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  • Monthly Inactivity $0 $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $0 $30
  • Stop Payment item $0 $27
  • Return Deposit $0 $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $0 $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $0 $10
  • Non-Bank ATM $0.0
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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By BTDCJAJ Feb 17, 2018

    Account closed, no appeal

    Account was closed and my money returned (by check) with no explanation (other than a "security" issue). Unable to get any information by phone or through web site.

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    Reviewed By timmyroxsox Jan 5, 2018

    Worst banking experience ever

    May I quite frankly say this is unacceptable I was literally laughed at twice by customer service Representatives. I'm choosing you as a partner to hold my fucking money. I'm opening investment accounts and planning for the future, why does it look like you're playing games?
    Last night, January 3, at 5:24, ({Social Security Number}5 my co Worker and life partner Al Germany Jr called in reference to an account application that was denied due to verification. Upon calling simple bank he was placed on the line with Justin who was short, rude, and unknowledgeable. When asked what wrong in the application process, was told there was a "verification issue". When asked how we could resolve the "verification issue" he was told there was no way. He was never asked to reaffirm any names, or identifying numbers. He offered to send pictures of state and and federal identification. I was abhorred at Simple customer service representatives lack of complete care for gaining and keeping customers. Justin kept Talking in circles, refusing to even attempt to find a solution to the Problem or find someone who could since he stated Several times he didn't know what to do, or want to do it. I grab the phone and Had to Beg to be transferred, even after extreme silences. I suppose neither of them knew that we were Basically on our first banking and investment accounts. Or that I'm an actual customer who's direct deposit just got approval. After a small wait, I was transferred to his half a step up on the hierarchy, Brenden, who also professed to have no knowledge of anything, or anyone who could help. It was at this point i realized that you could hear Justin and other another customer service representative are on the same room. It literally sounds like you're in Portland Oregon basement box. I was so alarmed because I literally thought there's no way I'm talking to simple Banking. I wish that was underlined. No, really, I actually had to ask out loud. Is that acceptable to you? Brenden actually said that their was NO WAY he could get me in contact with any overseer, manger, supervisor, or complaint department. And i expressively asked for more than one form of contact, voicemail, email or ect. The total disregard of customers new and old by customer service? By brembrom and Justo. Does it represent simple banking? Does it represent BBVA compass? This. Was. Not. Cool. I wanted you to be my bank. If you want to continue to have My business and that of my husband's, you're going to have to get it together. No wonder the wait times are rather short, Customer service, apparently makes people never want to call back.

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    Reviewed By cranked801 Dec 28, 2017

    Wow. They have turned around completely. They are a different company than they once were.

    Okay, so after my phone call today 10:00am MST 12/28/17 (which i was on hold for 32 minutes before someone named Magaly L picked up) I have decided to close down my, and my wife's, Simple account. This is largely due to the incompetent and inexistent customer service that I, and by the looks of it, many others have experienced over the last 3 months. My frustration started when I decided to try using Simple again by having a new card sent to me. I didn't hear back from the support message until a week later, which was someone confirming my address before sending my new card, then i confirmed it, didn't hear back that it was sent until 1 more week went by. Then they say they only send it USPS which takes a couple of weeks to get to me. I never received it. So this is a process that has taken about a month to take care of. If I was a bank, you think I'd want my customers getting my card and using it right away. When I message AMEX about needing a new card, i have one overnighted ASAP.

    So I ended up communicating again by to a Sean J in the support section, expressing my of the website who mentioned that they were sorry for all the long delays with support and that they would be able to Expedite a new card to me with a tracking number if I would be willing to continue my journey with Simple. I eventually told them yes that i would be willing to give them another shot, because in truth, i really loved simple, they were a great company at the time i used them in the past. They offered great support, a great app, and a fun way to budget my money. Unfortunately, i never heard confirmation that my new card was coming in the mail.

    Fast forward to today, when i have time to call them on the phone and get some verbal confirmation rather than waiting weeks for a reply on my support message. I finally talk to someone on the phone. I saw some light out of the tunnel. Once i get new cards, i don't have to deal with their support again! (or so i thought). The support representative saw the message from Sean J about expediting me a new card and understood some of my frustrations and put me on hold to get authorization to send me a new card. She came back with bad news, I was going to have to WAIT two weeks for a new card to be sent USPS. I laughed and told her how blown away i was with their support. I then mentioned i was going to close my account. I heard back from the support rep, "Just because you are closing your account, it doesn't change my mind on expediting you a new card." I told her that I actually felt bad for them, I originally ranted and raved about them, but they are now a garbage company, with garbage support. All it would have taken was to send me a new card in an expedited manner due to the frustration with support i've received over the last few months. They weren't willing to do that, in fact, they seemed almost relieved that i was closing my account down. In case you are wondering, I was never rude, belittling, or raised my voice with the support representative. I understand that I was talking to a low-level representative reading scripts and procedures. So it wasn't my goal to make her day worse than it probably already was. But to have two support reps immediately move toward helping me close my account seems odd. You should always have some sort of retention with your customers. Unless all you care about is your customer-base dying, so you can be faster with your support messages. See this message from their marketing team : "If you can hold off on contacting us unless something urgent comes up, wed so appreciate it. That will help us catch up and get back to our normal response times." When you are a bank dealing with money, you can't expect to send a message like this. Poor taste.

    They are a different company after being bought out. They are not the same company I was used to dealing with. I will be closing my account and my wife's account down ASAP. If you are reading this thinking it'll be a fun company. Think again. They are nothing but a flashy, trendy app and website.

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