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Reviewed By TYLER Mar 9, 2014

The Bank hours and staff

The IBC Bank in Bastrop Tx has great hours that work with the tellers stay until 6:15 every day for drive thru and the lobby closes at 5 but the drive thru works for me, the staff is really friendly and is all new for this location they make banking there great.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Zapata Feb 28, 2014

The vice predsident of IBC at ZApata is a fraud!

By many people and proof she steals from deseased bank accounts. She is not honest!!! One day she will get caught! Her best friend is a wanted fugitive from US marshal (Anabel G Garcia) look it up! There is so much proof Patricia PErez Vice-President from Ibc Roma Texas Steals from IBC and protects bad people like her best friend Anabel Grandos GArcia.

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Latest IBC Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By renyap Jun 14, 2017

    Charging service fees without notification

    IBC has a practice that should be changed. We had two checking accounts established in the early eightys which had become dormant. We stopped getting statements in January 2016. Since my wife and I both open mail and the accounts were both dormant, neither of us noticed the statements had stopped. In January 2017 we received a final statement on each account showing a monthly $5.00 service charge. The service charges started in January 2016 on one account and in July 2016 on the other. The monthly fees continued until the account balances were zero. Upon receiving the final statements in 2017, I contacted the bank where we did business. To make a long story short I had twelve conversations with numerous employees about reimbursements for all or some of the money. Our complaint went all the way to Bob Shepherd, the manager of the Oklahoma IBC banks. He declined to do anything. I have no problem with IBC charging a service charge on dormant accounts. What irritates me is after all the years of no charges they suddenly start them and purposely kept it from us by stopping the statements. I'm sure this may have happened to hundreds of other account holders.

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    Reviewed By Macbob May 26, 2017

    Poor Service

    Setup online banking and was a nightmare. Each and every time when trying to access account online, IBC blocks access and demands to verify security access code which they then call you, you have to enter 1, then write down code, go back to online account, enter code, then maybe can see/review your account. Why necessary every time even when you have a valid id and password? Called them for assistance and not much help other than say, oh, you need to register each and every device ( laptops, tablets, phones, etc) with them or you get blocked out from accessing your bank account. No other bank requires that. Even when can access account online, website is confusing. * Find another bank, any bank, just not IBC.

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    Reviewed By Mixtly Feb 2, 2017


    El sistema que tienen para verificar la actividad de mi cuenta por internet oh por la aplicacion es HORRIBLE! ademas algunas veces no aparecen al instante los depositos que se realizan en efectivo. Sin contar que nos dieron informacion en el banco que si tienes una cuenta vinculada como nosotros con nuestros hijos al momento que ellos realizan una aplicacion de credito y piden por su cuenta bancaria apareceran todas las cuentas vinculadas. Y segun ellos en IBC Bank no pueden hacer nada para resolver eso.
    Nos cambiamos de banco definitivamente , su atraccion solo son sus horarios.

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    Reviewed By Despite Sep 19, 2016

    Terrible Customer Service experience over the telephone

    To start I had to call a few times to get through. Once I did (their 956-723-2929 number), could not help me, instead they insisted I needed to go in person... When I asked to speak to a branch manager their was not one in/to speak to. Then I asked to speak to a manager and was told I could not speak to one. Instead they gave me a different telephone number (956-726-6601) to call. They were not informative at all and could not help me not all. Very disappointed that this is my bank.

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    Reviewed By Bradlek_5 Jul 7, 2016

    Poor Banking Services

    IBC bank operates like no bank I have seen before - recently they made an error with my account- closed it (after they failed to credit me with a deposit that I made) - When I realized the error and brought it to their attention, I received such runaround, spoke with so many bank officials - who claimed my account would be reopened - within days - after almost 2 weeks the problem still wasn't resolved- customer service officials not knowledgeable about their own bank rules, failing to call back to follow up, and basically - treating me as if I was wrong and making me start from fresh explaining their error- really frustrating an unprofessional on their part- (do they not document things in their account /computer system)

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    Reviewed By Angryashell Jun 6, 2016

    The worst bank you can EVER bank with!!!!

    IBC went ahead and let my account be charged FOUR transactions that were not done by us!!! Not one call or e-mail was sent to us to notify us that there were transactions done in FLORIDA AND we live in TEXAS!!! We only found out because our card got declined when we tried to use it. We called to say they were not done by us while the transactions were still PENDING and two days later those transactions were completed. They couldn't even give us a temporary credit while THEY waited to complete the dispute. Our account was charged $200 that was saved towards our rent! So inconvenient for our family. If you ever want to bank with a great bank, this is not your bank!!! Run away!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By JonesR Feb 15, 2016

    Where is the Routing Number???

    I opened an account with this bank several months ago and today I am trying to link the account to an online pay service. However, I can't find the routing number on the bank's Web site, in my account when I login, the bank statements, nor in any of the paperwork that I received when setting up my account. It should not be this difficult to find a routing number. Maybe I should have ordered checks that I won't use in order to have the routing number handy. This is inconvenient and inefficient.

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    Reviewed By whatsup Aug 26, 2015

    Over all experince with this work

    They treat you as if you were insignificant and are very rude and hateful. They do not practice what they expect from tellers and sales employees, and because of this the turn over is very high for theses departments. They pay less than many other banks in the same area. if you don't have a certain amount of people open accounts they fire you and the number of accounts you have to get a month is very difficult to get without tricking people into opening the account any way you can. The HR department is a joke and so chaotic they are making mistakes and putting the blame on the employee.

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    Reviewed By redfeather23 May 22, 2015

    Banking here is bad choice.

    Firstly, they end their banking day at 4 p.m or 5 p.m, depending on where your branch is. What does that mean? If you get off work at 4 or 5 on a Monday, and you want to deposit your check, you won't see any of that money until Wednesday, or even Thursday. Other banks end their day around 9 p.m.

    Their online banking app/website are a joke. Want to transfer money to an account that's not IBC, and you don't want to write a check? They will charge you for that. You'll receive the money in 3 days for $0.95 or in 1 business day for $1.50. I personally bank with a credit union, and that kind of thing is free.

    Lose your debit card? It's $10 for a replacement. Need a personal loan? You HAVE to take at least $2500, and you need at least half in your account (to be fair, those are the requirements for some other banks as well).

    This bank is ONLY in Texas and Oklahoma. They claim to be worth about 12.5 Billion dollars, and yet they charge outrageously for even the smallest mistake. They also pay their employees the smallest they can, all while spending outrageous amounts of money on "incentives" that are near impossible to earn and seem to only go to people in the Texas market.

    You know how you get charged for using an ATM that's not your bank's? Well, not only do you get charged that fee, IBC will charge you as well, even if you use an ATM in a state where IBC doesn't exist. No rebates either.

    If you decide to work here, think again. If you don't "preform" you could be let go. Because it only makes sense to fire a currently trained employee and spend too much money to train a new one, than to reduce the requirements.

    IBC is stuck in the past. Everything they do is on paper, their accounts are all terrible and the only one that's worth it is the Free Checking.You'll have long wait times due to bad software for the tellers.

    Just really think before you open an account here.

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    Reviewed By EMarra May 15, 2015

    Worst Customer Service from Sales Manager, Jeannie Davis

    A CSR at IBC Bank did not properly handle a Depositor's Agreement on 8/1/2014. I did not discover this until May 4, 2015. When I called to get the issue resolved, I was transferred to Jeannie Davis. She informed me that the CSR no longer worked there and she would handle the matter.

    Jeannie was rude and very unprofessional. I had to keep contacting her to get the issue resolved. After several attempts, I told her I would write a letter to the Attorney General's office and she sarcastically said "You go right ahead". I asked for her boss' name and she said she would have him call me. He did call and was able to immediately resolve the issue that the bank mishandled.

    Needless to say, Jeannie needs training on how to act like a manager.

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