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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Bellasmom Apr 17, 2016

Best Experience With A Bank So Far!

I've only had my accounts for about six months. Two people had worked on opening them for me. I had been lucky enough to get in on the Extra 20 Checking and 20K requirement for the Premier Checking which came with some delightful perks of its own. There were only a couple of days left to take advantage of the offers. They worked together as a team, and got me the best deals possible, even making terrific suggestions to protect my savings from fraud.

One of the initial employees made a mistake, and neglected to link the Extra 20 Checking to the Extra 20 Savings account, which was quickly corrected upon my asking about the issue with a third employee. The funds I was supposed to be receiving from the bank appeared in the proper account the next day.

Every time I ask about anything, even one recent unusual request, I am cheerfully accommodated. I would recommend anyone in my area running - to open an account there!

I find it interesting that a lot of the negative reviews I have read are given to the bank so far over human error and electronic system issues, or that reviewer's own errors and/or laziness, like you can reset a ATM PIN at the machine immediately, as long as you didn't lose your card. Their charges for international service are clearly displayed online. Every business you go to has new and uneducated employees; and the laws these days that govern banking means a new or old manager practically needs to be an attorney.

Maybe we consumers need to educate ourselves as well.

I recently had a very bad experience with HSBC bank, which probably would have NEVER been resolved locally. It was like those employees just couldn't be asked, and were blatantly lying to me about the most simple of issues - like telling me they couldn't help me to even make an appointment to speak to someone that could help me, since they couldn't and no one was ever available that could speak to me AND help me.

I finally called their 800 number, they contacted the branch, and all my issues were resolved that day. It is very tempting to buzz on over and give HSBC a scathing review but I wont. I don't think its fair to admonish that entire corporation over the failings of one branch.

I would suggest with questions on any bank or issue, look at the bank's website, and/or call their 800 numbers if you find their local employees cant help you sufficiently.

So far, I LOVE Santander!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By gocreditunion Nov 7, 2013

Is it any coincidence that "Satan" can be spelled from the name of this bank?

I am a business customer of Santander USA. I was recently locked out of my account for reasons I couldn't understand, for days. Not simple to resolve since there is no 'log in help' button that gives you instantaneous options for resetting your password. You have to call Business Customer Service within business hours. Over the course of three days, I placed 9 phone calls, made one branch visit and spent 4 hours of my time over a password reset issue. In the 9 calls, I would often be cut off--calling the business number I'd end up in the personal banking number due to 'overflow' and then would be cut off in the transfer back. Twice when I got through, I was promised that I would be sent emails that would allow me to reset. The emails never arrived-nor were they in 'spam'. On a third contact the customer service person admitted they had not been able to get emails through over multiple email clients, had major problems since a website update, and that my log in problem was a technical issue on their end that had nothing to do with my log in attempts. He then promised me a 'special' email that would reflect his escalation of my problem to the tech sector. Again, jack sprat arrived.

I should add that I am generally polite patient and understanding and it is a rare experience for me to alienate customer service staff. However, I lost it on the third day/fourth live contact when once again I was promised an email and denied contact with a supervisor after I explained I had been down that road before and needed resolution now. I told the rep I considered this to be a material breach of my bank contract since I did not have reasonable access to my money. Those are the magic words: material breach! Magically an email allowing me to reset my password appeared 10 minutes later.

It is a password reset people. Not rocket science. I will be changing my bank at the first opportunity.

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Latest Santander Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Jonah1123 Jul 6, 2017

    Worst Bank I Have Ever Used

    Between errors made by their employees and incorrect information provided by their employees, I have lost thousands of dollars

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    Reviewed By banker_frustrated Jun 22, 2017

    Worst banking experience ever

    I opened an account in April, and within the next 2 weeks, I received multiple unmarked envelopes and secure envelopes in the mail to the point where I was overwhelmed with things from Santander. I got one debit card in which the numbers didn't make any sense, then another one which was the actual card. When I tried to activate it, they said the account was on hold because I didn't send in a "signature card" (which is actually a piece of paper), which arrived in one of the unmarked envelopes. (Note: each envelope is stacked with at least 12-15 pieces of paper). This envelope arrived 2 days after the debit card arrived. I went to the branch to try to understand all of this, and they told me that the account was scheduled to close and they threatened to put a derogatory mark on my credit report (it's a checking account, it has no effect on your credit), and told me to be "more responsible and read the mail that comes to you". I also have accounts with Chase and BofA, and it's literally one signup, an e-signature and you're set for the rest of your life. This bank is truly a hassle to deal with, they should have been shut down instead of getting acquired. Probably the most backwards, unintuitive, 19th century bank out there today. Waiting for all this to settle down and closing out the account.

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    Reviewed By Sklein02 Jun 19, 2017

    Great bank terrible app

    I like Santander overall but their app is horrendous. I mostly use the app to deposit checks by phone and it never works so frustrating.

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    Reviewed By 1buddamanxxx Jun 12, 2017

    Worst bank ever!!!

    I was approved for a credit card with a cl of $4000 in November of 2016.i used the card maybe twice and made payments on time with more than the min. Payments.tried to use it again in January and was declined.called the bank and was told there was a hold on the card.i was told I'd have to visit a branch to verify who I am!I live in Pittsburgh and the closest bank is in Philadelphia!what a joke!!! Don't waste your time!

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    Reviewed By Patnac Jun 8, 2017

    Garbage bank

    Un needed and long holds placed on checks, insanely low deposit limits, fees. Bad CS. One guy even told me to deposit 1000 at a time to avoid the limit. IT WAS A CHECK! How to I split a check into smaller amounts??!?! His reply, "oh my bad man". One teller says your funds will be ready in 24 hours. TOOK 15 days!!!!

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    Reviewed By Ckirshner May 24, 2017

    Lame excuse for a bank!

    I accompanied my mom into the bank where she was depositing a large check! I asked a teller, who was not helping anyone if I would be able to use the restroom. She looked Around, and then responded no. I mentioned how my name was on my mom's account, but that did not seem to matter. So much of banking is customer service...this branch clearly doesn't have very good customer service.

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    Reviewed By lakeclouds May 6, 2017

    Worst bank I ever dealt with

    I never heard of these guys before and took a chance on them when I needed a Home Equity Loan. They were a disaster from the get go. First it took three months to process the loan application - I applied on-line which was a mistake as then you need to go to a branch to finish and this held up the application in limbo for months. They also kept losing paperwork that I emailed to them and I had to submit the paperwork multiple times.

    Then I got slammed with fees and charges for a checking account that weren't clearly disclosed. When I complained about the misinformation they turned it around against me.

    Avoid these guys at all costs.

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    Reviewed By azchic Apr 15, 2017

    Account held hostage

    I opened the account for the $200 promotion. So not worth it. I live in the southeast and mailed my signature card paperwork. When they didn't receive it, they locked my debit card. I found out by an embarrassing "decline" at the register. I cannot use my checks because Telechecks (whole other story) also "decline" at the register because it's a new account. Santander will not accept a faxed form because of the personal information on the form. So I'm stuck for god knows how long either cashing checks at a check cashing place for a 10% fee or asking my family to cash a check for me. The promo $ is for pain and suffering. Once I receive that, I'm off to look for another account. Just a big pain in the ass!

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    Reviewed By Mailme Apr 1, 2017

    Worst Online Customer Service

    Took an hour waiting on a customer service representative and they doesnt care a DAMN. They dont care for long time customers. Checks wont clear untill 2-3 business and still charge overdraft fees. Cancelling today.

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    Reviewed By rainbow Mar 22, 2017

    poor customer service

    Went to bank at 12:25 on 3/22/2017. Husband wanted to pick up some rolls of pennies, which he does every couple of weeks. He was told they (2 tellers) did not have any rolled pennies. And the only person with the keys to open the safe was out to lunch. Seriously? only 1 person in the whole bank has the keys to open a safe? There are a couple of female tellers who get annoyed when they see him coming and always ask him what he does with them.
    This is none of their business. I went in for him one day to ask for $5.00 worth of pennies and got the same look with the same question. We have been doing business with Santander for years, have never come across this rudeness or questions before. These people should not be working in a bank who is supposed to provide money for their customers with courtesy and politeness. Very disappointed. Wondering if they question all people (store owners too?) who come in for change, or just because
    my husband is 80 yrs old? He is paying with cash to get cash, not asking for a handout.

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