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Reviewed By Tom R. Aug 15, 2015

Positive Experience

On Friday, August 14, 2015, I accompanied my granddaughter to apply for a loan. It was near closing but Denise Helman took the time process the loan application. To make things even better, Jenny came over and introduced herself. She is the branch manager and this only added to an already very pleasant experience. If this customer appreciation is an example of what to expect when a potential customer makes a visit, then I may be tempted to start a banking relationship with Huntington at this branch location.

Tom R.

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Reviewed By BryceSchaffer Feb 22, 2014

Now I'm suing them

its a tough one but I've definitely got some dirt on them now! lorain county court of common pleas. case no. 13cv181571. I'm about to start a class action and could use all the people they've hurt pertaining to overdraft fees, inaccurate account balances and defective checks. my info is on the docket. please send me a letter and i'll respond by mail or phone if you provide.

Bryce Schaffer

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Latest Huntington Reviews

    Reviewed By regal350 Feb 21, 2017

    Just another victim I guess..

    Very, very long story, shorter..., I was with First Merit and had weekly recurring payments setup with them every payday, Friday, for more than three years. The same amount of money to the same accounts for over three years! Every Monday First Merit would post the monies paid to my account. Except when a holiday fell on Monday, First Merit would post the monies paid to my account on payday, Friday.

    This is exactly what happened for Presidents day ( which was some genius' idea of a good day to finalize a BANK merger.. Cause there's sooo much consistency with banking procedures and HOLIDAYS!) So First Merit posts my recurring payments on Friday and now Monday I'm a Huntington banker. So Huntington takes my recurring payments and has them pending to be paid again on Tuesday!

    I call, attempt to explain.. to no avail. In fact after AN HOUR on the phone i get transferred to a "supervisor" so that THEY can better explain to ME why I'm paying the same bills twice within 5 days!!

    The supervisor finally seems to understand my complaint but tells me there is NOTHING they can do. Too late to stop the payments he said.

    The payments had already been paid.. but because First Merit and Huntington had differences on when money gets posted I get FORCED to pay double on my bills!!

    Seriously? An HOUR on the phone and that's what i get? Who cares? Nothing can be done.. oh well, not my money?? I didn't choose the merger! I get brushed to the side because of a very poorly executed one!? I did NOT have any issues whatsoever when Citizens became First Merit. That, to me, says it all!!

    The problem is Huntington! I refuse to stay with any financial institution that cares so little about MY money! Zero of my business will ever be with Huntington Bank!

    Take that to the bank! ( but not Huntington or you'll lose)

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    Reviewed By Leos_Dad1976 Feb 15, 2017

    Very happy with Huntington!

    Wow, after reading some of the reviews, I was afraid of my choice of banks. I read my welcome kit/e-mail for both my checking and savings accounts, and it seems pretty cut and dried.

    Banks and other businesses are there to make money, but can still be customer service oriented and friendly; both of which I've found Huntington to be. Both branches near me are very friendly and welcoming when I walk in; and I am always greeted with a smile.

    If you read what they send you, or the initial terms and conditions before opening an account, or have a basic, working knowledge of financial institutions, this is a great, straight-forward bank.

    Simple rule - don't overdraft your account, you won't be assessed fees.

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    Reviewed By MR2010 Feb 4, 2017


    I have an auto loan with Huntington. The vehicle has always had comprehensive and collision insurance (fully covered). About 5-6 months ago, for whatever reason, Huntington was under the impression the vehicle only had collision insurance. As such, Huntington assessed a large penalty fee to protect their asset. I had Allstate fax over the appropriate documentation for my proof of insurance, with absolutely no lapse in coverage. Huntington said it would be taken care of. The insurance penalty fee was supposed to be removed from my account. About a month goes by with no change. I still have the fee on my account. I called again. This time I ended up on a three way call with Allstate and Huntington. Allstate explained, again, the vehicle is covered. Faxed over the declaration. Again, time goes by, no change. I still have a penalty fee (and now late payment fee because the insurance penalty fee was not paid) on my account. Called Huntington for a third time, they can't even find a record of me ever calling and settling the matter. Faxed over the paperwork, again. Now, they claim the matter will be resolved in a few weeks and my account will be refunded. But this is like the boy who cried wolf. At best, customer service at Huntington is highly incompetent and they do not communicate between departments. At worst, the bank steals your money. I'm trying to get out ASAP. In the very near future, I will either refinance with a bank with better service or trade in the vehicle and just buy a used car for cash. Overall, horrible banking experience.

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    Reviewed By kelw2011 Jan 30, 2017

    extremely angry

    I had someone give me a bad check so they automatically closed my account, even though it was not my fault that the check was bad (screwed me twice) they instantly close my account and mailed out my money so I couldn't come and get it from the bank I had to wait for it. absolutely never using this bank again and definitely never referring them to a friend or family member. EXTREMELY ANGRY.

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    Reviewed By Confusedman12 Jan 28, 2017

    Police called on me

    Bad manager... Calcutta branch..If she had just done what she said, call her regional VP manager and he would have taken care of it this would never happened... Her frustrations lead to her calling police to have me put in jail while I was sitting in her office.. While I have approx 300,000 worth of money in there bank... Wow should be aware of this, now I am labeled as a bad risk.. And no one from upper management thinks this is important to reach out to me to ask what happened.All this over no answer to why 600 dollar being miss applied to a closed PLC count. If they say I owed this 600 on the PLC, that was closed in 2015 where is the doc's that say I owed interest for all the months they never sent me up to 1/9/2017,or the tax info for me to file on my end of year tax's. Maybe this is away they funnel money to the bad guy? Money laundry from Huntington bank and I got caught up in it. Makes a person think. hummm what the heck. Good new is I did not go to jail but did get escorted to the police office. and had to write a statement. All I wanted was the miss placed money! or a good answer and some upper manager to look into this... No one cares sad but true. I try to call all Number I can find and the upper executives are very well protected. these people make from 1.5 million to 500k a year from ripping people off. they don't care about us small guy or gal's what a mess. Shame on Huntington... Shame. As far as money laundry and they are funding bad people, well they would have to prove other wise but that's my opinion, why or where else would this kind of money just go to.? thanks for reading

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    Reviewed By mkfahey Jan 24, 2017

    Bank elsewhere!

    The customer service at the local level and Corporate level for Huntington Bank needs a complete overhaul. They placed a hold on a check. I have had the issueing bank call, the person who wrote the check call. I have called corporate and the branch. I receive different answers from every person I speak with. Not one person will tell me why my check is on hold nor for how long.
    My friend had a check sent by the same people to her account and the funds were available the next day.
    My ENTIRE account is still on hold. AND guess what the hold department doesn't speak to customers!!
    I have been yelled at and hung up on. How this this good customer service?

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    Reviewed By RobMCincinnati Jan 20, 2017

    Do not ask questions about your account

    If you have a question about your account you are expected to know the Huntington Bank department that can answer that question via phone support. For example, if you have a question about an alert that is coming to the wrong email address you have to know in advance the on-line support group is who you need to contact. If you do not know this then you will be transferred from department to department. Huntington Bank does not care about how long you wait between the transfers. The whole concept of FIRST CALL RESOLUTION is a totally foreign concept to the bank. You have a choice in who you bank with and Huntington should not be one of the choices

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    Reviewed By jpresley Jan 6, 2017

    Online Banking is Horrible

    Website is not done properly - some links do not work, etc. Also, some bogus $3,000 in 30 day max limit for loan payment. Your system is set without much thought, if I make a payment in February of $3,000 on the last day allowed, then I technically will not able to make a payment in March on time. This is plain stupid and unprofessional on your part.

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    Reviewed By tjsonown Dec 22, 2016

    They Don't Have a Clue

    My wife and I, according to all on-line credit ratings, have a credit score of up to 804, and we've down sized into an apartment in order to build up our finances. This is despite me having forty plus years of medical bills and end stage kidney failure.

    As a veteran I learned that we could buy a condo for far less than renting. We found the perfect condo that was priced well below our pre-approved limit. So we started the mortgage process with Huntington Bank. They submitted an e-mail listing all of the documents that would be needed, and we had to have them returned within 48 hours. We returned everything within 24 hours.

    This started the never ending calls for we need this or we need that, or they didn't do that. It became a game of everybody needed to to or supply something, and in most cases it was Huntington's responsibility or it had already been submitted. They never talked with each other. Even after giving us a firm commitment letter in which we approved on time they changed their mind.

    I told my wife that all along they were merely waiting us out so they could hit us with a better mortgage rate or terms. I also think it was because of our age, 69 and 65 and that I'm disabled. Please do yourself a favor and don't trust these newbies with any of your mortgages.

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    Reviewed By Dawnwojo Nov 30, 2016


    The experience my husband and I have had with Hunting Bank in an attempt to refinance our home has been by far the WORST experience either of us have ever experienced. The lack of communication, accountability and follow up for a financial institution this large is alarming. We closed our savings account and checking account last week. We will now be shopping other banks as well to move our mortgage. My husband and I have a business and work with several different banks. A portion of our personal banking was done through Huntington. I would caution anyone who is considering a banking relationship with this bank to run the other way as fast as you can.

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