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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Moriarty Mar 2, 2016

Never going back to regular banking!

The customer service is impeccable- they're always SO friendly and responsive! I appreciate the lack of fees immensely, and the website is clean and useful. The "goals" you can make are an excellent idea as well! I cannot recommend Simple enough, they have a lifelong customer here. :)

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By simplesucksrates0 Nov 16, 2016

Simple should not get away with holding your money!

This online bank will hold your money if you try to withdraw funds. I have had problems with this bank and all they tell me is to wait because they are reviewing my account. Here is a link to file a complaint with the FDIC that will look into their banking services that keep funds from depositers. Just follow this link and fill out the forms to complain about Simple Online bank.
Simple Bank is FDIC Insured!!!!!
Don't let this bank push you around and make money in interest off your money, complain NOW!


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency of the United States government that protects the funds depositors place in banks and savings associations. FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Since the FDIC was established in 1933, no depositor has lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds.
FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts, including:
Checking accounts
Savings accounts
Money market deposit accounts
Certificates of deposit
FDIC insurance does not cover other financial products and services that banks may offer, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance policies, annuities or securities.
The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.

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Latest Simple Reviews

    Reviewed By dbohan May 18, 2017

    Excellent Bank, Great service and feautreset

    I have zero complaints about Simple, and that alone is impressive for a bank. Their app has always been the cornerstone of the conpany and it never fails to inpress me with the smoothness and the deep features available. Their customer service is peerless. One day responses, extreme kindness, and great conversations with people who seem like real friends.

    I will never leave Simple and reccommend everyone gives them a try. It doesn't cost a thing, because there are ZERO FEES! It's wonderful, and the way banking should be.

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    Reviewed By ab86864 May 8, 2017

    worst customer service ever!

    After being a customer for over a year I get an email telling me my card is blocked with no explanation. I call customer service but they can not help, a different department handles that. That department has no phone number, but you can email them. I email them 3 times in 5 days and get no response. The automated email requests that I send them personal information that was never required to open the account. I send them 2 months of bank statements from 2 different banks with my balances and transactions blanked out but this is not acceptable to them. Now I am fighting to get my money back so I can close my account.

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    Reviewed By simplefraud May 8, 2017


    Simple customers who use BBVA compass are under attack from hackers that drain accounts. My simple account under BBVA was drained for $1,300. Please join our "screwed by simple" page if this has happened to you. Simple and BBVA won't be honest with you. https://www.facebook.com/simplebankfraud

    They refuse to respond to my support messages, and do not help me when I call. Trying to get my money back that was frauduently stolen. I've already reported Simple and BBVA compass to the FDIC, CFPB and the local authorities.


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    Reviewed By RogierFvV May 4, 2017

    my favorite banking interface...

    I really appreciate the Simple interface, and I will only be using more of Simple service in the future.

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    Reviewed By migielr4720 May 4, 2017

    Horrible Bank Closed My Account And Never Send Me Back My Money

    Fuck simple they are scammer they fucking closed my account and keep my money fuck simple and their Company fuck you fuck you

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    Reviewed By Carriespring Apr 28, 2017

    Simple bank are crooks

    First let me say I would never recommend this bank to anyone ever. Its the worst. They are rude, not helpful at all. They withhold your money. No bank that I know of is allowed to do that.
    So Simple closed my account back on April 5th for a bounced check. One day after the check bounced didn't even give me a chance to pay it or anything. So I don't find this out until April 26th when I get online to check that account because the survivor benefits from SSA were being deposited that day. So I check my closed account and the money is still in the account from SSA. I call the 888 number on the back of the card and they tell me my accounts closed so I'm not authorized for phone support. I get online and message them asking them how am I supposed to get my money now that my accounts closed. No response. I probably sent 10 messages that day and nobody ever got back with me. I messaged Simple again on the 27th alittle more aggressive now because now I've read these reviews saying that theyve had the bank close their account and they didn't get their money for months, so now I'm nervous, I need this money. Plus it's going to my children. Anyway, so no response. So I call the number again about 4 times each time they tell me they can't talk to me because my accounts closed meanwhile im asking them to send me to their supervisor or telling them im not getting any help through Web support. Every time they told me "we can not help you and im gonna have to hang up on you now" . What customer service center that you know does that? None that I know of. Im irate! So I'm stuck I have $1500 in an account that I can't get to that won't speak to me nor will they help me in any way. Crazy right? This shit is unacceptable. This is against the law. I have bills to pay. Not having any number to call to figure this out with a human being is very frustrating

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    Reviewed By SinglemomX2 Apr 24, 2017

    0 Stars would be more appropriate!

    I have had simple for a couple of years, when they were Bancorp, I had no problems whatsoever! But then about 4 months ago, my now 19 yo daughter attempted to open an account....they kept putting her through a nightmare loop of "verification" uploading a bunch of documents, then told her they couldn't open an account for her. I then got notice that they were changing "parent banks" to BBVA, that sent up some red flags, but I had already set up my tax refund to go to the account, so I was stuck for the moment. Things seemed fine, until two months later I attempt a mobile deposit, then I get a message over the weekend mind you when you can't call in because their office hours are closed, that they couldn't accept the deposit and my account was closed for an invalid check being deposited! I emailed since they "weren't open" to call, and get a response the next morning of, "Your account was closed, there's nothing we can do." Even though I told them I could PROVE the check was not only valid, but m y employer would be happy to verify as well! Simple is a JOKE, and they need to be shut down. I've had less issue with Paypal who has worse reviews than this company!

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    Reviewed By AnonnyMouse Apr 6, 2017

    Great bank, until you have an issue...then you're screwed!

    If you've ever been screwed by a company for a bogus charge, or damaged goods, or other problems, you know you need fast and competent service. I would give Simple a minus rating on this issue if it were possible.

    Virtually all banks now have online access and a decent app, so Simple's is nothing special. They try to be "cute" and "friendly", but that just masks their utter incompetence.

    I've been with them a couple of years now, and I've had enough. Not that I've had many problems, mind you. But I know that problems do pop up. And I know that with Simple I'm on my own. In other words, when a problem happens, I'm the one who eats the charges. Simple doesn't even give an explanation of their refusal to perform a chargeback. I waited well over a month, then finally got a little message saying only that my request was denied. They responded to my complaint with the automated response from the bogus merchant. Basically, the merchant says the transaction was valid, so Simple just takes their word for it. WELL SCREW THAT!!!

    So I'm going back to my old local bank. They are nothing special, but they do have people who actually try to help. Dealing with Simple is like trying to argue with a computer--YOU ALWAYS LOSE--and that's that.

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    Reviewed By jigarme Apr 5, 2017

    Not going to any other 'traditional' banks

    This is the best bank I have ever banked with. Being a tech oriented person, I care about best online services and this bank does that best. Their Goal system is novel and I love it. If you like to plan for future, i would say give it a try.

    It does not give you check books but there are alternatives like asking them to send someone a check (and they mail it for free on your behalf). I have never had a fee charged for ATM withdrawals so that is covered well. Their shared account is something I have started to love in last couple of months.

    All in all, very nice. Love it.

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    Reviewed By tarameshale89 Apr 1, 2017

    Simple Froze My Bank Account

    The past couple of months using Simple have been great--right up until yesterday when I received notice that my account was frozen because they were having trouble with verifying my address. I suppose that was triggered when I changed the address. I changed it online, a couple of days later I received confirmation that the change was successful. Then, yesterday I received an email asking me for my ID, social security card, two most recent bank statements from a linked bank account, and a bill to prove my address. Why didn't they ask for all this when I first changed the address? I sent my ID and social security card, but the bank statements and utility bill I could not provide because of a personal situation that I tried to explain in both an email and a phone call. I was told that until Simple received all of the documents they required that they could not move forward with reviewing and unfreezing my account. That is a huge inconvenience since I was set to receive a direct deposit from my employer on top of the money I already have in the account. Based on what I have read of other customers' experiences, it looks like the verification requirements are never-ending and I simply do not have the time or patience to deal with this. When I asked to close the account I was told that since it was up for review that it could not be closed until I sent in a bank statement and proof of address. I just want my money that I go to work everyday to earn. I really enjoyed getting the mobile alerts when my card was used and I liked that there aren't any fees associated with the account, unless you consider the money that I currently don't and apparently won't have access to anytime in the near future as payment for my use of the account. The representatives apologized for the inconvenience, but I don't need apologies, I need my money. Keeping the customers secure is extremely important, but this is ridiculous. With all of the hoops I have to go through to even login to my account online or on the app, it doesn't seem like I would need to do anything else outside of sending my government issued ID and social security card to prove who I am. I need my money, simple as that.

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