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Reviewed By skotova Jul 28, 2015

Customer Service

Just a quick note about your employee Joan ... She was just fantastic in helping w/our account access and is very knowledgeable.. friendly .. and helpful.. One of your better employees..

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Reviewed By swboyink Jan 8, 2014

Skank Of America Sold My Mortgage To M T Bank. Terrible Customer Service!

First off i have a $20 fee added to my account which my bank says is from a bad check fee, to which i always had auto draft with bofa. No explanation for this, was actually told to call bank of america to sort it out. Originally setup auto draft with mtbank, then they took two payments for one month, over drafting my account of which other bills began even more over drafting and the $25 fee for each transaction. Customers service said they would refund the payment but in form of paper check and i would have to send in my bank account statement for them to review whether i get reimbursement for the overdraft fees. They can take money out instantly but can't put it right back. Some bank! I hate that i had no choice to inheret such a handicapped mortgage provider. Ever notice that the name sounds like "empty bank"?

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Latest M&T Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Rsmcguirk1234567 Feb 8, 2017

    Awful customer service could cost you

    My car loan:. Never sent first bill, setting me up for late charges, the first rep on the phone said it's there policy not to send first month bill to customers bc the loan hasn't been generated yet. Lol. Impossible. And illegal if it were true. The rep was awful, would not confirm information, playing games, and had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. So I hung up, called back, got a different rep and we were able to settle my first payment easily. So, this bank is not dependable, if you carry a loan with them, don't wait to be billed, figure out your payment due date, get a physical mailing address and take it upon yourself to send the bill each month. Remember, as a loan holder, you have everything to lose and them everything to gain on not sending bills to you and late fees. And if you get a rep o. The phone that is difficult, nasty or moronic, hang up and call back. Keep doing this until you get someone on the phone that actually cares to help you. Organizations with employees like this are shady. After you send in a bill, snail mail if that's what you use, call them two days later to make sure it actually posts. Yes, they are this bad. Finally, my account number is issued by them but their automated phone service won't recognized it. If these people make it so hard to pay them, soon they will catch you on crazy penalties and late fees. And would I ever set up an automated payment with M&T, like give them access to my bank account? LOLOLOL. Think of the damage they could do. If you can avoid this bank, you really should.

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    Reviewed By Strongwolf Jan 30, 2017

    Very satisfied

    I'm very happy with this bank . It's convenient because there are branches near by.

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    Reviewed By Tyboogie28 Jan 6, 2017

    The worst bank experience ever!!!

    December 23, 2016 I went to cash two checks one was my paycheck and the other was a child support check I was told I couldn't cash them unless I had the amount on the checks in my account to cover them mind you I've cashed checks at other m@t banks before with no problem I ask to speak with the manager she tells me the same thing i never had a bank where I had an account tell me they couldn't cash my check I am switching banks immediately I suggest you do the same.

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    Reviewed By Aconpag1x Dec 30, 2016

    Wish I had come here before I started my mortgage process

    I have been working with a rep from the mortgage division in round lake NY and it's exactly what everyone is saying. They never return emails, calls or respond to anything. I have been given a closing g date twice now and all of a sudden they need more documents. Now my interest rate is about to expire and the Feds have raised interest rates so I'm guessing it's being done on purpose so they can get me for a higher rate.

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    Reviewed By Soupy12828 Dec 14, 2016


    Called main branch yesterday,the person I talked to was very rude and no help.Looking for a new bank today......

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    Reviewed By thefarrelledge Nov 30, 2016

    Great service!!

    Every time we have questions about our business account, the staff at the Brighton branch are extremely helpful and courteous. We've been with the bank for over 5 years now, and never have had a problem with anythibng.

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    Reviewed By Robert K. Nov 16, 2016

    I made a deposit IN PERSON @ M&T Bank, Hagerstown, Md. and it has not showed up on my statement!?

    I have only had this account for two months, and i never could tell how much money was in my account, their "CREATIVE BOOKKEEPING" is designed to get the most Overdraft Charges possible! I made a deposit to insure that i would have extra money in my account to avoid any more over charges, IT DIDN'T WORK! In the beginning, i made two deposits on THE SAME DAY, and the second deposit did not show on my statement for (4) four days later? When i questioned them about it, they said the second deposit (made on a Monday) was after 2:PM and that's why it didn't show, WELL WHAT HAPPENED TO Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday?
    It did not show up until Friday, thus leading to another overdraft charge of $38.50! Then when i went to the bank to complain about it, they treated me like i was a Whacko, BUT they gave me back the money a few days later?!
    They charge for even checking your balance, also for using ATM's AT THEIR BANK!?
    I have since closed the account!

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    Reviewed By delso Nov 15, 2016

    The worst bank ever!!!!!

    This bank decided to freeze my account while I was on vacation. When I called, they told me they froze my account because they needed to know if I was a U.S. citizen. After I had no choice but to answer them they said that had to wait 48 hr to get any money out. What joke of a Bank.

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    Reviewed By Krismae76 Oct 25, 2016


    I thought we'd use a local bank, but they are awful. I got called daily after opening a checking account by the sales person wanting me to buy life insurance. The bill pay is terrible compared to other banks. You can't pay bills directly to merchants. Twice in one month our payments have arrived late, and the excuse is they can't control the mail. I've never had this problem with any other bank, and it's embarrassing and a hassle. Run from M&T. I am.

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    Reviewed By cipollanera Oct 4, 2016

    If you want to have YOUR money held hostage, this is your place.....

    On 9/29 I deposited a check written off a credit union in another state. The funds were deducted from the payer's account the same day. I was told by the teller with whom I deposited my check that it would be 2 business days., I am now told that there is a 4 day hold because it was written off a credit union. Then (same conversation) told the money, which is MINE and was DEBITED IMMEDIATELY from the other account will be credited to my account on 10/6 - one full week after my in-person deposit of the check. This is 2016, folks.

    So, pray tell, all powerful owners and overlords of other peoples' money....when will you have accrued enough interest off MY money to go ahead and credit it to my account? Greedy bastards. The lot of you should be in jail.

    I imagine they are all the same, but I will be shopping around...this is highway robbery.

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