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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Monacarmody1 Feb 13, 2015

The Good And The Bad About Old National

I have been skeptical since old national took over united bank and trust but have changed my perspective when i was contacted by old national personnel in the loan and collections departments regarding payment changes regarding escrow amounts. They were sincere about helping to fix the problem, reverse fees and treated me with respect. They called me before i knew there was a problem. Great customer service! My biggest complaint about old national is the dinosaur of a web site and fees on my checking account.

The on-line banking is the worst i've ever seen. No loan transactions available on line. No loan history. No loan statements. When i called old national, i was told it is what it is and there are no plans to upgrade. You can see transactions on your checking account but 15 is the max. On-line banking weights pretty high on my list of what is important to me with my bank so i am only giving 2 stars. Get rid of the checking account fees and upgrade your website and you will have a 5 star review!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Janice_yen Dec 30, 2013

This bank is a joke.

I needed a private account to keep my money without having anyone knowing about it, and my dad told me to go with Old National Bank. I went in and sat there for 20 minutes while the workers there walked around and told eachother stories about their weekend, I decided to stand up and leave and the lady called me in saying she would take care of me, so i gave it another go and went in. Got all my papers done and she asked me if i wanted a debit card. i said yes and i had to fill in another agreement sheet (note this).

A month later I haven't received my card yet and my boyfriend told me to call them to make sure no one had activated it and stole it. I called and was put on hold for 45 minutes until the lady comes on and told me that my card was never ordered and that she would take care of it today. So 5 weeks went by and i still don't have my debit card yet. The bank required a balance of $750 to not be charged monthly. So there goes my $750 i couldnt touch for over 2 months now. My boyfriend told me if they take this long and still haven't fixed this small debit card problem, how long would it take them if something big happened to my bank account. So i waited another week to see if they will resolve this problem for me and i called them multiple times to check on my card. I got tired of it and went in to close my account before i picked my daughter up from school. I waited 2 hours and every time i ask if someone is going to resolve my problem its always "just a few more minutes. Someone will be with you shortly". Now I don't mind waiting but i was the only customer in there for the whole 2 hours and it was time to pick up my daughter. I still haven't been able to close my account yet. So much for the "best bank in Indiana". This bank is seriously a joke. i haven't had this bad of customer service throughout my life.

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Latest Old National Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Darkdragoon12345 Feb 28, 2017

    RUN NOW.

    This is a horrid bank. Do not sign up with them if you have leave it while you have a chance.

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    Reviewed By SKK Feb 12, 2017

    Not satisfied customer

    I am not satisfied with the transfer to Old National. I am going to pull all my money out. I got charged an ATM fee and Anchor never charged for them. I called and asked them about it and the lady was really rude to me on the phone and she said we do things different than Anchor and I said I see your customer service is different also . She also said and I am not refunding your feedback back cause it was my fault. Once I get all my electronic transfer straightened out I am going to pulling my money out. I am very disappointed with your business.

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    Reviewed By ReneeS Jan 25, 2017

    Run and don't look back!

    The fees are incredible. I was charged for using my ATM card too many times in one month at their ATM machine, charged for having too little in my savings, charged overdrafted fees when I had plenty of money to cover my bills. I was told over and over again its our policy. Direct deposit Payroll pending for 24-48 hrs...zero customer service, rude and unwilling to help. Charged if they mail your bank statement. I have several automatic bills that come out and if payroll is still pending late charges for each of those bills. Hundreds of dollars in fees in just three months time. I had been with Anchor Bank, prior to the buyout for 30 years, we have since pulled all accounts including our mortgage and line of credit with Old National. Stay away from Old National and if you know any one thinking about going to Old National have them check for reviews and even the Better business bureau. Least ethical company I have ever dealt with. If I could give a Zero I would so instead just saying this is a negative -10 bank.

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    Reviewed By Hawk Jan 18, 2017

    Bad Customer Service

    My coworker and I opened an investment acct she called to have $ transferred from HSA to the investment and the whole processed took her about a minute. I called to do the same thing and the representative I got was HORRIBLE. She didn't seem to understand what I was trying to do and so my coworker got on the phone and told her what she had did and how she didn't have any issues. When I got back on the phone the representative continued to ask me to verify my info. After I had did all that the representative told me she wouldn't help me because my coworker was assisting me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold for about four minutes and the supervisor basically backed her up. I verified ss#, dob, address and last deposit but because my coworker helped me they said I had to come into the branch. How stupid and inconvenient if my employer offered another option I would transfer my $. I understand protecting my acct but use common sense I was transferring $ from one acct to another not withdrawing. I guess you can't teach stupid. She was more concerned about my coworker in the background then helping me.

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    Reviewed By BClancer Jan 2, 2017

    Choose Another Bank

    Since Old National Bank has purchased Anchor Bank we have experience nothing but extreme displeasure with Old National. Its been over three months and we have not yet been able to log-in on line. The new staff at our locate branches have not been able to help. We cannot create a new login access, as your system states that our user ID is already taken, but the system will not recognize our password that was active for on-line banking with Anchor Bank. Our phone number is also not properly linked to our user ID in your system - so we cannot submit a request to change the password.
    We no longer receive envelopes to send in our monthly payments. When the statement shows a grace period until the 16th, and a payment is delivered in person at a branch location, we received a penalty.
    We no longer have control over when our Real Estate taxes are paid. For the past 27 years we always received the escrow check before the end of the year and we had the option of paying before the 31th of December to "double up" or wait until January to pay in the following year - to best address our current status for tax planning for personal income. Not only do we not have control over this process, we have no way to access your system to verify that the Tax payment was completed before the end of the year.
    The lack of personnel to answer phone questions on weekends and nights does not help our situation either. We currently have 4 accounts with Old National and we feel hostage to the bullying process that occurs when banks are bought out by out of state banks.

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    Reviewed By frustratedONB Dec 30, 2016

    They can't seem to pay your taxes from your escrow

    Old National Bank sucks. As new customer, not by choice since AnchorBank sold out to them, their service is tremendously poor and Anchor was not stellar, but puts Old National to shame. They've lied to me numerous times on the phone regarding Property tax payments and I truly believe if I hadn't called to inquire then complain about them, I doubt my payment would have been sent. Correct that, hoping that it was sent. They called me back to verify that it was one day'd yesterday by UPS to my tax authority, but at this point I really don't believe that they did it based on the countless lies and contradictions from their customer service. If your a customer of this bank, I'd highly suggest you close your account and move your money elsewhere. I'm unfortunately suck with them till I payoff my mortgage, but I getting rid of them for my escrow account and setting aside my property tax payments each month because Old National can't be trusted.

    Update:It has been now 2 days since they said it was sent on one day delivery. My Village still has not received a payment from them. Called to complain again and asked for the UPS tracking number since that is how they claim to have sent it. Imagine that that they can't find it or provide it to me. This bank can't stop lying. I had two separate call center people, one being a supervisor, tell me that it was being sent Wednesday morning via UPS and one had to call me back and verified that it was a one day ship. When I called today, the customer service person stated again it was suppose to have been mailed Wednesday and will need to call me back. He called back he still had no answers to why they lie so much. Supposedly I'm to receive a call back tomorrow with that tracking number. I believe he'll call back but without the tracking number I'm afraid

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    Reviewed By kgw Dec 27, 2016

    Don't expect them to pay your taxes right when they take the money from your escrow account

    My accounts got transferred to this bank when my old bank merged with them. They don't give you the choice of receiving your escrow check and paying your own taxes. Instead they supposedly pay your taxes by the end of the year.

    Well, they took the money out of my escrow check on 12/9/16. I called the treasurer and my taxes have not been paid as of 12/27/16.

    Then I called this bank and asked for the check number used to pay the taxes. They said the money was given to "tax service" and they will be paying the property taxes by the end of this week. Also they said that I can deduct the money from this years taxes since it was taken from my escrow account this year.

    So apparently this money has been sitting in limbo for 18 days. Why???? I still don't know if I am going to get a receipt showing that my taxes were paid.

    I do have to say though, all the people I talked to at this bank are nice but I don't think they have any control over this crazy policy.

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    Reviewed By FrustratedGrandma Dec 18, 2016

    If I could pick zero stars I would

    This bank just sucks and I am so frustrated right now. As everyone on this thread, Old National bought out my old bank, Anchor Bank which I loved. Now I can't use my Paypal card because it is not compatible with Paypal. I work online and get paid through Paypal and have no way to transfer my money to the bank now.

    It's also Christmas season and now my debit card keeps getting rejected online even though I have money in there. It won't let me Christmas shop. This is so frustrating!

    On top of that my balance keeps changing day to day even though there is no new activity since it won't let me shop! Grrr did i say this is frustrating? Just now I went on to check my balance because once again another store rejected my card and there is all these "pending" fees on there. For what? I have no idea, as it just says pending with al these random amounts and one $200 amount that is giving me a heart attack. Of course there is no customer service open right now for them so I have panic all night about these mysterious charges.

    Tomorrow I am going to go close out my account and start a new one elsewhere. It just really sucks having to do this right now at Christmas when I need my card the most. Grrrrr

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    Reviewed By Ihatebanks2016 Dec 10, 2016

    If Old National took over your bank-watch out!!!

    Let me start off by stating this bank has been the most frustrating bank to deal with. Here's the scenario: I used to have my mortgage with Anchor and we escrow. Old National took over Anchor. So now we have our mortgage through them. I received a letter about how Old National handles escrow payments differently than Anchor: 1)The directly mail property tax disbursements from your escrow account to the tax authority on your behalf. 2)Tax payments will be mailed in December for payments due in January 2017.
    We have always received a check from Anchor for our property taxes and would then send in our own property tax payment. We send out payment in JANUARY so is cashed in JANUARY. We have done this for many years. Our tax adviser, who is a Senior adviser so I trust her, has explained we must keep doing this so our tax return doesn't get messed up. So the fact that O.N. (Old National) is forcing us to not have control over mailing in our payment AND is sending out the escrow payments in December is really screwing us over. I called the Client care number, the lady couldn't help me and told me to contact our local branch. I called them, and the loan officer explained how he is aware of many others having this same issue but couldn't help me so he told me to call the loan office. I called them and the lady was so unhelpful and matter-of-fact that it was ridiculous. During the O.N. takeover she told me O.N. was aware of how Wisconsin was different in how they handled property tax payments....... and that is all she could offer me. I asked her if they were aware then WHY THE HECK DIDN'T THEY LOOK INTO IT to come up with a solution for the thousands of customers that this was going to affect, to make this transition a fair one and not going to screw over their new customers. She just kept telling me how when a bank takes over then their policies take hold. She also kept repeating how we are "not making any exceptions". That is it!!! All she could say after me explaining over and over again that their "policies" will now be affecting my tax return. As it seems to go with these big banks all you get is the run-around.
    I didn't ask for them to takeover my mortgage! And now they are forcing me and many others to not have control of when we mail in our property taxes. I am so sick of banks not caring about the people that keep them up-and-running and rich.
    Banks think they can do anything they want and people are just going to bow down and take it! NOT ME! I am not going away and will become a thorn in their side until I see they are trying to work with their customers, customers that didn't have a choice in becoming their customer. I am also going to do my best in the meantime to refinance with my credit union, to get as far away from this BANK as possible.
    So to sum up: O.N. is aware of many others having the same issue as me. O.N. was aware during the takeover that Wisconsin was different with how customers could pay their property taxes AND DID NOTHING TO RECTIFY THE ISSUE WITHOUT SCREWING THEM OVER.
    Our local news does a Call for Action piece every month. I will be emailing them as well to see if they can help us little people from having our taxes royally messed up.

    I don't usually write reviews but this I know is wrong. If people don't speak up then nothing will ever change. This bank claims to be so great! They are not! LIES LIES LIES.

    Just a side note-if you can go to a reputable credit union. I use one for my checking/savings/car loans and they are wonderful. They have always did their best to work with me. You almost always have better treatment from a credit union.

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    Reviewed By darkmetal423 Nov 3, 2016

    Bad customer service skills

    The new manager needs to be demoted for how she snapped at me . Terrible customer service skills. I will never return to this branch ever

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