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Reviewed By skotova Jul 28, 2015

Customer Service

Just a quick note about your employee Joan ... She was just fantastic in helping w/our account access and is very knowledgeable.. friendly .. and helpful.. One of your better employees..

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By swboyink Jan 8, 2014

Skank Of America Sold My Mortgage To M T Bank. Terrible Customer Service!

First off i have a $20 fee added to my account which my bank says is from a bad check fee, to which i always had auto draft with bofa. No explanation for this, was actually told to call bank of america to sort it out. Originally setup auto draft with mtbank, then they took two payments for one month, over drafting my account of which other bills began even more over drafting and the $25 fee for each transaction. Customers service said they would refund the payment but in form of paper check and i would have to send in my bank account statement for them to review whether i get reimbursement for the overdraft fees. They can take money out instantly but can't put it right back. Some bank! I hate that i had no choice to inheret such a handicapped mortgage provider. Ever notice that the name sounds like "empty bank"?

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    Reviewed By cipollanera Oct 4, 2016

    If you want to have YOUR money held hostage, this is your place.....

    On 9/29 I deposited a check written off a credit union in another state. The funds were deducted from the payer's account the same day. I was told by the teller with whom I deposited my check that it would be 2 business days., I am now told that there is a 4 day hold because it was written off a credit union. Then (same conversation) told the money, which is MINE and was DEBITED IMMEDIATELY from the other account will be credited to my account on 10/6 - one full week after my in-person deposit of the check. This is 2016, folks.

    So, pray tell, all powerful owners and overlords of other peoples' money....when will you have accrued enough interest off MY money to go ahead and credit it to my account? Greedy bastards. The lot of you should be in jail.

    I imagine they are all the same, but I will be shopping around...this is highway robbery.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jandambrose Sep 20, 2016

    M&T doesn't own up to their mistakes!

    An employee made mistakes, and I'm paying for them. My friend stated he was so happy he had everything in his trust, including his checking account - so everything would be very easy to take care of after he passed. Wrong!! The employee who "helped" my friend, never setup the checking account properly into a trust account. Then for 3 1/2 years the tellers accepted checks made out to living trust into an individual account without question. If the tellers questioned it back then - the problem created by the employee would have been corrected. Now the account is frozen and M&T doesn't want to do anything. It will cost time and money to take this to probate because of a bad employee. The same employee had a two feet stack of paperwork that she never processes, and my POA was one of them. The attorney charged my friend to go to the bank to help him get his account into the trust - gee, even the attorney didn't know the employee screwed up!! So how do I get this resolved?? Does anybody listen to the problems here??

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  • R
    Reviewed By rwasden Sep 10, 2016

    Fraudulent charges

    This bank is a complete scam. They assess hidden charges and fines that do not appear on your statements or on-line banking windows. Then, when you do not pay them, they continue to assess late fees until they report you to an agency to forcefully take the money. What a joke. I had over $2,000.00 in my account when they let a $.57 interest fee blow up into over $100.00 in fines, which in turn destroyed my credit score. This bank is a joke. We need to reach out to people who can help us address this. Who can we turn to? Please help!

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  • R
    Reviewed By roxxbane Sep 2, 2016

    Garbage customer service!! Bad M&T Bank! Bad!

    Think I'm joking? Try their customer service line: 1 (800) 724-2440. It's a highly frustrating and outdated automated system designed to eliminate human interaction. After great effort, 15-20 minutes of waiting, you ultimately reach an incompetent rep.

    My experience was around trying to find out how to act on a wire. They were clueless and had their default answers not directed at solving the problem, but to grind at the caller to "hurry up and get off the phone"

    I've ditched this bank & will not operate with them again if I can help it. I pity whomever needs help from them.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jfrano Aug 29, 2016

    Illegal Activity!

    My mom and I had a great 20 year relationship with Hudson City Bank. Visited Hudson City a few months ago, provided POA and closed accounts, to pay bills for mom in assisted living center. Now I require 5 year history for Medicaid app and went to M&T Bank in Wyckoff. With the POA, AGAIN. They tell me...Well we don't have any record of the POA on the account, so you'll have to get a lawyer to send it to us. Also you'll have to have your mom sign forms allowing the lawyer to act on her behalf! Outrageous, I guess they don’t know the definition of a properly witnessed, signed and legal durable POA! ..DONT open any accounts with these criminals

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  • Y
    Reviewed By youngster Aug 23, 2016

    Miserable bank.

    My mortgage was transferred to M and T bank in December 2015. Since then I have nothing but trouble with them. You can't reach anybody, they dont respond to Emails or faxes and they engage in questionable actions like changing the billing address on city tax bills from your address to theirs--among other actions.

    It got so bad that I just filed a lawsuit against the bank. If you bank with them get away from them quickly. If you have a mortgage with them find another bank.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jlm94 Aug 10, 2016

    Worst bank I've ever worked with!!!!!

    Customer service sucks!!! Fees on top of fees!! Don't do business with them ever!! Horrible experiences all around. My company has used them for a year and every customer I've had says this bank sucks!! Henrietta employees may need a class on how to treat customers! Switching banks and will never go back to this bank EVER!!!!!!!

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  • S
    Reviewed By SUGARFOOT1964 Jul 22, 2016



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  • F
    Reviewed By FTWannabes Jun 29, 2016

    WORST Bank we have ever done business with!

    Online payments were convenient - that was the only +. Wasn't my choice of bank for the loan and if it was offered again - we would walk away.
    Paid loan off early. They locked me out of the account by 8AM the next morning.
    Nightmare trying to get paperwork and title.
    Overpaid by $500 (my error) and it has been 29 days and 4 different stories about why I still have not received my overpayment. From "It will be 10 days" to "14 calendar days" to '16 business days" to "I cannot see where there is a refund due, but if there is, it will be 10 calendar days after the 14th business day from the payoff closing date. You can call back then to see if there are any funds due you".
    I know I'm not their favorite type of customer since I pay all loans off early - but they just lost my business forever.

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  • J
    Reviewed By JMB Jun 14, 2016

    Not very helpful

    I called the bank with a very simple question. The girl said I needed to stop by the bank to get help.

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