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The Most Helpful Santander Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Bellasmom Apr 17, 2016

Best Experience With A Bank So Far!

I've only had my accounts for about six months. Two people had worked on opening them for me. I had been lucky enough to get in on the Extra 20 Checking and 20K requirement for the Premier Checking which came with some delightful perks of its own. There were only a couple of days left to take advantage of the offers. They worked together as a team, and got me the best deals possible, even making terrific suggestions to protect my savings from fraud.

One of the initial employees made a mistake, and neglected to link the Extra 20 Checking to the Extra 20 Savings account, which was quickly corrected upon my asking about the issue with a third employee. The funds I was supposed to be receiving from the bank appeared in the proper account the next day.

Every time I ask about anything, even one recent unusual request, I am cheerfully accommodated. I would recommend anyone in my area running - to open an account there!

I find it interesting that a lot of the negative reviews I have read are given to the bank so far over human error and electronic system issues, or that reviewer's own errors and/or laziness, like you can reset a ATM PIN at the machine immediately, as long as you didn't lose your card. Their charges for international service are clearly displayed online. Every business you go to has new and uneducated employees; and the laws these days that govern banking means a new or old manager practically needs to be an attorney.

Maybe we consumers need to educate ourselves as well.

I recently had a very bad experience with HSBC bank, which probably would have NEVER been resolved locally. It was like those employees just couldn't be asked, and were blatantly lying to me about the most simple of issues - like telling me they couldn't help me to even make an appointment to speak to someone that could help me, since they couldn't and no one was ever available that could speak to me AND help me.

I finally called their 800 number, they contacted the branch, and all my issues were resolved that day. It is very tempting to buzz on over and give HSBC a scathing review but I wont. I don't think its fair to admonish that entire corporation over the failings of one branch.

I would suggest with questions on any bank or issue, look at the bank's website, and/or call their 800 numbers if you find their local employees cant help you sufficiently.

So far, I LOVE Santander!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By gocreditunion Nov 7, 2013

Is it any coincidence that "Satan" can be spelled from the name of this bank?

I am a business customer of Santander USA. I was recently locked out of my account for reasons I couldn't understand, for days. Not simple to resolve since there is no 'log in help' button that gives you instantaneous options for resetting your password. You have to call Business Customer Service within business hours. Over the course of three days, I placed 9 phone calls, made one branch visit and spent 4 hours of my time over a password reset issue. In the 9 calls, I would often be cut off--calling the business number I'd end up in the personal banking number due to 'overflow' and then would be cut off in the transfer back. Twice when I got through, I was promised that I would be sent emails that would allow me to reset. The emails never arrived-nor were they in 'spam'. On a third contact the customer service person admitted they had not been able to get emails through over multiple email clients, had major problems since a website update, and that my log in problem was a technical issue on their end that had nothing to do with my log in attempts. He then promised me a 'special' email that would reflect his escalation of my problem to the tech sector. Again, jack sprat arrived.

I should add that I am generally polite patient and understanding and it is a rare experience for me to alienate customer service staff. However, I lost it on the third day/fourth live contact when once again I was promised an email and denied contact with a supervisor after I explained I had been down that road before and needed resolution now. I told the rep I considered this to be a material breach of my bank contract since I did not have reasonable access to my money. Those are the magic words: material breach! Magically an email allowing me to reset my password appeared 10 minutes later.

It is a password reset people. Not rocket science. I will be changing my bank at the first opportunity.

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Latest Santander Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Mike023 Feb 23, 2017


    Wayland Ma branch is awful, really bad experience and rude employees.. Going to another bank. 0 STARS if I could..

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    Reviewed By 1302 Feb 23, 2017


    I transfered to Santander in Sept. closing my acct. with a credit union. I was extremely happy w/ Santander's service when I received a promo card in the mail prior to opening my checking acct. I got the promo automatically deposited to my checking. I was gratified because the money came on time when I needed it very badly. One especially helpful service that I like w/ Santander is the MINI-STATEMENT that you can get from the ATM machine that will keep you tract on your transactions & watch if you have enough funds available. Very helpful & convenient service. I'd rate my experience with SANTANDER with the highest point which is ..... "5 STAR"

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    Reviewed By krs2734 Feb 21, 2017

    Potential Scam

    I applied for a checking account on Feb. 4., 2017 as part of a promotional offer. It is now 2.5 weeks later (Feb 21, 2017) and the account STILL hasn't been set up! I called 4-5 times over the past 2 weeks to inquire about the status of my account. Every time, someone told me that they were flooded with applications, and that it was taking longer than usual to respond, but that I should hear back from them soon---never once did they give me a specific date by which I should expect the account to be opened. Meanwhile, I had a $500 hold on my credit card for the account. When I called today, I told them that I wanted the account processed today or I was walking. The woman on the phone (who was very polite) told me it could be another week or more. So I told her to cancel my account which she more than readily obliged.

    I actually think this was a scam of sorts. They probably got more applications than they were expecting and couldn't afford the payout of the promotional offer ($225) for all of the sign-ups. So, to get around that, they just never bothered to open the accounts, using the fake excuse of their being flooded with applications. Sorry, but I've applied to banks who have similar promotions before, and the creation of the account is always almost instantaneous---maybe a day delay before everything is set and ready-to-go. I had asked to file a complaint with their complaint department, but they apparently don't have one, so I'll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, instead.

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    Reviewed By cortee123 Feb 14, 2017

    Pray you never have fraudulent account activity

    Sometime in late December, my son lost his wallet, and he initially thought that he would just have to replace the cards that were in his wallet. It turned out that his wallet had actually been stolen. We found this out about a week later when I was checking my accounts and noticed that a fraudulent check had been deposited into his account, and $1,000 was withdrawn before Santander determined that the check was a fake. We immediately called the fraud department and made out a report with our local police department. The fraud department advised us that we would have to go into the back to make a claim. First thing Monday morning, we spent an hour in the bank making the claim and preparing a detailed fraud Affidavit with the customer service rep, who assured us that she would get the paperwork right over to the fraud department. We didn't hear anything for 3 weeks until we received a letter from the overdraft department demanding $1072 (fees were added, even though we were assured that the account was frozen), or the account would be closed. When I called to inquire about the letter, I was advised that no fraud claim had ever been opened, and I would have to contact the fraud department. I called the fraud department, and a claim was finally opened. Fast forward two weeks, I get two conflicting letters from Santander, one stating the claim had been denied, and the other stating that yet another Affidavit would have to be completed. I call the number listed on the letter to find out what the actual status of the claim was only to be told that not only was my son's account closed, but both of my accounts had been closed as well. I was then told that they couldn't help me, and I would have to contact the fraud department the following business day. I am absolutely livid at this point. So, not only was my son robbed for his wallet, now, Santander is trying to further victimize him by trying to get $1072 out of this 19 year old college student. I have been a Sovereign/Santander customer for 20 years and have been in good standing that entire time. I have recommended people (my own children even) open accounts there many times over the years. Since Santander took over, this bank has taken a nose dive. They don't care about their customers, and their fraud services are pathetic. No department seems to know what the other is doing, and the branch employees are either incompetent or just don't care about doing their jobs. If you have an account here, get a new bank ASAP. Otherwise, pray that you never have to deal with fraudulent activity on your account or any other problem that requires you to deal with Santander's customer service department or branch employees.

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    Reviewed By 8189789881 Feb 11, 2017

    Unneccessary letters & requests

    I opened an account recently at Santander bank local branch in Douglas ,filled all the required information including tax reference numbers in Isle of Man & UK.
    I get repeated letters from the main office in Bradford asking me to fill the tax reference of all countries (it is only UK and Isle of Man) . Language in the letters sounded not very helpful .I filled the forms with the information they requested and phoned them as well, although the local Santander bank confirmed that they had these information already on their system from my application and documents I gave them before, one time I filled the forms and gave it to the local branch as they requested from the main office in Bradford but still they are sending their silly letters with little unhelpful language.
    The local branch in Douglas could not understand as well why the main office is doing this.
    I am going to close my account soon and transfer the money to my original bank soon.

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    Reviewed By lizblocker Jan 26, 2017

    Awful bank, awful service

    I used Santander for my business banking for years. Let me state outright that the only reason I stayed for more than a few months was that I'd signed a contract with them and their credit card processor that locked me in for three years (BIG mistake.)

    They never made anything easy. Every account issue required me to go into a branch to resolve - and these were almost 100% the bank's problems, not mine. For example, my statements went to the wrong address for months despite many phone calls AND branch visits to resolve. I am a small business owner, so when I don't work, I don't make money. Every phone call and visit to the branch took away valuable time I should have spent working.

    They also charged $15 per month when I didn't use my debit card enough. I understand many banks do this, but many also don't, and for that fee to be worth it, I would expect stellar service in return. Not so with Sovereign/Santander. I don't use my card in my line of work very much, and so would often find myself trying to buy small cheap things that added up to less than $15, just to avoid the fee.

    I finally lost all patience with them about six months ago and closed my account. I am still, to this day, getting paper statements showing a zero balance on my accounts, and warning me to make a deposit soon or my accounts will be closed. (Also note that I had tried for years to switch to e-statements, and stop getting the paper ones altogether, and gave up when even branch visits didn't help.) I called the bank to resolve this, and was told repeatedly that I couldn't speak to anyone about my account because I couldn't give them a "recent transaction" to verify that I am the account owner. When I reiterated that I couldn't supply one because the accounts had been closed for SIX MONTHS, I was rudely told over and over that there was nothing they could do for me, and I would have to - can you guess? - go into a branch to resolve the problem.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, who was plainly rude, and even after I had dug into all of my old records to try to find a transaction for them, told me I could no longer do this over the phone because I asked to speak to him, and he didn't handle account verification, and wouldn't transfer me back to someone who did. Now, to be fair, I wasn't so polite myself by this point. I didn't swear or insult him, but I might have said, "Your customer service is terrible! This is why I left in the first place!" At which point the supervisor hung up on me. I get that no one likes to be the focus of customer complaints, and I should have kept my temper, but give me a break. This was so clearly the bank's problem and they were so clearly being obstructionist instead of helpful.

    So, I give up. If they want to keep spending money to print and mail statements for an account that no longer exists, that's their problem. I am so done. I use Spark Business from Capital One now and so far, they're wonderful. Goodbye and good riddance, Santander.

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    Reviewed By Rhodenet Dec 26, 2016

    Virtually impossible to pay a bill vias phone

    We were a customer of Sovereign Bank in Massachusetts for many years, they held our mortgage and a home lin. We sold our home 5 years ago and moved to Florida. Santander bought Sovereign, just before I moved.

    Trying to pay on my remaining credit card has been nothing but a nightmare. I read all the info on my statement, and they still want more. Tried again to pay today, they continued asking more and more questions , TO TAKE A PAYMENT!!!!!!!.
    I don't care of a total stranger want's to pay my on my balance - I am not asking any confidential questions and not asking for money.
    I finally lost it today, when I yelled "I JUST WANT TO MAKE AN EFFING PAYMENT! Allisa (?) hung up on me. I will wait until it goes to collection, and have Santander pay the collection agency fee.
    Dec 26, Aprox 2:27 PM

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    Reviewed By Nrdb Dec 9, 2016

    Opening the account was easy...

    Good initial letters and information, but once you try to get on line the problems start. I tried to log on with the security details I had been sent. It was fine and simple. I was in and logged on! Later in the day I tried again, but it would not work. Tried several times. No good. Called helpline; I was told that I would have to wait for new security to be sent out. That came this morning..... it does not work. Phoned customer services. She will post out new security details which I should get within 4 days. So then I will have 3 lots of security details from Santander, as well as the personalised details which I set on the one occasion I was able to log in.
    I will have waited about 2 weeks from opening my account before being able to use it from home, and that assumes that it will work next time, when I receive the latest batch of security info. I'm not overly confident about my next try.
    Having read other reviews on this site I know I can expect little more than further problems when I actually come to try to conduct banking business.
    The one good point so far has been that the advisers I have spoken to have tried their best to be helpful. Unfortunately they, as we, are trying to deal with a rubbish system. The last woman I spoke to pointed out that I could go and visit my local branch and conduct business there. Welcome back to the 1960s!

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    Reviewed By julietboggio Dec 5, 2016

    worst bank ever should have the option of zero stars

    Trying to get money out of UK into USA- all transactions denied and account frozen on 8 out of 9 transactions. No call from security and no luck with anyone.
    Changed tactic to transfer money in UK and then move to USA still unable to get even 5k moved within the UK.
    Fraud detection is a joke, customer service reps have been trained to say we understand your frustration. Unable to talk to the jobsworth who keeps on freezing account.
    Trying to close account is almost as hard.
    This is not an international bank- this is a bank that takes your money no problem but won't give it back.
    Security questions have been so dumb as what is the name of the road you live on - when I explained there is no road as in the middle of nowhere I was told to send passport and card via e-mail, then they wanted picture of me holding passport- doesn't that sound like a scam -I am expecting the next request to read i need a tattoo sf Santander on my arm.
    They will be the next bank to sink so get your money out now if you can!!

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    Reviewed By MelSC Nov 10, 2016

    Worst Customer Service

    I stopped over at this branch to have a check made out to me from a Joined money market savings, the manager refused to make me a checking stating that the check needs to be made out to all the party's on the account I noted to him that unfortunately the other person is extremely sick & I would need the check just made out to my self, he stated he could not do that cause its up to his desecration who he makes out the check to.I decided to walk out & call customer service & get this matter resolved since is unheard of that the manager of a bank decided who the check should be made out to.
    I also filed a formal complained against the manager of this branch.
    If you need to withdrawal your money from your account in anyway or form good luck at getting it from this branch

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