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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Moriarty Mar 2, 2016

Never going back to regular banking!

The customer service is impeccable- they're always SO friendly and responsive! I appreciate the lack of fees immensely, and the website is clean and useful. The "goals" you can make are an excellent idea as well! I cannot recommend Simple enough, they have a lifelong customer here. :)

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By ane Jul 16, 2016

What a mess of a bank

I won't even get started on the time when they conducted a massive upgrade a couple of years back that left thousands (including me) without access to their account for weeks. I didn't even know what my balance was because the system crashed and couldn't tally it accurately. A complete nightmare:


I should have fled then but I was foolish.

These people also have an ongoing habit of freezing your account without notice or just cause. I told them I'd be traveling internationally and to put an alert on my account. Instead they completely shut down my account (not kidding) while I was abroad.

Their justification was that they can't support international customers! As if me traveling for a few months somehow negates my US citizenship and residence. In addition to being abroad with my primary source of cash unaccessible, I spent days having to clean up the mess it caused with automated bills and other charges that couldn't get through.

This is just one of at least a half dozen times when my account was inaccessible of course at the most inopportune times (like a late night home trying to pay for my taxi and the card suddenly not working for no reason. I had to use my credit card to put gas in the driver's tank (at 1:30 in the morning) as compensation and to keep him from calling the police).

I had such high hopes for this bank but they are an absolute mess. Don't let the cute white card or pretty web interface fool you like it fooled me. They have no business being in the banking industry. All will seem rosy until the day you need your money and can't access it.

Please beware!

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Latest Simple Reviews

  • A
    Reviewed By ajp108 Oct 6, 2016

    Beware the friendly modern interface

    At the start I was happy with the banking services Simple offers. After using it for a few years, unfortunately I feel strongly that I need to put a review out there to let people know the difficult experiences I had, which ultimately caused me to leave its customer base.

    If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner OR aspire to become one- THIS IS NOT THE BANKING SERVICE FOR YOU.

    Simple banking does not provide a way for its users to deposit cash. While at the start this was a minor inconvenience for me, it became more problematic for me later.

    My experience using their electronic check feature earns them a 'one star' rating. On several occasions the persons that were meant to receive the check I sent through Simple's system- never received them and I had to go through a process of contacting Simple customer service and get the checks sent a second time. This caused me extra time, inconvenience and worry and I lost confidence in the checking system all together.

    This brings me to my "last straw" issue- I am a hairstylist- I worked as an employee and recently started renting a chair at a salon. This is a fairly minor change in the big picture of my job reality- but it meant that I needed to be able to start depositing cash on a regular basis. I went to a credit union and opened A PERSONAL ACCOUNT there- simple so I had the ability to deposit cash and write reliable checks as needed. This additional account is not classified as a business account and it is in my name only. - I then tried to write myself a check out of my personal credit union account into my simple account- at which time Simple declined it and specifically told me that I could not deposit a personal check to myself from another account. The message also told me to instead set up an external transaction account feature with in Simple- which has to be in my name specifically. So that is what I did. The external account connection was set up successfully and when I had a question about it- I called Simple's customer service- out of ignorance- I told the woman that I was in part using this new account for business. Who knew that would be such a big deal. I was told that connection with business accounts was not allowed and that I needed to disconnect that external transaction feature immediately. This is incredibly inconveniencing to me- because now I have absolutely no way to move money between my two accounts.


    I can not recommend Simple to anyone who owns a small business- or would like to start one in the future. I am taken aback by this policy. There is NO ROOM FOR GROWTH with in this banking system. I was enamored with and drawn in by the 'simple' user interface and the youthful modern vibe the culture of the customer service people presents. BEWARE- because under that appealing interface is a big business rigid banking system (BANCORP+) that does not allow its users any options or the ability to grow their personal finances.

    I had no option but to close out my Simple account and move entirely into credit union accounts. Again, extra time, headache and inconvenience for me.

    Final verdict-
    The name of the company should be 'Basic' rather than 'Simple'
    Its lack of options/ services proves to be inconveniencing in the long run.
    Dont be fooled by the modern friendly interface- its a big business bank with limited services.

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    Reviewed By agriffis Oct 5, 2016

    Better Every Month

    Several of the features that Simple offers are completely new to me and extremely helpful, and they don't seem to stop arriving with each update. You can use your Simple card worldwide at shops and ATMs, without fees, and immediately see how much you've spent in your own currency. You can update travel destinations for fraud prevention or stop a lost card from being used in-app in under a minute. Instead of waiting on the phone, just message the bank in-app and in my experience, receive a response in an hour or two. I can't imagine ever calling a bank again if I can help it, and solutions to urgent problems are built right into the app. Transfers from external banks take a moment to schedule and happen at the same speed as they do for my accounts at my traditional large American bank and my Credit Union.

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    Reviewed By TuffPuppy Sep 20, 2016

    If you are a US Simple customer get your money out now while you can.

    Simple was a great company, but it has sold it's soul to a giant European bank who's banking practices appear to be much on track with the likes of Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase, etc. They told me they sent me a piece of mail to verify my new address and that it was returned. They lied. I have that piece of mail. Then they wanted all sorts of documents, none of which were any of their business. I sent them a copy of my pay stub which was acceptable and a copy of the letter they themselves told me was returned, but apparently that wasn't enough for them. I got ahold of their "manager" Corey who apparently doesn't have a boss who takes phone calls or emails and basically he told me that they could and will hold (steal) my money indefinitely. Now, if you are a member of the european bank you can "verify" your ID with a selfie in front of your new address. Sounds simple right. Wrong. Not if you are a member of bancorp. Awfully convenient if they are stealing your money. I used to love this bank. Never had a problem before in the three/four years I've been with them. But as of today I recommend you get your money out. Get it out now, while you still can.

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    Reviewed By jjhancock24 Sep 15, 2016

    Best bank ever

    I have been using banks for over 30 years, both personally and for my small business. As far as I am concerned this is by far the best bank I have ever used. Seriously, it has earned the name "simple" because it is so easy to work with. I love the fact that I can email or call customer service and get someone almost immediately if I have a question. Even if it is an email, I can follow the thread and have a real conversation with a real person. I absolutely love that there are no fees involved with my account. Although they don't have joint accounts my husband and I have no problem transferring money between the two of us on payday and our daughters account is linked to ours for easy transfers also. I think the only downside is I wish they had higher withdraw amounts per day..numerous times I have had to get a cash advance off of my Visa check card but all in all this is wonderful bank and one I hope to use for years to come!

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    Reviewed By jb3605 Sep 13, 2016

    Good start but has a way go to mature

    I've only had Simple for a little over a month and so far it has performed as advertised.

    In its current form, I can't recommend an account with Simple as a complete replacement for a traditional checking account. Its very much designed as a hybrid between a traditional checking account and a pre-paid debit card so you get some benefits of a traditional account and some restrictions of a pre-paid card account. (think GoBank or Amex Serve). I use mine for daily expenses, but shy from putting all my eggs in one basket given some of the horror stories others have shared. Besides, using this account to park funds, the 0.01% APY isn't an incentive. (an average daily balance of $5k would earn you 50 cents after a year LOL)

    PROS: No fees. Clean/elegant mobile app and debit card. Safe-to-Spend budgeting assistant. Free bill pay. Extensive free ATM network. Free instant transfers to other Simple account customers. No overdraft fees (because you can't overdraft).

    CONS: No joint accounts/business accounts. No manual checks. No outbound wire-transfers. No local branches. No easy way to deposit cash. Anemic (0.01%) interest rate. No easy way to obtain a cashiers check for a large purchase.

    I have numerous external accounts connected to my Simple account and I will offer a tip that can speed your transfers by a day. PUSH your transfers from the originating account to the destination. For example, say you have an account with BoA and you want to transfer some funds to Simple. Link your Simple account at BoA and then from BoA imitate the transfer, not from Simple. Reverse to push money out of Simple to an external account. My transfers done this way always complete the following business day.

    Based on my research of reviews it appears the worst complaints regarding Simple are abrupt account freezes or closures with little or no explanation leaving customers unable to access their funds for days or weeks. It's important to note Simple is only a technology intermediary and not an actual bank. Their partner banks actual hold your deposit account (Bancorp or BBVA Compass -- my account is held by Compass). Bancorp was their first partner bank and I suspect the vast majority of customer problems with frozen and closed accounts originate with Bancorp, not Simple. My hope is that their new partner (and owner of Simple), BBVA Compass, will have a tighter relationship creating smoother integration between Simple and their customers.

    Simple has said they have new additional features in development but have not given any specifics except to say the new features are being designed to work with BBVA Compass accounts and therefore, they will be migrating all Bancorp accounts to Compass at some point.

    Hopefully they will improve some of the weak areas. Some things I hope to see are paired savings accounts with a real interest rate, joint accounts, and an easy method to deposit cash.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mike1963 Sep 12, 2016

    Great Debit Card

    I use Simple for its debit card only. I mostly use the card to pay for purchases at restaurants, convenience stores and small purchases locally and while traveling. The transaction details on the web site helps me figure out expenses to submit at work for reimbursement vs personal stuff.

    I have not used any other products offered by Simple. I send money from my primary (non Simple) checking account and have a set amount direct deposited each pay period to keep the account funded.

    I have not contacted support or anyone at Simple for any reason. Everything works for my intended use.

    I really like the card. This was a replacement to the now discontinued Google Wallet Card.

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    Reviewed By TheProgram01 Sep 11, 2016


    I went to the gas station other morning and my card was declined. I had money in my account but... What the heck happened? I went home to go through my emails and found a message from Simple saying my account was terminated. Just like that. They terminated many other accounts as well. Half of my company included. Now I have to wait to get my money in the mail.

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  • G
    Reviewed By girlvssuv Sep 8, 2016

    Stole my money and acts as if I did something wrong

    First, thank god for this site because I thought it was just me. Simple is a rude, nasty sham. They closed my account for no reason and I have no money. I owe hundreds of dollars in late fees. A reporter is looking into it for me. rufussayscalmdown at gmail if you want to share your story with him. All of us are louder than one of us.

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  • C
    Reviewed By C_duffy Aug 29, 2016

    Please don't waste your time, they are the worse bank!!!!

    So I've had the account open for 4 months everything was great couldn't asked for anything better. So recently my bank card was stolen and my card was used and i had an unauthorized charge on my card as soon as it happen i went online and blocked my card i attempt to notify them but they were closed. So i contact them immediately the next day and advised them what happen. So days went by i didn't hear anything from them i called the customer service which they advised me someone will look into the issue and get back to so the rep Noreen sent me a message within the app asking what happen ect, so again i explain the story along with telling them i'm willing to submit a police report no response .....so after about 14 days with nothing sent in the mail no follow up email, i called requesting to speak with a sup after about two calls and speaking with about 3 supervisor's they applied a provisional credit which i don't think they wanted to give me a credit. So here's when things get crazy noreen sent me another email on a sunday night asking the same exact questions she did prior after i answer the question along with sending a police report about 5 days later she sent a message saying they didn't find a error with my dispute and they will remove the provisional credit within 5 days, so i called customer service upset because i wasn't sure how this wasn't a error and needed answers they were unable to provided me with anything but i'm sorry and kept telling me to send a message in the app which is very frustrating. So i sent a message or two requesting copies along with other questions....next thing i get is a email saying my account is closed because i didn't meet the requirements of Simple's account agreement. This was a Friday i was getting ready to go out of town and they block my card and advised will send a check when all transactions settle i called immediately the rep was unable to provided any information but that i didn't meet the requirements of the bank and he advised me that i'm not eligible for phone support any longer i would have to send messages in the app and he hung up on me. (YES HE HUNG UP poor customer service) So i called and spoke with another rep and request a manager he then advised he has to disconnect the call because i'm not eligible for phone support and he also hung up on me so i sent several messages and never got a response until about 5 days later with the same pre set message along with a link, moral of the story is this they never answer my questions, they closed my account without a proper explanation on why , they have poor customer service, this bank should be shut down the way the scam people. please don't get this account.

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  • L
    Reviewed By LPost Aug 26, 2016

    This bank will close up your account for no reason and hold your money.

    I opened this account as a holding account for a school co op. Simple said that was too much like a business account and I needed to close it. So we agreed that I would transfer out that money and just use this as a personal account. A month ago I deposited a few checks (via the photo app deposit) and just today they tell me that they are closing my account because I am using it for business reasons. So they deemed that a personal check is for business, which it is NOT. They shut down my account and told me I can have my money (almost 5K) back via a mailed check in 2 weeks. They would not allow me to speak to a supervisor or even just transfer all my money out. They are HOLDING my money. They won't answer my emails and won't allow me to get past the entry level customer service on the phone.

    Is this a SCAM??

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