their exorbitant fees (multiple times if the request is resubmitted). Ultimately, I got the vendor on the phone, in the Managers office who agreed that the charge was not legitimate and it would be reversed. At this point, I attempted to close the account and was told by the manager that she couldn't until that charge was reversed. I wrote a check for the existing balanced and was told by the manager that the account was going to be marked no further debits or withdrawals from this account. That was last month. This month, over $40 in fees again. Apparently, another former vendor attempted to withdraw a subscription payment. I have no control over this. It seems that Huntington Bank policy is to accept any charge made against your account, regardless of whether there are funds or not, and charge you an overdraft fee.

    I called the 800 corporate numbers, online, and spoke with both a CSR-M and a CSR-V, both initially attempted to convince me this was acceptable, and when I told them what the local branch manager had done, I was told I don't know why she would do that When I asked if that means the manager is incompetentI was told to watch my tone and your problem is with First Merit Bank I am not certain, but how does one go about an error correction with a business that has been purchased? My experience, in business, usually indicates that when you purchase a business with assets - you also purchase their liabilities. Ultimately after both of these individuals realized that I wasn't accepting their flimsy responses, I was told, "Don't like it don't pay it ...we will turn you over to collection."

    I, of course, will pay this; rather than jeopardize my credit, but it is my intention to file this complaint with the MI banking regulation authority, better business bureau, and any site that allows reviews of business (especially financial sites). This is the poorest excuse for customer service, I have seen yet and they must get away with it. What alternative would a consumer have against them?

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    Reviewed By davidran Mar 25, 2017

    You'll be robbed

    They took every chance to charge you fees, most of which would be waived by other banks. I was charged almost $1000 although I made every payment on time and funding them with my $20k deposit.
    Run away from Huntington as fast as you can!!!

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    Reviewed By AmericanConsumer Mar 21, 2017

    High auto loan rates and bad customer service - stay way!

    Stay away!

    I was asked a security question to log onto the site. This was the first time I was ever asked a question in the 7 months I've been logging in. I have no recollection of choosing this particular question - what is the middle name of you brother or sister - I have 4 siblings, i would never choose this question. Anyways, after multiple failed attempts, it prompted me to call customer service, which I did.

    After being on hold for 10 minutes they informed me they can't help me over the phone and that I need to come into a bank and show my ID.

    There are 3 in all of Chicago.

    Thanks for nothing. I've refinanced my auto lowed for a much lower rate. Huntington was 10.30% while I refinance for 3.2% and saved $2000K.

    Go with a different bank - perhaps one that has more than 3 locations in an entire city!

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    Reviewed By Anamaria3 Mar 19, 2017

    Disappointed installment loan release from Huntington Bank

    I had an installment loan for my car that was paid off at the end of December, 2010. At the time, I did not received a release letter stating that I have been released from this loan. Recently, I moved to Ohio and was required to transfer title of my car. I just discovered my title was never signed nor I had the release letter proving that I have been released from this installment....meaning Huntington Bank has a lien on my car. After numerous phone calls, I was assured I will be receiving the release letter in the mail and will be faxed to the BMV within three business days....Twenty days later it never happened! I called the corporate again and of course I received the same answer. Please call us back later, we made a note in regards to your complaint! This note is not passed to the right person because no one followed up with it.
    I am upset with the Huntington Bank (loan department) because every time I call the customer service number I am transferred to another department, talk with different "supervisor"of their supervisor, I am assured things will be followed thru...but it never happens. Lately, I have discovered a lot of small mistakes with my checking account and this incident makes me want to switch my banking with another bank, not Huntington.
    I would like other people to be informed in case they are considering banking with Huntington that based on my experience I did not find it reliable and lacks of following thru with their customer's complaints. Also, it is a hustle to try to get in contact with the right person.

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    Reviewed By Flmom772 Mar 8, 2017

    Worst bank I have dealt with in 20 years!

    Got transferred to three different people all of which could not help me and didn't have even an option for me to try else where. Wouldn't let me verify my account. An account which I do not have online access to so I can't do anything with. Way to help a mother of a disabled child who's funds you have tied up and we live out of state. Go to a branch they say, obviously that's impossible.

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    Reviewed By Sherrydrake Mar 7, 2017

    Mortgage Refinace

    From Cincinnati, Ohio. Dealt with someone out of the Columbus Office.
    We wanted to refianace out home after 10 years of being with them and over 50K in improving our home. The appraiser, that they sent, appraised our home at exactly what we owed. How convenient! They are supposed to use third party Appraiser Companies, per the law, but they've found a loop hole. Mortgages are public information! According to the county I live in, I pay a lot of taxes on what they've assessed my house to be. They are shady! Worthless! I'm going to tell everyone I know don't use them. Pull your money out.

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    Reviewed By cygnetgraphics Mar 5, 2017

    Rough transition from FM, but great customer service to address issues!

    I am a former First Merit customer. Like many others, my business account had issues after the transition to Huntington. (My personal account was fine.) And I did have a long phone wait to speak with someone about addressing the issues. I have to say though, the Rep I finally talked to was outstanding - she was extremely professional and offered help above and beyond. Then, when I discovered another issue, I had a Rep call me back - after hours! Next, when I responded with another question first thing in the morning, I received a nearly immediate reply well before business hours.

    A colleague once told me that everyone makes mistakes and faces hurdles. People won't remember the details of the mistakes, but they WILL remember how you handled them. From what I can see, Huntington has done an outstanding job of managing a huge transition and the inevitable issues within. And so far I love the new online interface. :-)

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    Reviewed By regal350 Feb 21, 2017

    Just another victim I guess..

    Very, very long story, shorter..., I was with First Merit and had weekly recurring payments setup with them every payday, Friday, for more than three years. The same amount of money to the same accounts for over three years! Every Monday First Merit would post the monies paid to my account. Except when a holiday fell on Monday, First Merit would post the monies paid to my account on payday, Friday.

    This is exactly what happened for Presidents day ( which was some genius' idea of a good day to finalize a BANK merger.. Cause there's sooo much consistency with banking procedures and HOLIDAYS!) So First Merit posts my recurring payments on Friday and now Monday I'm a Huntington banker. So Huntington takes my recurring payments and has them pending to be paid again on Tuesday!

    I call, attempt to explain.. to no avail. In fact after AN HOUR on the phone i get transferred to a "supervisor" so that THEY can better explain to ME why I'm paying the same bills twice within 5 days!!

    The supervisor finally seems to understand my complaint but tells me there is NOTHING they can do. Too late to stop the payments he said.

    The payments had already been paid.. but because First Merit and Huntington had differences on when money gets posted I get FORCED to pay double on my bills!!

    Seriously? An HOUR on the phone and that's what i get? Who cares? Nothing can be done.. oh well, not my money?? I didn't choose the merger! I get brushed to the side because of a very poorly executed one!? I did NOT have any issues whatsoever when Citizens became First Merit. That, to me, says it all!!

    The problem is Huntington! I refuse to stay with any financial institution that cares so little about MY money! Zero of my business will ever be with Huntington Bank!

    Take that to the bank! ( but not Huntington or you'll lose)

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