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Reviewed By Tom R. Aug 15, 2015

Positive Experience

On Friday, August 14, 2015, I accompanied my granddaughter to apply for a loan. It was near closing but Denise Helman took the time process the loan application. To make things even better, Jenny came over and introduced herself. She is the branch manager and this only added to an already very pleasant experience. If this customer appreciation is an example of what to expect when a potential customer makes a visit, then I may be tempted to start a banking relationship with Huntington at this branch location.

Tom R.

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Reviewed By BryceSchaffer Feb 22, 2014

Now I'm suing them

its a tough one but I've definitely got some dirt on them now! lorain county court of common pleas. case no. 13cv181571. I'm about to start a class action and could use all the people they've hurt pertaining to overdraft fees, inaccurate account balances and defective checks. my info is on the docket. please send me a letter and i'll respond by mail or phone if you provide.

Bryce Schaffer

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Latest Huntington Reviews

    Reviewed By dorothyh Jun 20, 2017

    Huntington Bank Gurnee, Very impolite, poor customer service, Betch girl named virginia working here

    I wish I could give zero star. There is very rude girl working here named Virginia. She is absolutely a Be..Very unprofessional, bad tempered and cheap person to the MAX. She is not suited to work in a bank and should be fired. A Liar and aggressive to customers. Absolutely a poor behavior.

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    Reviewed By Vosov Jun 19, 2017

    Poor customer service

    I set up automatic payments for a car loan. I made the first payment manually in May. They required I sign for the auto pay. My next payment was due June 5th, and would have a late fee on June 17th. I sent the signed papers in June 3rd. On the 14th I was sent a letter stating the July payment was set up. Five days later I received a later stating I had a late fee, and I am automatically reported the the credit bureau. Would have been nice to know before the letter telling me they set up an auto pay. That said, I could have sent it earlier.

    I call to pay, and complain about the process, and the customer service agent says "Sir, did you honestly think it would be processed in time?"...that did not help the situation. I don't think I will be getting anymore loans through Huntington Bank.

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    Reviewed By huntingtonsucks Jun 19, 2017
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    Reviewed By AC123 May 31, 2017

    Horrible customer service

    I was approved for a car loan in October 2016. After the purchase I decided to switch insurance. My insurance provided the new policy to Huntington and I was notified in January that they never received the proof of insurance and they forceplaced an insurance on me. I immediately called my insurance provider and they send the policy again. Huntington refused to waive the force placed insurance completely so they charged me from October until January. I decided to pay after hours on the phone being transferred to different reps. None of tgem was able to give me the right amount!!! I requested a Supervisor and finally gave me the amount of $148 so I paid it off ( this was in february)... 2 months later in May I was notified my car note was 1 month past due!!!!! Due to huntington taking my car note payment to satisfy the pending insurance bill...I said, what bill???? I paid it off in february! Well they say the total was not $148, the total was $436! So this bitches took my car note payment without notifiying me on time and I had to make 2 payments in May to bring my account current on top of everything they refused to take a debit card, so I had to wait 3 business days for my payment to clear...Im still gonna check my credit because they probably report it to the credit too...The representatives were rude and ignorant. One of them hang up on me and the other cut me off and tranferred me after he realized he didn't know what was going on. I can't wait to pay off this car ugh.

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    Reviewed By Thegiftfairy59 May 17, 2017

    Go to any other bank

    I opened an account online transfered over 1100.00 dollars. I received my debit card and could not activate it. I called they said my account would be closing due to a charge off with the bank. My credit report shows nothing. This bank srewed me out of several hundre before with oerdarft fees. But I have always rectified my account. Was not with them 3 years tried them again and this. I have no access to my money I even tried to transfer it out into my other bank and hunington won't release it. I will be seeking an attorney over this. Do yourself a favor go antwhere else.

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    Reviewed By Golfsara May 11, 2017

    Holding $10k of my money

    Day 32 of huntington not returning my $10k that they "accidentally" took from my account! I had a auto loan with this company and they took $10k out of my account after I paid my loan off and received the title! Yesterday I was told the funds would be overnighted! No surprise today they still have not sent my money!!

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    Reviewed By kburk May 8, 2017

    Not off to a good start.

    I started banking here to get a free gift of $150 for making a deposit of over $1000. I had just moved so the only proof of address I had was a lease contract. They were very nice when I went to set up the account. Made sure they offered everything I may need, loans, credit card, etc. I wrote a check from another bank account for a thousand dollars that day (a Friday) expecting it to be available that Monday or Tuesday. When I look it says there's a hold. I call and ask why. To ensure there is no fraud is the response. The money will definitely be available the NEXT Monday ( a week and a half after deposit). The money is already out of my other bank account so Huntington has the money. When I tell them this they say "yes we have it but we haven't placed it in your account to make sure there's no fraud." Called that Monday when it was still not available. Now I'm told it will be released that day but not available until Tuesday. So I've been without a thousand dollars for a week and a half.
    However, they have given me the promotional $150, so they had recognized my deposit but not made it available. The most annoying part of this is my banker kept telling me how transparent Huntington was and there are no hidden fees, everything is disclosed up front, etc. Then she doesn't even tell me there would be a hold on my account.
    I could not use this $150 though because they sent my debit card to the landlord's address on the lease contract when it says very clearly shows my name and address under the Lessee.
    Lastly, found out later they spelled my name wrong on my account (c instead of an r). The banker took my ID and had scanned it and still put it wrong in the system. Now I have to take time off work to go into the bank for them to change it.
    Customer service has given the typical "I'm sorry; that's frustrating" but has not done anything about it. Huntington seems to be all words and no action.
    Haven't even been with Huntington for a full 2 weeks, but it's not off to a good start for sure.
    Very well may only be with them for a couple months and will be continuing to look for a bank that is actually helpful.

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    Reviewed By pinkybeans325 May 8, 2017

    Poor Handling of a Forged Check

    I log onto my account online daily. I noticed a check for $260 had been cashed from my checking account. The check had obviously been manufactured, listed my former name, and was made out to a company outside the country. None of these red flags were caught by Huntington. After I had alerted them to the problem, an investigation was opened. One representative told me that the investigation would last 45 days. Another representative told me 4 business days. Nobody seemed to know when the money would be credited back to my account, nor did anyone ever contact me for information or to let me know the status of the investigation. I called several times to inquire, and was told that if I wanted to conduct my own personal investigation, any results I discovered would be welcome. Unbelievable. After a week, the money was back in my account, the investigation was closed, and nobody could figure out how or why this had occurred. Why on earth would anyone continue to bank here when the same thing will most likely happen again?

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    Reviewed By coronate May 3, 2017

    Difficulty with accessing funds after First Merit merger; poor customer support

    Since the merger with First Merit, I have spent hours on the phone with Huntington Bank's customer service trying to sort out access to my accounts. I've experienced it all--disconnections, getting transferred to multiple departments by people who claimed they couldn't help me, conflicting information, outright rudeness, and occasionally someone with a good attitude and information. Usually, however, when I hang up, I want to cry out of frustration.

    In summary, my negative review is based on a persistent lack of clarity and communication about the merger and access to my accounts. Somehow, I've ended up with credit cards that I didn't want to open, limitations on access to my checking account, and confusion with transferring between accounts. No one can give me a straight answer. Huntington's separate departments make it impossible to find someone to help you when your issue spans multiple types of accounts, or involves transferring funds. I don't think about my banking/accounts as different departments that parallel their structure. I wish they would rethink their customer service approach to reflect how people actually view and access their money.

    Regarding communication, when you call in for customer service, I recommend you write down the name of the person you're speaking to, and get a callback number and case number every single time. There is no email address to contact with your questions. If you find someone who can't help you, you'll most likely get "transferred," but ultimately disconnected. They will not follow up with you when this happens. Be persistent and try to be patient. Unfortunately, the burden of customer service is placed on you--the client--and not the company.

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    Reviewed By TiredOfBeingUsed May 2, 2017

    Huntington Lost My Business Records

    I started my business in 1999 and opened an account with First Merit. I kept my personal, and business accounts with Huntington when they took over. I was recently ask by my local branch manager for some information relating to my business. It start out as, "just need to update the information", then it turned into, we need you to provide all of your business records, licenses, state and federal numbers, articles of incorporation, officers, etc..., or Huntington is going to freeze your account in 9 days. Huntington "LOST" all of my corporate records, and are now "not" compliant with federal record keeping law, and want me to spend my time run around gathering records to bail them out. I'm more than mad. I'll turn this over to my corporate attorney.

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