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Reviewed By Moriarty Mar 2, 2016

Never going back to regular banking!

The customer service is impeccable- they're always SO friendly and responsive! I appreciate the lack of fees immensely, and the website is clean and useful. The "goals" you can make are an excellent idea as well! I cannot recommend Simple enough, they have a lifelong customer here. :)

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By ane Jul 16, 2016

What a mess of a bank

I won't even get started on the time when they conducted a massive upgrade a couple of years back that left thousands (including me) without access to their account for weeks. I didn't even know what my balance was because the system crashed and couldn't tally it accurately. A complete nightmare:


I should have fled then but I was foolish.

These people also have an ongoing habit of freezing your account without notice or just cause. I told them I'd be traveling internationally and to put an alert on my account. Instead they completely shut down my account (not kidding) while I was abroad.

Their justification was that they can't support international customers! As if me traveling for a few months somehow negates my US citizenship and residence. In addition to being abroad with my primary source of cash unaccessible, I spent days having to clean up the mess it caused with automated bills and other charges that couldn't get through.

This is just one of at least a half dozen times when my account was inaccessible of course at the most inopportune times (like a late night home trying to pay for my taxi and the card suddenly not working for no reason. I had to use my credit card to put gas in the driver's tank (at 1:30 in the morning) as compensation and to keep him from calling the police).

I had such high hopes for this bank but they are an absolute mess. Don't let the cute white card or pretty web interface fool you like it fooled me. They have no business being in the banking industry. All will seem rosy until the day you need your money and can't access it.

Please beware!

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Latest Simple Reviews

    Reviewed By aedanbriley Feb 12, 2017

    Replaced my traditional bank!

    I am unsure of the circumstances for all of the bad reviews, but I have replaced my traditional bank account with Simple after about two months of using it. That is how much I love it.

    1) The card is clean and well, simple
    2) You can save by using goals - REALLY good for budgeting and very similar to the popular envelope system
    3) Stellar customer service - you dial the number and it rings directly to a representative, yes, I said direct dial
    4) Safe to spend - it really is highly accurate and shows you what you can spend today and not get screwed tomorrow; if you setup goals, it will use those with actual funds in the account, and also calculate possible tips from restaurants/gas fill-ups, etc - then with it doing all the math, provides you with your 'safe to spend amount'. While you can spend more (bc the money is there) - it hides it from your view and helps you to stay on track
    5) Instant notifications (if desired) of when a transaction is initiated - and if this is a restaurant it will estimate the tip for you. You can also go into the account ledger and add the actual tip

    6) NO FEES PERIOD - none... yes, that is true!

    Those are my top favorites BUT there are standard features too such as photo deposit of checks, bill pay via sending a check from account (I pay most bills via debit card but you can have a check printed/mailed), direct deposit, transfers in/out.

    Here is what you do not get - physical checks. They will not provide physical checks, but I haven't written a check in years so this is not an issue for me. CASH DEPOSITS ARE NOT EXACTLY EASY! Not at all a deal breaker, but if you have cash your best bet is to get a money order and deposit it like a check. I rarely use cash so it is not a big deal to me. They are not in the full bank business so no loans/lines of credit either. Just a SIMPLE bank account and debit card setup.

    Even though you cannot get physical checks, you do get routing/account numbers for ACH/auto debit use.

    So, overall - I have been extremely pleased with this bank. I have no regrets ditching the standard retail or traditional banks. If you are thinking about it, and are not sure, just start small - put $50-$100 into it and use it for a bit. That is what I did since I was skeptical, and I became a full-blown simple customer in two months. You at least owe it to yourself to give it a trial.

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    Reviewed By Shawnwn Jan 5, 2017

    Nightmare situation

    I am a disabled veteran. Simple closed my account and unfortunately I couldn't update my VA direct deposit in time and it went to the closed simple account. They have been holding my pay for a week now while I have rent to pay and need food. I truly hope they realize they're about to have another homeless veteran on the streets.

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    Reviewed By Sealed777 Jan 4, 2017

    Wow, I have magical money!

    My money keeps vanishing. Today there was money available that came out of nowhere. So what I have here is a case of disappearing and reappearing funds. Very spooky. I will be closing my account immediately.

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    Reviewed By Bruce_Mckeel Jan 4, 2017

    Love it

    Very nice app design.Easy to use, quality support

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    Reviewed By weldabkidane Dec 31, 2016


    Nightmare........Opened simple account via phone app. made to mobile deposite close to the amount of 800.00. waited 3 weeks for a debit card. They closed my account after accepting my mobile deposit. wont give me any reason as to why my account was closed. wont offer any phone or email support. cant login in to mobile app because account is closed. they have kept my money..period no getting around it. Its been over a month. they are theives!!!!!

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    Reviewed By KlyffJ Dec 27, 2016

    Good, but needs some improvements.

    I've been using Simple for the better part of 2016, first as a secondary bank, and currently as my primary. Here are my thoughts.

    First, Simple is made for budgeting, first and foremost. You don't have access to money until it FINISHES processing, making it seem like payroll checks come a few days later than other banks. The idea is to keep you from spending money you don't have, and while I appreciate it, it does take some getting used to. Also, it's easy to add labels to all of your purchases so you can track your spending.

    With Simple, you only have a single account, rather than the normal Checking and Saving account combination. All your money is always in the account at all times, and while you're using your account like it's a checking account, it collects a small amount of interest like it's a savings account.

    The Goals are the key feature, and need a little explanation. Goals put money aside and subtracts that amount from your main account balance, giving you your "Safe to Spend Amount". While the Goal money is out of sight and out of mind, its still there in your account (incase of "Over drafting" your Safe to Spend). You can move money from your Safe to Spend to your Goal on an automatic daily amount, and schedule one time transfers to and from your Goals with no limitations or restrictions. While nice, I wish there were more options, like being able to have reoccurring transfers on a schedule besides daily (like weekly, or every other week in time with my paychecks).

    When paying bills using Simple, they'll remove the amount of money for the payment from your Safe to Spend about 10 days in advance, so you always know how much money you have available.

    All that sound good? Well, here's the my review:

    + Very good for budgeting
    + Having Multiple Goals easier than having multiple savings accounts for organizing money
    + No Fees

    - Money Takes longer to become available and transfer
    - Can't Deposit Cash easily (you can do so by getting a money order and depositing it like a check)
    - Can't get checks
    - Need more saving options with Goals

    Most of the Cons don't affect me, while I find the Pros more appealing, so I'm sticking with it for now. The more money you have saved the more you'll benefit from having a traditional savings account with a higher rate of return. I really recommend Simple to younger college age people, as writing checks and frequent cash deposits are less likely.

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    Reviewed By dldemoss Dec 8, 2016

    Shady Company!!

    I signed up to replace my Google Wallet. I wanted to use it to transfer money to my son in college. I had no problem opening an account. But as soon as I made a deposit, they froze the account and won't release the funds until I give them a bunch of personal information. Drivers license, a color copy of my Social Security card and 2 months of bank statements. I'm not the first this has happened to. This is a shady company. Do not use them. You can not trust them. They will not close my account or release the funds unless I give them all the information. I am contacting my attorney.

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    Reviewed By at78rpm Dec 6, 2016

    My Credit Union is better.

    I signed up for the Simple card when Google stopped supporting their Google Wallet card in the first half of 2016. That Google card was the best. I could transfer money from my bank to the card in seconds. That was handy for when I was at a gas station and didn't want to use my debit card. Not enough on the card? No problem! Just a click away.

    When Google Wallet stopped supporting the card, they suggested, among others, Simple as a replacement. Talk about adding insult to injury. Simple is in absolutely no way equivalent to Google Wallet. The big, killer disadvantage is the three day waiting period (three BUSINESS days, mind you) for money to transfer from your bank account to your Simple card. In other words, it is absolutely no better than a pre-paid card you can get at a gas station.

    One advantage is the ability of taking a photo of your check and uploading it. Of course, this was cutting-edge technology six months ago, but it's increasingly common and is not a game changer. And, of course, you have to wait days for your funds to be available -- even if it's a payroll check, which in my credit union will clear on the same day as deposit.

    My credit union is better. Simple isn't.

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    Reviewed By XXXAKIRE22XXX Dec 1, 2016

    No access to my funds before the holidays, GREAT.

    I was referred to Simple Bank for easy banking and was enticed to open an account there.

    I opened an account and went through the confirmation process. A few weeks after receiving
    my debit card and activating it, I decided to go ahead and deposit some funds. ($598 for
    Christmas spending- which I wanted to separate from my Chase account).

    AFTER getting the account approved and activating my card, once I deposited the funds they
    are now asking for proof of identification, which I can definitely appreciate. They asked
    for a copy of pay stubs, social security card and government issued id.

    I lost my social security card awhile back and recently got married on (11/11) but my next
    day off at work where I can visit the social security office is not until 12/23.

    I emailed their support last week asking if I could provide other documents to prove my
    identification and noone responded, so I had to call in today.

    While the representative was friendly, he basically said there was nothing to do except
    'wait patiently.' Well he is not giving me my christmas money so I am not patient.

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    Reviewed By Donnajo1968 Nov 28, 2016

    They'll take your money then it'll be a nightmare!!!

    My sister in law deposited funds into her account then they locked it. It's been over 4 months now and they still will not release her funds back to her. She has called numerous times and they just keep giving her the run around. This has been a terrible experience for her and her family. No explanations. They don't care and will not help her.

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