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Security Service Federal Credit Union Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity $10 $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $28 $30
  • Stop Payment item $20 $27
  • Return Deposit N/A $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $15 $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $15 $10
  • Non-Bank ATM $1.5 $1.0

Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By EKcolorado Jan 3, 2018

    Avoid Security Service Federal Credit Union

    Having obtained a loan back in 2012 for an Acura MDX which was paid off this past August we never received the title or release of lien documents. I just called them to find out that they sent the title/lien release to our former address where we haven't lived for over 3 years even though we updated our account information with them the same month we moved in December 2014. They had no problems sending the bills to the updated address for the last 3 years or hounding us for updated insurance information every 6 months when our insurance policies were being update so I cannot image why they would have sent anything to our old address. Now we have to apply for a replacement title which involves going to the DMV where I'll likely have to stand in line for hours, pay for the duplicate title and waste valuable work time. Complete incompetence. Avoid them if you can.

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    Reviewed By WCM-banktracker Jul 3, 2014

    A very good 'working person's' bank

    I have had a few car loans and a line of credit through Security Service Federal Credit Union over the years and have never had a problem, and the credit union itself has gone the extra mile for me whenever I have need of something.

    I would say SSFCU still ascribes to that 'personal service' thing we used to get ages ago; when you actually went to the bank to talk to 'your' teller to take care of things. Of course, back then we were all keeping huge paper trails for all of the checks we were writing. And phones had cords that tethered them to the wall!


    Anyway, this leads to my review title - "A working person's bank". Most of the bank seems to be geared towards folks who are still getting there with regard to the American Dream. You don't need $25,000 to open an interest bearing account, you don't need to move a quarter million a month to get some nice perks, and you don't need a million in liquid assets to get a signature loan for 5K.

    For example - I ran into a rough spot where I needed to fix my car and needed about $1000 more than I had. I went over to the local branch to enquire about a loan, and the very nice banker there informed me about a summer $5000 loan deal they had going on with really reasonable interest rates, and asked if I could use the extra cash. So I filled out the forms and an hour later was on my way over to the garage to get the car fixed. With the extra cash I was able to take care of the tires a month early and pay off one of those 'gouge cards' with the insane interest rates. Paying off that card freed up some extra cash each month, which I put into the other card to pay it off quicker, and things have rippled outward from there - improving at each step.

    So this is my one example of a bank, specifically SSFCU, actually *helping* someone financially. That is pretty rare these days.

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