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    Reviewed By tooblessed Nov 21, 2015

    Unprofessional service

    I have been a client of Magna Bank and now Pinnacle Bank for over 15 years. I have seen many branch personnel come and go. But I must say that one of the people at the branch in Cordova is rude, unfriendly, rolls her eyes in the customers presence, and does know acknowledge me when I enter the branch. She seems to be in a rush even though many times I have been her only customer at the time. I have been through the drive up and the service is great with the young man there. I look around while sitting in the car waiting in the drive up and notice why this lady seems to be in a hurry. Every time I look inside the bank through the drive up window she's online surfing the web. How rude and unprofessional to rush someone out of your window just so you can shop???!!!?? I wonder if the CEO of Pinnacle would be impressed with her lack of customer service.

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    Reviewed By thatone Aug 18, 2015

    Pinnacle Banks in Joplin MO

    At least one Pinnacle Bank in Joplin throws away customers account numbers in the regular trash. It has been brought to the attention of the Bank several times and nothing is done about it.

    With all the identity theft that goes on you would think that a Bank would do everything it can to protect the customers.

    This is not the case and Pinnacle Bank was harsh towards the people who brought this to there attention. Still nothing was done about it.

    This was even reported to the FDIC who still did nothing about it.

    So I guess for what it is worth it is okay for banks to not protect your personal information.
    I would have thought that this would be a big deal.

    If you care about your personal information being safe guarded Pinnacle Bank may not be for you. If you are okay with them not protecting your personal information then disregard and happy banking.

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